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10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted


10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

Unless you have been living under a rock, a very big rock, or some remote corner of the earth with zero access to news and current events, you must have heard of crypto-currency. Bitcoin and ethereum, are the most common currencies taking over the crypto-currency marketplace. Many businesses and large companies now accept these currencies as means of payment for goods and services. It is easy to transfer and earn crypto-currency, hence it comes as no surprise that more and more companies and business are accepting these new online currencies as cash.

Cypto-currencies are extremely fast- spreading due to many companies accepting this means of payment. Even small businesses and organizations are starting to accept this change. It is even facilitated by the advent of QR codes. This technology helps in fast reliable crypto-currency transfers and payments. With your device, in most cases your smartphone, coupled with a crypto wallet app of your choice a customer can scan a label and purchase a good or service.

However, not all companies have adopted this new technology. Some are still skeptical which is not really surprising as the technology is relatively in its’ infancy. Notwithstanding, trends show that sooner rather than later more companies, businesses and organizations will adopt this new technology.With this background, then, what businesses, big or small, have accepted crypto-currency as a source of payment for goods and services?

This article lists 10 places where cryptocurrencies are now accepted.


Overstock is a famous online retailer with its headquarters in Midvale, Utah. It was founded in 1997 and launched in 1999. It mostly sells surplus and returned goods online, but recently has added new goods and merchandise as part of its stock. It sells a large range of products at reduced prices and provides customers access to third-party sellers that offer a variety of products.

In early 2014, Overstock became the first online retail company to accept crypto-currency, in particular, bitcoin. In late 2016, it it issued the first blockchain stock via the Series A preferred offering on the t0 platform.

Overstock also integrated with ShapeShift, a leading instant digital asset exchange, thus, allowing customers to use other forms of cryptocurrency apart from bitcoin ; ethereum, LiteCoin, Dash, Monero, even Bitcoin Cash.

10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

Using this form of currency for purchases on Overstock is quite easy. After selecting the goods you want, proceed to checkout and select which crypto-currency you wish to conduct the transaction. Using ShapeShift, the currency is converted into bitcoins and your purchase is finalized.

Check https://www.overstock.com/bitcoin for more details.


This popular geek haven is an online retail store that provides computers, PC components, hardware, hard drives, cameras, electronics, watches ,appliances and much more. It is home for all things tech, gaming and more.

The move to start accepting crypto-currency had been widely awaited by customers. And Neweeg did not disappoint. In 2014, the announcement was made that BitPay would be the payment processor. A statement by Newegg CMO Sorren Mills said “Newegg’s customers are among the earliest bitcoin miners and are enthusiastic proponents of the crypto-currency. Adopting bitcoin as a payment method is another way we are responding to our customers’ diverse needs”.

10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

Neweeg in collaboration with BitPay now accepts Bitcoin as payment for goods.

However, according to their website, they do not accept Bitcoin for the following types of purchases: Will Call orders, Newegg gift cards, marketplace items, subscription orders pre-orders, premier memberships, return shipping labels.

Check here for more details https://www.newegg.com/bitcoin


The Canadian e-commerce company with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada is similar to popular online shops like eBay and Etsy.

In November 2013, this e-commerce organization allowed all its’ merchants the choice to accept crypto-currency payments.

10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

Like Neweeg, payments are made via BitPay. With this development, merchants of the online store can choose which bitcoin processessor they wish to adopt. The director of payments at Shopify, Louis Kearns said with regards to the new adoption: ”we have found that by supporting multiple payment providers it encourages each of them to innovate a bit more and their customers benefit as a result. We see this as a positive play for Shopify and bitcoin at large”.

Read more details here https://www.shopify.com/bitcoin


The online travel agent accepts cryptocurrency payments for bookings.

Since mid-2014 Expedia in association with Coin-base have made it possible for users to book hotels using bitcoin payments. With that development in 2014, Expedia became the first major travel company to accept cryptocurrency payments. Annoucing the move in a press release, the company said “ Bitcoin is a great example of how Expedia is investing early in an array of payment options to give our customers and partners more choice in the ways they interact with us. Customers simply indicate bitcoin as their method of payment and then follow a few steps to safely and securely complete each transaction.”

However, they currently do not accept this form of payments for flight bookings, though this avenue will be made available in the future.

Read more details here https://www.expedia.com/Checkout/BitcoinTermsAndConditions


Although Microsoft temporarily suspended accepting bitcoins as payments for purchases some months ago, the tech giants have once more resumed accepting these payments.

This was confirmed in a statement by a Microsoft spokeswoman “ We have restored bitcoin as a payment option in our store after working with our provider to ensure lower bitcoin amounts would be redeemable by customers”.

The temporary ban was placed as a result of the high instability of the crypto-currency due to fees and its high volatility

Using bitcoin, you can deposit funds into your Microsoft account. If you are a Microsoft user, you can use these cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) funds to make purchases.  Games, apps, movies in the Microsoft online, Windows and Xbox stores are available for purchase using Bitcoin.

However, in the Microsoft online store, some purchases using bitcoin are restricted.

The option to purchase goods on their online stores using bitcoin was added in 2014, although this was limited to U.S based customers and users.


The famous online and mobile gift company accepts cryptocurrency (Dogecoin , bitcoin, litecoin) for buying gift cards for other places that do not accept cryptocurrency.

eGifter makes it much easier for customers with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like dogecoin and litecoin to access other retailers like Amazon, Sephora, Home Depot , Kohls,eBay etc,  without a cryptocurrency payments option.

10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

eGifter partners with GoCoin which added litecoin and dogecoin payments to its’ platform. The founder and the CEO of GoCoin Steve Beauragard said “We are thrilled to see key merchants in the bitcoin eco-system embrace the altcoins and their unique communities. Together with eGifter, we are building bridges between retail shopping and digital currency communities.”

Read more details here https://www.egifter.com/bitcoin/

7.Dish Network

The satellite television provider, as early as 2014, had started accepting bitcoin payments.With more than 14 million pay-Tv subscribers. It is one of the largest companies that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payments.

CoinBase is the payment processor of Dish Network with a view to convert the bitcoin payments to dollars. Bernie Han the executive vice president and the COO said in his statement “We want to deliver choice and convenient for our customers and that includes the method they use to pay their bills. Bitcoin is becoming a preferred way for people to transact and we want to accomodate these individuals”.


One particularly interesting company that receive cryptocurrency as a form of payment is PizzaForCoins. You can get your pizza craving satisfied using bitcoins and other altcoins at PizzaForCoins. How does it work?

Once a pizza joints’ location is verified as being near you e.g Dominos , Pizza Hut , by the site, you can pay for your pizza using cryptocurrency.


This company is particularly suitable for small business owners looking to integrate bitcoin payments and platforms into their business. This is the company that is behind Turbo Tax. It offers PayByCoin to business owners.

10 Places Cryptocurrencies Are Now Accepted

The business owners must first activate PayByCoin from the QuickBooks Labs, which is a service rendered by Inuit, and link the Bitcoin payment processor from the company settings. When a customer then wants to pay using crypto-currency, instructions are provided from the Bitcoin payment processor. After this is done, the business owner can decide what form of currency he desires, either crypto-currency or other forms. This service is free from Inuit, however, the Bitcoin payment processor charges a fee for the transaction.

10.Virgin Galactic

Fancy going on an expedition to the moon or Mars? Well since 2013 the commercial space venture Virgin Galactic accepts payments using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. It is owned by serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. So pay for your space expedition using bitcoin!


As crypto-currency continues to emerge as a leading form of global currency, more companies, organizations and businesses will embrace it as a form of payment. The benefits include faster transactions, reduced cost of fees and safety. By accepting crypto=currency, businesses get a wider market, a truly global one. Use your crypto-currency to book reservations, pay for movies, games and pizza. Some accounting firms even accept this form of payment.

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