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10 Best Text to Speech Software


Text to Speech software is valuable for readers that suffer dyslexia or is visually impaired. It can be used for people who want to learn a new language but is unable to speak it. With such educational opportunities available, learning can be a hobby instead of a chore.

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Here are our picks for the top text to speech software that’s currently available.


  • IVR Voice Generator
  • YouTube Video Voiceover
  • Voice and Pitch Tuning
  • DJ Voice Generation
  • Broadcast for Business

Notevibes is the best text to speech solution on this list. It offers a free MP3 download for free trial users and has 24 natural sounding voices that are available. And with over 32 natural voices, you’ll have multiple translating options available at your disposal.

One of its main features is its YouTube compatibility. You can use the downloaded audio files for YouTube videos, broadcasts, or public announcements. Not only is NoteVibes good for education but helps with content creation as well.

Natural Reader

  • Multilingual
  • Wide file support

Because the software uses cloud technology, you can access it anywhere you go such as a smartphone, computer or tablet. And just like Capti Voice, you can upload your files from cloud storage lockers such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Currently, you have access to 56 natural voices in over 9 languages. This includes French, German, British English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, and American English. The software supports TXT, PDF, ODT, JPG, PNG, plus ePub files and MP3 audio streams.

Voice Reader Home

  • Multiple Language Options
  • Supports multiple file types
  • Widely Used
  • Has 67 voices

The aim of this text to speech software is to improve your productivity. For example, you can get the application to read manuscripts for lectures, presentations or speeches to look for missed-out words or incorrect word ordering. Overall, it has an easy to use user interface. You can adjust the pitch, speed, or the volume of your audio option and the export option is listed.

Capti Voice

  • User-friendly
  • Tailored for learning
  • Integrated with cloud platforms

Positioned as an online and offline e-learning support solution, Capti Voice is used by professionals, schools, and individuals across the world. Supporting over 20 languages, this app can be used to improve reading strategies and vocabulary. It also narrates a wide range of content including articles, web pages, and eBooks.

You can use Capti Voice with different cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and is accessible across multiple devices, age groups, and content formats.

Amazon Polly

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple language options

Alexa isn’t the only artificial intelligence tool made by Amazon; it also has a text to speech programs called Polly. Using advanced deep learning techniques, the software can turn text into lifelike speak. Developers use this software to make speech-enabled apps and products.

What’s great about Polly is its ease of use. To get your text converted into speech, you can send it through the API, and it will send an audio stream to your application.

Word Talk

  • Customizable voices
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word

Word Talk is a basic free text to speech software that uses SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 voices, and they can be tweaked according to your liking. The ability to read your individual sentences, words, and paragraphs is a nice touch.

You can also save narrations, and there are multiple keyboards shortcuts that allow for easy access and quick for frequently used options.

Proprietor Basic

  • Exports in MP3 and WAV formats
  • Great range of input formats
  • Simple and quick to use

Panoreptor Basic offers free text-to-speech conversion with no issues. It accepts web pages, rich text files, and Word Documents such as input, and exports the sound in MP3 and.WAV format (the two files are saved in the same location with the same name).


  • Good file format support
  • Converting text from your clipboard

Alternatively, as long as you have the relevant option enables and have the program running, Zabaware can read any text that you copy to your clipboard – great if you want to convert your website words to speech. Zabaware can also convert your files into WAV format.


  • Bookmarking tool
  • Excellent file format support
  • Lots of voices to select from

There are a couple of ways to use Balabolka’s text to speech software: you can copy and paste text into your program, or you can open up the file formats (PDF, HTML, and DOC) directly into the program.

This free text to speech software can save your narrations in audio files in multiple formats including WAV and MP3. For long documents, you can create bookmarks to make it easier to jump to a specific location, and there are tools to help you customize the word pronunciation to liking.


  • Fast processing
  • 24/7 support
  • Over 30 languages

iSpeech is a text to speech service that targets enterprise clients and businesses. Whether you’re a developer or a publisher who wants voice and an easy to use application, iSpeech has plans based around your needs.

They offer an extensive API that can meet most of your needs without extensive setup. Additionally, they have speech-to-text, allowing you to dictate your content and have it transcribed.


To conclude, there is some text to speech software to help you learn more effectively. You can use NoteVibes to help quickly keep translate different languages while increasing your vocabulary. With so much software available, people with disabilities will find it easier to learn new topics at a lower price than traditional methods.


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