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10 Best Language Learning Apps for 2020

Learning a language today is a completely different experience compared to what people were used to even a few decades ago. Although you still have to learn the grammar and pronunciation, you possess a great benefit of using all the language learning apps that can be used anywhere.

10 Best Language Learning Apps for 2020

Just think about talking back to a foreign person while you are stuck in a fancy restaurant abroad or pointing an application to a package with seafood to help yourself out. While these are mostly bizarre solutions, there are also more classical learning apps that will assist you in learning not only a new language but a different culture! 


One of the most friendly applications for learning a foreign language with all the slang expressions. If you want to talk like a local, look no further. You can even pass a special language test to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Offered in over fifteen languages, this software contains special lessons based upon conversation scenarios. It will only take about ten minutes to go through a lesson, so it is a good option for the busy types among us!

As for the use of slang in a language, it can be compared to what professional translators use for content localization services or adjustment of text to the local customs or expressions. Take your time to learn this amazing program and you won’t be disappointed. 


Just when you thought that learning a new language is no fun, you haven’t tried the Drops app yet! The best part is that you can use your phone, desktop, or tablet to learn with the help of fun, accessible, entertaining tutorials that won’t take much time.

The software aims to help you pick up the basic vocabulary and learn how to associate phrases with certain scenarios or images. Just think of all the children’s games where you have to pair an image with a word to get an idea. It supports over 35 different languages, including Icelandic or Maori, if you are up for a challenge! 


Available for iOS, Android, or a web interface, this little application offers language help in more than seventy different languages. A unique part about it is that you can pause and resume your lessons.

Using a special AI-based engine, this app adjusts to your learning pace, so it will provide you with more difficult tasks if it “learns” that you have progressed. Since it is an educational solution, it may be offered for free by your school or university. 


If you prefer to learn with the help of native speakers and actually see them talk in a video, it is hard not to choose this great app. Learning how the language sounds and watching the natives talk in short video lessons will help your brain to adapt to specific speed and style. You can even keep the log of your achievements by passing through the helpful tests that keep a track of your skills. 

Rosetta Stone 

The chances are high that you might have probably heard about it before since the app has been in the business for over twenty years. A distinctive feature of this application is the TrueAccent brand speech recognition algorithm, which will help you to adjust your pronunciation and talk without an accent.

Moreover, it has a special language learning environment that will place you in a virtual setting that is alike to living abroad. It is old but good, just like working with a translator that you know well when you need professional help. Speaking of translation, take time, and check some good translation sites that will inspire you to travel more and start learning a new language. Using an application like Rosetta Stone will help you to proceed much faster! 


Learning a foreign language with the help of books is a great experience! Read your favorite stories in audiobook format by choosing a target language or even a dialect. You can follow the text as the book is played through. It helps with pronunciation and lets you see how the sentences are made up. It is absolutely free! 


For those of you who like video games, this motivational app will be the best choice! Guided by specific awards related to your progress, this application turns any learning process into an entertaining game that will keep you busy for hours. You might not even realize it at first but you will quickly start responding to the basic foreign questions and will learn unknown words much faster than you think! 

Hello Talk! 

Learn any language by getting in touch with native speakers. In practice, you get matched with someone who wants to learn English (if you are native) and you can choose someone who speaks Chinese as their first language. This way you simply teach each other!  


Do you remember how we mentioned an app that talks to you or where you can talk as well? Well, it is the one! It lets you practice your vocabulary by talking right into the phone. In addition to special flashcards, it has role games and interactive lessons that will help you talk in a foreign language wherever you may be.

Just like the famous Udemy language courses, it is accessible and does not require any skill level to begin with. Available for most mobile platforms, it can also be accessed on a desktop PC.


One of the most interactive entries in our list, this application offers twelve languages with exercises from the native speakers. You can train your speech, establish a necessary accent as you talk, and learn grammar in a different way. This app can even work offline, which is handy when you are in a hotel with no Internet access.  

A Special Language App Surprise 

Even if you have not heard of speech recognition solutions before, you will definitely like this amazing application. TranslateVoice is a great app that lets you (or anyone else) talk into your phone and recognize the audio being spoken. Moreover, it can read the results and translate them into any language. While it is not a classic language learning app, it is still a good tool to help you get around when lost in a foreign land. 


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