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10 Educational Games Older Students Can Enjoy

Gamification makes studying much more fun. It is often used for children but it can also be quite helpful for older students and adults. Even if you are in college, some marvelous games entertain and educate at the same time. 

Some of them are available as smartphone apps, others as desktop ones. In any case, one can learn a variety of skills while relaxing. And college students do need some time to unwind as they usually deal with a lot of stress. The college curriculum is notorious for the number of assignments and projects one has to do. 

10 Educational Games Older Students Can Enjoy

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In the meantime, students can check out one or two of these amazing games that educate at the same time. 

Free Rice

This one is not only educational but also offers the opportunity to make a positive change. The UN World Food Program has designed it to beat the food supply problems for people in need. 

This is a trivia app where you get to learn new facts and interesting things on several subjects, such as: 

  • English; 
  • Human anatomy; 
  • Climate; 
  • Geography; 
  • Literature; 
  • Mathematics. 

Players select the category they like and can start the game. Every time you give a correct answer, the app donates rice to WFP. So the better you learn, the more impact you will have on such a serious issue. 


This is a globally-loved application for learning new languages. If it is something you’ve always wanted to start, this might be a perfect choice. It offers a game-like approach and fun and short lessons. There is also a great variety of languages (98 to be exact) to choose from Korean, Japanese, or Spanish to Klingon (a fictional language from the Star Trek universe).

There is a free version and paid subscription. The premium functionality offers personalization to lessons and works on your particular pain points. But the free one is also great.  


Elevate is a wonderful application anyone can enjoy. Here you can train important skills with a decent variety of games. It is one of the brain-training platforms to work on.

  • Speaking; 
  • Writing; 
  • Mathematics; 
  • Reading; 
  • Attention, etc. 

And if you regularly use it, you can also train memory, concentration, and cognitive functions. This one helps to keep one’s mind sharp. And it doesn’t take too much time. There is a free version and paid subscription that opens access to more exercises. 


It is a simple yet beautiful app for those who want to enrich their Art knowledge. It is free but has some in-app purchases available. This one is also quite inspirational for people that like to do something creative. 

Every day you get a new piece of art with important information on it. 

When it was created, who was the author, and what is its significance? Currently, there are more than 1,600 pieces in the library, so you won’t run out of things to learn. 

Hiragana Battle/Katakana Wars

Did you know that you can learn Japanese in a battle game? Well, now you know. Japanese can be quite difficult for foreigners to study, so this game is a great opportunity. These two RPG games teach users Hiragana and Katakana with fun gameplay

There is a plot and a story to follow as well as warriors to combat with your language knowledge. Overall, it is an entertaining and engaging way to approach education. 


It wasn’t created with the purpose to study a particular subject. Yet, it is a powerful game to train critical thinking and problem-solving. 

Here users need to solve problems often in the puzzle form. Everything is happening in a 3D environment, which adds a bit of challenge. You get to use portals to interact and move around. To be more successful, a player will also need to know basic physics principles and mathematics. 

So it is a good opportunity to brush up on them too. Portal costs $9.99 and works on the majority of devices. 

Spot the Difference

This is another wonderful brain-training solution specifically useful for students who want to work on their attention. It provides an opportunity to work on visual agility and better reaction. It was created by MentalUP for adults to work on attention to detail and all vision-related skills. 

Users get to view and analyze the objects that look similar at first glance. You need to find the ones that are different from the bunch. So the premise is simple yet very entertaining. The difficulty rises as you beat new levels. 

And there is a performance report as well, so users can see their progress. It is free to download and has a premium subscription as well. 


This company has released two gamified educational applications, one for kids and the other one for older students. The last one is called STEPapp. It is wonderful software that helps learn different concepts from various fields of knowledge, mainly Mathematics and Science. It has several benefits, such as: 

  • Personalized and adaptive learning; 
  • Alignment with the national curriculum; 
  • Expertly crafted content; 
  • Exciting progress reports.

There is also an opportunity to get mentorship and guidance here. It is free to download, but there are in-app purchases. 

Star Chart

If astronomy has always been your passion, check this one out. It is a completely free tool to learn all about the stars and space bodies. Users can open the app, point it at the night sky and complete the star chart. 

It is pretty simple but fun and interactive. 

Endless Ocean

Those who look for something relaxing will enjoy the Endless Ocean. There are two parts to this game: both with separate plots. It is a scuba-diving simulator where one gets to explore the ocean. Players can simply swim around and interact with the ocean inhabitants (different species) to identify them. Also, there is an encyclopedia included with lots of exciting information about them. 

The plot is built on exploration. When you follow it, you get to unlock new areas and new species as well. But it is not too hard but rather calming. Surely, it is not a scientific database to be treated as the only source of information about ocean species. Yet it is a fun way to gain more knowledge on the subject. 

In Summary 

These are just some of many amazing games out there. All of them are useful for older students and adults that want to educate themselves on a particular subject. Some are also perfect for training different cognitive functions and keeping a mind sharp. 

In any case, this is an outstanding way to make studying more enjoyable and fun. So definitely check them out.