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3 Topics You Can Write About On Your Travel Blog This Week


As a travel blogger, you are faced with the challenge of always having to come up with new topics to write about on a consistent basis.

If you’re like most travel blogger, you likely create posts detailing your personal travel experiences. After all, that’s what readers and audiences tend to embrace the most. Still, if you’d like to grow your blog by expanding the amount of topics that you write about, you have to come up with new ideas.

Here are three topics that you can write about on your travel blog this week:

Topic #1 – Your Personal Vacation Recommendations

 This type of post is simple: you just write about your personal favorite vacation and travel destinations and why you like them.Of course, you can write about more than just that. You can include photos and videos, talk about any safety tips you have for those locations, the best activities to do, and whatever else you can come up with.

 Topic #2 – How To Save Money On Traveling

 Traveling is undeniably an expensive venture, so this is a topic that literally everyone wanting to travel will be searching for on the web.

You can create posts about your personal travel saving strategies or additional tips that you’ve heard about but haven’t yet tried. The idea is what to communicate to your readers two things: 1. What works and what doesn’t, and 2. How to use the strategies that do work.

There are, of course, an immeasurable amount of different money saving strategies that you can discuss, from using flight coupons (such as an Emirates promotional code, for instance), apps that allow you to look for the cheapest hotels, booking flights during the lesser busy times of the year, using credit card signup bonuses and points, etc.

Topic #3 – Tips For New Solo Travelers

 It can be an exhilarating and yet anxious experience to travel solo for the first time. As a travel blogger yourself, you can probably relate to this when you traveled solo for the first time before (assuming you did).

Therefore, you can write about your own personal solo traveling experiences, as well as what your best tips and pieces of advice are. It’s important to keep a positive and optimistic attitude with these types of posts (in order to not discourage anybody from traveling), but you also will want to keep things grounded in reality.

Again, drawing from your personal experiences for this type of post will probably be the best route that you can take.

Topics For Your Travel Blog

 The advantage to each of these three topic ideas is that you can easily write an entire series of posts on each one to greatly expand the topic that you have on your blog. As a result, your blog will have the ability to grow at a more exponential rate.


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