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10 differences between ios and android app development 


10 differences between ios and android app development 

In the internet era, most of the people use different kinds of the app for their convenience.  When it comes to the app, the people can concern different things about the app. The people are confused to choose the better platform. In order to use the perfect app, you must go to the right platform. One can face different challenges while creating the app. Both Android and ios are the better platforms. There is some significant difference associated with the android and ios mobile app development.

Here are the significant difference between the ios and android app development

App development language:

Both Android and ios use different language to make the app. The app requires lots of codes. The ios use the Swift language and Android uses Java language. When compare to Java language, the swift is much faster. With the swift language, the developers make the app within the short amount of time that requires less code. The java based app is perfect for the intuitive and easy to read that beneficial for the users.

Availability of integrated development environment:

The android app developers ensure the eclipse tool that as a perfect environment in the Google application. It is released by Google and developers use the tool to create the app. It holds the excellent possibility like cross platform, simple package, functionality and debugging. On the other hand, the ios developers use the Xcode while developing the ios apps. It is considered as a production environment that best for making the app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices.

Design of the app:

The design principle may be varied in the ios and android app development. The ios devices come up with the two different screen sizes. Meanwhile, the android devices are featured with the great number of screen size. The users must look at the navigation, menu, alerts, pop ups and back button of the ios and Android devices.


The users give the equal importance to the Android app as well as the ios apps. The Android platform manages the largest global platform share. The android app is used the personal and business purpose as well. Moreover, ios apps can be used for the business purpose as per the latest research. The people from different parts of the country use the better platform for their convenience.

Monetization strategy of the app:

It is the next critical factor when comes to choose the better platform. The operating system is an important concern for the developers to make the app. The apple users download the app through the apple store and android users download through the google play store. Based on the latest research, the google play store keep up the leading position in the app market when compared to the ios.

Complexity of the app development:

The coding language is different in the ios and android apps. The coding language is not so difficult in the operating system fragmentation. The apple manages the limited number of devices only but the android is powered by the wide range of system that performs on the devices.  The android has the variety of screen sized. The developers should take into account at the time of developing the app.

Speed of the app development:

The android app consumes more time to create by means of the operating system fragmentation. Some android apps are also run on the ios devices. The developers make such app by using the java and kotlin language. The speed of the app development is less in ios. Depending on the operating system fragmentation, the speed is varied for the app development.

Price of the app development:

The developers define the cost to make the app that suitable for the business and personal requirement. You can make the right decision and choose the best platform for the app creation. You can ask help from the experts and take the rough estimate of the app. There are lots of things one should keep in mind that the app development cost depends on the time need to create. You can understand the cost needs of the app development.

Deployment speed of the app:

The android apps can be released on the google play store that requires less time rather than compared to the ios app on the apple store. The android apps can be verified with the automated tests and ios apps need the personal experts for the verification purpose. So, the developers carefully publish the app without any error.

Market share of the app:

With the advent of the technology, the operating system can be used for different devices like tablets, PDA, and smartphone and others. The operating system lets the device to perform the apps and programs in a perfect manner. You can gain the market share details of the android and ios apps. In the smartphone industry, both of them have the widespread operating system. Nearly, millions of Android based and ios based smartphones can be sold worldwide.

One can pay attention when choosing the platform for building the app. You can look at the GpaLabs and take the complete details of the different platforms. You can make the decision wisely and develop the best app that stands ahead of the huge crowd.



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