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9 Best 3D Painting Software For Making Quality 3D Models

Are you sick and tired of using ordinary paint software with no Wow Factor?

3D printing is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create art. It can be used in games, TV shows, movies, and even design projects that need high-quality images of objects that are impossible to build in reality.

The idea of a 3D painting came from the need for artists to have a way to make quick sketches and do caricatures. This technique is not only used by artists but also by graphic designers, filmmakers, and architects.

It’s catching on as a viable form of art because it’s easier than ever and accessible even if you don’t have any drawing skills.

To acquire the most out of your 3d painting experience, spend some time researching what software is right for you and how it works before buying anything. Make sure the 3D painting software you purchase fits your budget and needs.

3D Painting is a significant part of the 3d modeling process, and it plays a vital role in the sequence of making a 3D model. You should use some good software to make your work easy and practical.

You can find a lot of software on the internet, but only a few are best for you.

So, here I have made a list of the best 3d Painting software for you. These are the best software to make your models look more realistic.

Best 3D Painting Software – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Adobe Substance Painter

Computer Art and Design software can be challenging when searching for computer art. Substance Painter is an all-in-one 3D painting application.

It’s the most incredible option for those who wish to make 3D material with high-quality brushes without having to master complicated 3D software.

Substance Painter has excellent sharing capability so that users can easily share their works on Facebook and Twitter, which hundreds of thousands can see within minutes after posting.

Best 3D Painting Software 1

Substance Painter supports high-quality brushes designed to make it easier for artists to achieve professional results.

There is no need to buy expensive software or worry about the program’s complexity. As a result, you can save significant time, energy, and money to achieve your artistic ambitions.

It’s a cornerstone of Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform. It is compatible with all the major platforms, including Linux, making it easier to maintain your software. Additionally, it supports all Adobe products to utilize this program with most of your other programs.

Using this software can help you create an effective environment for your work. It is an excellent tool for creating 3D artwork that you can use for any purpose.

Start Adobe Substance 3D Painter | Adobe Substance 3D

To use this program, you must have a cloud account at Adobe. This will allow you to install it on multiple devices and use the online storage capabilities of the program.

The program will easily add texture and color to 3D objects. You can also add lighting effects and shadows to make your finished product look more realistic.

This application is designed for beginners and professionals who want to create artwork digitally.

2. ZBrush

ZBrush has a tremendous amount of functionality and is used by various artists. It is a full-featured Digital Sculpting application that allows you to create high-resolution models with textures and details.

Best 3D Painting Software

The software has many tools that aid in 3D sculpting, modeling, and painting. It enables the user to quickly bring an idea from the concept phase to the finished product. It also has a variety of rendering options that help create realistic images.

ZBrush enables you to create high-resolution images directly from your computer. With its advanced tools, you can sketch and sculpt 3D models from concept to completion. It is software that is used worldwide by creative professionals in all industries.

It is used for visual effects, motion pictures, game development, prototyping, and fine art. It’s straightforward to use yet very deep in features. The toolset is comprehensive, yet the interface has been kept simple, so anyone can use it.

Artists use ZBrush in film, video games, advertising, illustration industries, and many other fields.

Digital artists widely use the software because of its intuitive interface and an extensive set of powerful features for creating and manipulating models.

With the app, you can use brushes, paint surfaces and textures, use dynamic lighting and render, create realistic images and then convert them into a format for web or print. You can also change the shading and adjust the light settings of the scene.

The tool has dynamic lights for shadows that help you visualize your idea with an interactive feel. The software also has texture brushes to texture your models directly on the canvas. You can add effect filters like glows, dirt, smudges, colorization, blends, and strokes.

Zbrush 2022 Released - New Features!

3. Mudbox

Mudbox is an application with a wide range of features for every step of the 3D creation process. It supports 3D painting, sculpting, and retopology. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Built-in support for hundreds of texture maps allows you to paint with photo-real textures on your 3D model, which is one of its most stunning features. You can also access the standard texture maps like bump and normal maps, widely used in modern-day games and movies.

You get to have access to libraries of free high-resolution textures. You can also use procedural methods to create your maps.

9 Best 3D Painting Software For Making Quality 3D Models

You can use the software’s advanced material editor to create complex shaders and materials. It also supports Photoshop plugins, combining Mudbox with Adobe Photoshop or other photo-editing software.

The Mudbox user interface is designed to help you work without getting in your way. The controls are intuitive, the layout is straightforward, and the interface is easy to use with a mouse or a tablet.

When you begin your workflow, you’ll work with the tools panel on the side of the window. You can choose from a wide range of sculpting and painting tools.

These tools have been carefully designed to mimic real-world counterparts such as chisels, paintbrushes, and ink stamps. With these tools, it’s easy to start creating 3D texture maps for your game characters and environments.

4. ArmorPaint

Armorpaint is an entire PBR texturing program that lets you paint in 3D. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It is also a 3D painting software that allows you to paint multiple maps simultaneously.

You can get started with the software in no time by just dropping your model into the workspace. This can be any model of your choice, an airplane, a tank, or even a human being.

The application uses GPU acceleration to speed up and smooth your painting while creating high-resolution textures.

9 Best 3D Painting Software For Making Quality 3D Models

ArmorPaint is an iPad app that lets you create your custom brushes. This can be useful for all kinds of painting.

For example, if you’re a landscaper and want to offer your clients a unique look, you may make your brushes for them. As an architectural artist, you can create unique patterns to paint on buildings.

Furthermore, you can get immediate visual feedback while painting. Brush nodes are used to create patterns and brushes in this node-based software. By picking different nodes and moving them about the screen, you may change the geometry of the nodes.

This app is also helpful if you like to draw on your computer and want a different feel than using a mouse or trackpad.

The app has an option that allows you to use pressure sensitivity with an Apple Pencil, which will use different line thicknesses based on how hard or softly you press. This is useful because it adds an element of control that isn’t available when using a mouse or trackpad.

5. Mari

Mari is a 3D painting software designed to deliver power and performance. It comes with high-quality pixels, which paint in a realistic way to give artists the most natural senses when painting on models.

The software enables users to paint hassle-free 3D models with high-quality pixels and is compatible with Mac and Windows. It has an intelligent user interface where features are equipped for multiple tasks. It supports a 2D layer stack, hotkey support, animation tools, material library, and more for efficient workflow.

The software also includes powerful tools built for the needs of 3D painters, such as masking tools, innovative clone tools, graph editor, and much more. It allows users to paint in a rich environment with complete lighting control and dynamic reflections that enhance realism when painting on models.

The software’s interface is designed to give artists control over the entire process, regardless of the complexity of their assets.

Mari 5.0 | Overview

Its intuitive layout offers artists access to all of the tools at any given moment, so they can work quickly and still achieve high-end results when fine-tuning details such as reflection highlights or depth of field. The program features an extensive.

Mari is a fantastic program for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. It allows you to utilize visual scripting to create gorgeous scenarios in minutes and share them with other users worldwide.

6. 3D Coat

3D Coat is a specialized tool for a computer-aided design that works in various fields, including engineering, architecture, games, and 3D printing.

It is a 3D painting tool built around the concept of a painting workflow. This means the software allows you to focus on creative tasks without distractions.

3D Coat is an affordable and feature-packed application that professionals and beginners can use. It integrates all necessary tools in one place while also allowing you to add external programs.

It comes with sculpting functionality, which allows you to work on your models in multiple ways. You can use it as a standalone software if you are unfamiliar with other sculpting programs or want to learn some basics. It has a great set of in-built brushes, including voxel brushes.

Best 3D Painting Software 4

This software will allow you to create your models from scratch or edit existing ones. It provides an easy workflow for making artwork for computer games, movies, or any other project you have in mind. 

The 3D Coat is a digital clay you can sculpt your model in. It’s not like other texturing software, but it comes with all the tools you’ll need to transform your 3D concept from a block of digital clay to a completely textured, production-ready model.

Release Pilgway's 3DCoat 2022 - Improved Functionality and Performance

It has fast and user-friendly UV mapping and easy texturing. You can easily create the texture of your choice using a procedural or image-based texture creation toolset.

You can also use ready-made materials developed by our users and access the whole library of procedural materials.

7. Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer is a texture painting tool compatible with Windows and Mac, in which you can modify, blend, and paint textures from any source.

Despite the name, you don’t have to be a professional 3D artist to use it. It has a simple interface and helps create new materials for your 3D models.

Quixel Mixer is an efficient tool that makes texturing easy. Digital artists who utilize Zbrush or other sculpting tools love it, but the interface is primarily enough for newbies to pick up quickly.

You may import high-resolution textures into Quixel Mixer to change them and make them appear made of different materials if your system can support them. You may also use one of the included procedural tools to make your work easier.

Mixer 2021: Feature Snapshot

Quixel Mixer has been optimized for the latest versions of the Unreal Engine. It supports all the latest features of modern game engines.

Programs of this kind are called “image synthesis” tools, including real-time 3D rendering programs and 2D image-processing programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Quixel toolset has all the features of these programs, including multiple materials per model, various blending modes, deep displacement mapping, and large amounts of built-in texture maps, including new ones.

8. Blender

A blender is an open-source tool that offers all features you need for 3D modeling, rendering, simulation, video editing, and compositing.

It’s packed with tools for modeling, sculpting, texturing, animating, motion tracking, and much more. You can use it for making products not just for personal usage but also for commercial purposes.

Blender opens a whole world of possibilities and opportunities for you. It increases the speed of your work and saves your money. 

The software has a modern architecture that makes it faster than earlier versions. Its interface is simple to use so that even a newbie can only learn its basics in a few days.

It offers many tools available in a few other software tools in the industry that help you create great products without any hassle.

Best 3D Painting Software 5

Blender is available for Windows and Mac users. The user interface is pretty simple, and you can use it easily. Most features are arranged under drop-down menus and tabs, making it easy to understand.

One of the best attributes of this program is that it is entirely free to use; unlike other software, you will not need to pay a membership fee or any money to use the free tools. It includes various tools that allow you to build 3D models, textures, and renders, among other things.

Tutorials on YouTube, Google, and many other websites are the best thing about this software, and they help users learn how to use Blender without difficulty.

Blender 3D - Create a 3D Isometric BEDROOM in 15 minutes | Beginner Tutorial

9. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the industry norm for photo editing and graphic design, which is why it’s usually the first stop for anyone who needs to enhance or edit digital photos.

It is a professional digital photo editing, 3D rendering, and graphic design program. It also has an excellent animation tool and can be used as screen capture software.

Photoshop is one of those programs that will probably stay with you forever. It is designed for professional designers and graphic artists. It’s not intended for use by amateurs, and its price reflects that.

However, it’s not as hard to learn as some people expect. The default interface can initially be confusing, but most functions are self-explanatory. And the program has a great deal of help built into it.

This program includes so much extra help that “Adobe Help” is an entire application to organize it all. This can be alarming at first, but you’ll find it helpful as you get used to it.

It has the power to convert the raw images captured from the cameras into those that look good, even without any post-processing.

9 Best 3D Painting Software For Making Quality 3D Models

Using their tools and filters, you can edit pictures and add text to them or create entirely new images from scratch. With Adobe Photoshop, you can accomplish a lot of amazing things. The potential uses for this software are nearly limitless!

In addition, you can use different text styles, brushes, colors, tools, and more. Adobe keeps updating the software regularly and implements new features.

There are also several videos online for learning various aspects of Adobe Photoshop.

Many professionals use this application because it allows them to achieve their desired goals in no time. It’s possible to spend hours playing with Adobe photoshop without even realizing it!

Create a 3D Character Photoshop CC Tutorial
Note:- Photoshop’s 3D features will be removed in future updates.


What is the best 3d painting software?

It allows the user to add details and color to 3D objects made with 3D modeling software. They provide various functions and tools to customize models and add depth to 3D objects.

Some of the best software are Adobe substance 3D painter, Adobe substance 3D assets, Mudbox, ZBrush, 3Dcoat, Sculptris, Cheetah 3D, 3D Slash, etc. 

What is paint 3D?

Microsoft offers Paint 3D, free software with fundamental and sophisticated artistic skills. In addition to building 2D objects, you may create original 3D art using brushes, shapes, text, and effects.

Microsoft has come up with its new version. It is a stand-alone, trustworthy, and powerful software with various features and customizations.

The program has been created to assist both amateurs, and experienced artists express their imagination and creativity. 

Which software can be used by beginners? 

While the majority of 3D animation software programs have complicated toolkits for different concepts, some are highly user-friendly and can be used by beginners; some of them are- Maya, Adobe character animator, Blender, KeyShot, Houdini Apprentice, Cartoon Animator 4, Adobe After Effects, stop motion studio, synfig studio, and Toon boom harmony. 

What does a VFX artist do?

VFX artists produce digitally generated imagery that is photo-real. The function calls for seamlessly incorporating these effects into live action in motion pictures, television, and internet and console gaming.

VFX artists use recent technology to create computer-generated creatures, crowds, and stunt doubles. 

What is a rendering artist? 

Although the rendering artist’s medium is purely digital, they color, paint, sculpt, and shape like all other artists.

Video games, animated movies, simulators, architectural designs, special effects, and design visualization are the leading 3D applications for rendering technology. 

Are VFX artists or 3D animators in demand?

With more creative production houses and more funding going into high-caliber TV shows like Game of Thrones or The Mandalorian, demand for Visual Effects artists has been steadily increasing over the past few years and is only anticipated to increase.

Employment for special effects artists and animators is in demand, and the market is constantly growing. As technology is the future, these jobs are well-paid and provide stable opportunities. 

The Final Verdict

There are many options available in the market. But when it comes to painting software, people always look for something good and affordable. Nowadays, various online sources offer the best 3d painting software, which is in high demand. 

First and foremost, the software you choose should fit your budget. The more expensive the tools you use, the higher the expectations of your final product. 

If you are a newbie in 3D painting, I would advise you to start with some free 3D painting software and then upgrade them after getting familiar with the working of such tools.

The above-listed strengths are compelling enough to make 3D painting a severe contender for mainstream use in the future. Artists worldwide can’t even imagine life without these great technologies, which have changed how they create art. 

You’ll realize why it’s so popular and why others in the business don’t want to return after you start using it. I hope you find this helpful in searching for the best 3d texture painting software.