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10 Mobile Accessories You Should Have by Now


Mobile phones are undeniably the most widely used gadget today. Brands and manufacturers launch a couple of models every year. Each release has new features and some technological advances. People just can’t help themselves from buying these devices as they crave to experience better innovations.


Apart from that, these smartphones do not only have upgraded specifications. They are also evolving in design and appearance. To fully enjoy using your mobile phones, why not consider some awesome items compatible with them?

Let’s take a look at these 10 mobile accessories that you should have by now.

1.   Wireless charger

Indeed, it is a new era for the absence of cables. Wherever you go, you most probably carry a phone charger with you so you can plug it anywhere and use your device for a longer time. Because of frequent charging, it tends to get damaged and what’s worst – stop functioning right then and there as it does not live that long. Another disadvantage of using wires is that it constantly burns your smartphone’s port because of being exposed to electrical connectors.

The process of wireless charging is pretty simple. It has magnets that attract the electromagnetic field from one device, producing an electric current into a metal coil that is within another device. Also, it can accommodate multiple gadgets in the same setting. It is more convenient to use and is much safer.

2.   Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth technology is amazing! It connects with your devices wirelessly; it is practical during conversations over the phone. When you listen to your favorite music, it gives an effect of deep isolation from the noise around you. The bass-boosting technology added to it makes you feel the beat and bops of the sound. It almost seems invisible with the stylish lack of wires and keeps your gadget safe inside your pocket or bag. Plus, it will no longer give you the trouble of untangling the tousled wires.

3.   Phone Stand

We all love to watch videos – mostly, the ones that entertain or inform us. A marketing study stated that 78% of video content is being streamed via smartphones. You won’t go on a day without seeing someone on the train, watching their favorite TV series or film, or consuming 9gag videos. At home, in the office, in school.

For better comfort, safety, and convenience, consider buying yourself a mobile stand. What better way to have fun viewing than doing it hands-free?

4.   Gimbal/Stabilizer

Gimbal steadies your phone as you record good-quality shots. Because video content is now dominating all social media platforms, everybody is hooked at producing their own cinematic clips. Are you one of the vloggers wanna-be? Do you travel a lot and wish to store great videos to look back on? Well, the stabilizer accessory can give you a hand with that.

5.   Mobile Kit Lens

As the phone megapixels soar high in quality, enthusiasts have grown in number. Amateur photographers seem to work on getting their best photos taken. Mobile photography is now considered a thing. And everybody suddenly loves to capture shots at different angles and upload it on the social media accounts.

I’m sure you are one of them, too. Who wouldn’t want to shoot flat lays with a bloody smartphone? To result in a much cooler effect, get yourself a lens kit for mobile phones. It is easy to use – you will only need to clip it on your device and voila! An added effect will make your photos more interesting. You can have a wide angle, fish eye effect and many more.

6.   Power Bank

From the moment you wake up, you check your phone. You bring it with you just about anywhere, even in the bathroom. Its battery needs to be recharged every now and then. But the thing is, trying to find an outlet is quite exasperating at times. You prefer to bring a power bank with you more than to connect it somewhere you cannot really look after it.

You wouldn’t want to go out of your way just to recharge your phone. If you’re on a busy day with plenty of errands, you will have no time for that. Having your own power bank can save you a lot of time and energy.

7.   Phone Grip & Finger Ring

At first, phone grips and finger rings do not seem to make sense at all – until they have proven their worth to everybody who owns a smartphone. Also known as a pop socket, this little mobile accessory helps you get a better grip on your phones while using it. It lessens the chance of slipping from your hands and hitting the floor. Also, it can serve as a stand. Play with it! It can be your fidget toy as well.

8.   Portable Speakers

Having a spare portable speaker with the best quality cannot be compared to just merely playing tracks via your phone itself. It is optimal to own this auxiliary especially when you’re going out on trips. The sound of portable speakers has a far wider reach than an ordinary phone speaker.

9.   Cases & Covers

People normally keep a mobile phone in an average of 3 years – and in those times, they get bored quite often about the plain look of their gadget. Are you one of them? Fret not! Many stores – physical or online, sell cases, covers, and skins that you can decorate or add to your phone. They vary in color, design, texture. You can select which you like the most from an extensive variety of options. It also serves as protection for your android or apple products.

10.USB OTG Flash Drives

This is one of the most amazing accessories that you could own! Not everybody has it. USB “On-The-Go” flash drives are storage for phones; just as how external hard drives are for laptops and computers. With this kind of flash drive, you can expand your library of media from your phone storage to it. Some smartphones have a totally small memory. Are you in need of additional space? USB OTG flash drive has got your back!


Mobile brands are getting so much eager to bring you the best experience in using your phones. Thus, they continue to create, invent and produce accessories that will complement its use. Though it will add to your expenses, these will surely double the fun and make everything much easier, faster and effective.


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