Home Digital Marketing 2018 Edition of Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Optimization

2018 Edition of Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Optimization


2018 Edition of Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are supposed to be integral to SEO and are the most crucial elements of SEO. The fundamental foundation of SEO is keyword research and then all other factors such as content quality, on-page optimization, user interface etc. come into the total picture. Several companies are investing thousands of dollars in keyword research in order to gain targeted content. Choosing the right keywords may not be always intuitive and easy. You would be requiring loads of data for knowing if a given keyword would work for you or not. Keyword research tools help you with all relevant data about determining and choosing the right keywords for SEO success.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner undoubtedly, is the most popular and frequently used keyword research tool existing in 2018. This tool comes totally free and is actually integrated with the super-efficient Google AdWords. You must have your own AdWords account that you could create free of any charges.

Striking Features: The most striking feature of Google Keyword Planner is the depth of information provided by it on Google which is regarded as the largest ever search engine.

Drawback: You have no way of knowing how a particular keyword or your site is performing on some other search engines apart from the Google. You may also explore the winning features of keyword inspector.


SEMrush is certainly much more as compared to a usual keyword research tool. Most of the other keyword research tools would require adding seed keywords for starting your research. However, in the case of SEMrush, you simply need to add a URL of yours or your competitor’s. It would be clearly demonstrating all the relevant keywords ranking for the site. This would be making it really easier and simpler for you to determine long-tail and short-tail keywords which you could target and easily stay way ahead of the competition.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

Ahrefs is supposed to be a hot favorite keyword tool as of 2018. It includes extensive detail. Ahrefs is known to be using click-stream data for demonstrating the number of clicks you would be getting from the search engines. This could be very beneficial post knowledge graph integration, since several keywords may be having huge traffic but actually, they rarely gain any clicks from the search engine. This is chiefly because they would be getting answers from Google search result directly. This is not a free tool but it helps you in determining amazing keywords that are best for your micro-niche or niche sites. With Ahref’s platinum version, you would be getting a really awesome and a meticulous keyword analysis feature. Ahrefs also boasts of a competition checker that helps you in choosing the right keyword.


SpyFu is a great keyword research tool for flawless keyword analysis and keeping track of competition and also staying ahead of the competition. SpyFu is supposed to be in great demand because of two important reasons. It helps in understanding accurately your competitor’s SEO platform and effectively discovering untapped, under-served or even the emerging markets.


Keyword research and SEO are very much alive and kicking. They are just not dead. If you are staying away from incorporating relevant keywords into the content, then you would be missing out substantial search engine traffic.


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