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15 must do Instagram marketing tips for business


Nowadays, more than any other social network, Instagram is gaining huge popularity among youngsters and everyone. By planning an efficient Instagram marketing strategy you can build a great online presence of your business. So here in this article, we have discussed the top 15 must do Instagram marketing tips for the business that will help you in getting more followers and likes on Instagram.

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1. Fill out your bio section:-

It is very important to keep your bio section updated. Include all the relevant information related to your business and its goals in your bio. Your bio should be able to say everything for your brand.

2. Share high-quality content

A compelling content always leaves a good impression in the minds of people. The key to posting quality content is to develop your target audience and start posting as per their preferences and choices.

3. Include popular and essential hashtags

By incorporating the right quality and quantity of hashtags, your post will reach to the right people who are interested in your brand. Use some popular hashtags in your niche but remember not to put excessive hashtags in one post.

4. Ask your followers to tag their friends

If your followers are the strong base for your business, then you can create the most from them. Ask your followers to tag their friends in your post in order to expand the reach of your post to a large number of people.

5. Organize contests

Conducting different types of contests can help you to gain more likes for your business and it will also drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. However, buying Instagram likes is possible now. To participate in the contest you can set up some easy guidelines like ask your 5 friends to follow our page and get yourself registered in the contest.

6. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are another most significant part of Instagram marketing. The best feature of Instagram stories is that it remains active until 24 hours. Through stories, you can show the real insights into your business and can easily interact with your followers.

7. Instagram advertising

Instagram ads are a popular method to gain many new followers and to increase the reach of your content to a wide range of people. For this, know about your followers considering their location, interests, and choices.

8. Share your Instagram presence on other social networks

If you are aiming towards getting more followers on your Instagram then you should promote your Instagram profile among people on different social platforms like facebook, twitter etc. In this process, you can highlight some of your best posts and also expand the reach by using paid advertising.

9. Post consistently

Posting consistently is as essential as posting the right quality of content. You will not be able to gain more followers if you will post once in a month. To gain the attention of your existing followers and to engage some new people it is important to post daily.

10. Post at the right time

If your post is not being able to reach to your followers then there will be no benefit of it. Analyze carefully about when your users remain the most active and post according to it. It is very easy to schedule the post as per the requirement on Instagram.

11. Use live video option

Instagram live video is an exceptional option to show your followers the real scenes of your business. Through live videos, you can communicate with your users and demonstrate the use of products. Also, you can take their queries or feedback through live videos.

12. Read and reply to each DMs

DMs are of great use when it comes to engaging in personal communication with your followers. You can personally send them thanks for continuously supporting you. This will create a personal touch in your brand and your customers will also feel happy.

13. Tag famous brands

If you want to get your business on explore page of Instagram, then start tagging some popular brand in your posts. If they will like or comment on your posts then you will come on explore page of Instagram.

14. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a very advantageous method to market your brand on Instagram if you know it in the right way. Engage with some influencer marketer which will help you to build a strong followers base on Instagram. It will also facilitate the growth of your brand and will direct a large amount of traffic to your website.

15. Authentic profiles

Authentic profiles are known to be more famous and popular among people. Instagram usually offers benefits to those profiles that remain in touch with active Instagram features. So make maximum use of Instagram stories, live content, include catchy captions in your posts and so on.


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