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3 Business Systems Every Company Should Have


Running a business can be tricky, especially when you need to get all your staff working in a cohesive way where everyone knows what is happening, what work needs doing, who is doing it and when it is due for completion. Clearly, in a business environment, you are looking at business systems that handle all of these aspects and many more. Communication is important throughout your team, and there is a huge selection of processes that can be introduced to make work faster and more efficient. Here are some great business systems that every company should have.

A solid CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and there is a myriad of systems on the market that offer businesses an organized, functional way to store and handle all customer requests and interactions. CRM’s come in many shapes and sizes, some names you might have already heard banded about are Zoho and Salesforce. With these products, you get things like time tracking for costing, invoicing, stock control and more. The fact that employees can log in from multiple locations means that even remote workers can have a real-time picture of what is going on. Assigning work means that you never have to worry about things not getting done, as the CRM will then also be able to trace accountability.


The infrastructure that holds the whole business together includes networking tools. Again the needs of each company will vary so look for a company that offers scalability and the ability to add or remove various components depending on what you actually need. Masergy is one example where you can find a myriad of supporting products. From routers to firewalls they are able to supply a vast range of products and solutions and even have network analysis available to help you understand what is needed. Security is obviously a big concern for all companies, not least because of issues like customer data security, payment details, etc., so having robust technology on your side protects you from any breaches in security. This can be especially important if you need cloud-based technologies and a hybrid network because you have staff working in various locations and thankfully these are all issues Masergy are able to assist with, keeping your company functioning effectively and securely.

 Project management software

For some business project management software is an additional must. Asana is one such favorite tool, which again runs in web browsers and comes as an app for both Android and iOS devices meaning no member of staff ever needs to be out of the loop again. Work can be added to individual projects, assigned to a named staff member and then tracked through as many processes as you need, for example, draft, in progress, ready to go, completed, or whatever terms you want to define. This means at any one moment you can see what is happening to a particular project or even sub item within that project. Jobs can be reassigned if more than one team member needs to do their bit, and managers can visually track the work and ensure deadlines are being met.



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