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3 Of The best indoor Drones


Indoor drones are ideal for pilots who would like to try something new, video record techniques, practice tricks or to simply have some fun.  Additionally, they are remarkable for allowing flyer to indulge even when the weather is too windy or cold to fly outside.

Poke FPV Indoor Mini UFO Quadcopter

This is one of the best indoor drones with camera in the middle tier price range. It is nimble, agile and is durable enough to endure minor collisions. This remarkable kit provides everything required to start flying, including a HD camera.  There is also a remote control, a 200mAh battery and the drone.  The app, CameraFi, is available on both Android and iOS and will have to be downloaded on your smartphone.  You can actually purchase a 5.8GHz receiver and screen or opt to install the app; this places it among the best indoor drones.

This drone has a one button return, which is a cool feature that only requires pressing the button and the drone will automatically detect the remote and fly to it.  Additionally, the styling of this UFO-shaped drone is impressive in all its red and black glory.  It also has cool red and blue LED lights for soaring in the dark.

Parrot Mambo Indoor Drone

Regardless of price, the Parrot Mambo could be the best indoor drone for you.  This drone can be controlled up to 20 meters away with your smartphone or as far as 65 meters away with the Parrot Flypad Controller.  However, the Parrot Flypad Controller is sold separately and it costs roughly $40.   While this is an added expense, the quality of the drone and remote are unrivaled.

Parrot built in 2 remarkable accessories into this drone; one is the cannon and the other is the grabber module.  The cannon enables mini balls to be shot at as far as 6 feet away; this provides a great way to prank and annoy people. The grabber module allows players to hold, grab and discharge items that weigh as much as 4 grams.  This can help you to pull pranks like dropping off silly notes, stealing your co-workers pens or just transporting light items to you while you sit and relax.  There are a number of fun and useful purposes for which you can use this drone.  It also has outstanding controls and can perform flips and barrel rolls.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Toy Drone

If you are looking for an inexpensive toy drone, the Cheerson Mini is the ideal option.  This drone leads the pack in the best inexpensive indoor drone category.  Actually, the cost of th CX-10 is under $20 and it is perfect for goofing around or allowing your children to go wild.  This is a big part of the reason this toy has made its way into the list of mini drone best sellers.

Its flight time is between 4 and 8 minutes, so you will not be cruising too long before you will need to charge it.  However, this flight time works just fine for intermittent use.  The drone has an alarm that signals when the battery is weak to prevent it from nose diving into the floor.

Considering the cost, many features would not normally be expected; however, Cheerson did a great job putting a few in there.  There are 3 speed modes to pick from, so it can be placed on the lowest mode when starting out. It has a 6-axis gyroscope that helps it with staying somewhat stable and a sufficiently responsive 2.4GHz controller.  There is also a LED light for low light and night time flight conditions.


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