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3 Proven Ways To Automate & Improve Your Supply Chain


Managing the supply chain is imperative to your company’s success, especially with international shipping and distribution. 

Changing the way logistics and transportation are done for your organization will help maximize efficiency, reduce waste and redundancy, and help your organization maximize profit margins. 

Several factors must work together for the supply chain to operate. So, how can you improve and automate supply chain management processes? These are three ways!

Find out where technology can take over

If you can automate something… do so! When technology can take the place of people, especially in areas where it is a small task, you should choose to automate and use technology. You can rely on

  • Robo-delivery services
  • Using robots or other techniques for inventory control
  • Automate/streamline packing processes

This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate “people” from your team, nor should you. But, there are some processes that machines are going to do better, they are going to do faster, and they are going to save your company money in the process.

If you automate and when you rely on the right product lines to help you, your supply chain management processes are going to improve instantly. With fewer people performing trivial tasks, you can let your employees do more specialized work. 

It will help reduce redundancy, it will help eliminate human error, and your team is going to be more productive in the process. If there are tasks that can be performed by more powerful machines, and can complete the work in less time than human employees would do the job, you should choose to automate these processes in the supply chain line whenever possible.

Set up a council

Having an international supply chain council established is a good practice for large organizations. This governing body will

  • Synchronize shipments/procurement/ordering
  • Align the company’s strategy
  • Support the supply chain by implementing lower-level management at different stages of the process

Every supply chain will differ based on the size of the organization, the goods/products the company sells, and the type of practices the organization has chosen to implement. As a global company, or even a national company, your supply chain has to operate as efficiently as it possibly can, if you want things to go out on time, and for customers to receive their orders on time.

The supply chain council will oversee smaller departments. It will work with lower-level managers to discuss ways to improve and streamline processes. And, if there are multiple goals or different objectives the company has in mind to achieve within the year (or a few months), the supply chain council can set parameters to ensure these objectives are met.

A leadership team must be in charge of supply chain operations. A council will oversee all of this and will work to ensure all supply chain members have what they need.

Build healthy relationships with suppliers

If your company doesn’t have a list of dedicated suppliers it can rely on for products you ship to clients, how will you operate? And, if you aren’t automating distribution, shipment, and ordering processes, you’re wasting time, money, and energy! It’s important to

  • Build relationships with the right suppliers
  • Make sure you have automated schedules set up for delivery/procurement/ordering
  • Maintain two-way communication at all times (buyer and seller)
  • Make sure there are communication systems in place
  • Have meetings with suppliers to determine ways you can improve performance and deliver on time

It’s essential to build multiple relationships with multiple suppliers. The reason for this is that you may find a supplier can’t deliver the last minute, or you’re setting up a distribution warehouse in a new location and need a local supplier in that region. And, if your organization is global, you need to make sure the suppliers you’re working with, are in all areas where you ship/deliver from.

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