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4 Benefits of Selling on Marketplaces


The Internet has made it easier than ever to reach potential customers and tap into new growth areas, but online retailers must be flexible and open in responding to where people are searching to buy.

Online marketplaces provide the opportunity to carve out a position in a competitive e-commerce field and take advantage of robust selling features to convert potential customers into conversions. But this is just the beginning; read on to learn another four benefits of selling on marketplaces.

  1. Simple Checkout & Fulfillment Processes: Places like Amazon and eBay are established in the e-commerce world and attract a lot of shoppers. Amazon receives 197 million unique monthly visitors. Many customers prefer these marketplaces because of their streamlined and hassle-free checkout process.

Today’s consumers won’t accept a complicated check-out process or inflexible payment options. Online marketplaces offer simple checkout systems that work seamlessly with many different payment options.

For example, eBay offers a robust international shipping program where sellers can send the item to their domestic shipping center after a sale, and they’ll mail it overseas on your behalf. This helps you avoid headaches with international shipping.

The company says opting into the program “makes your items available to over 60 million buyers worldwide.”

  1. Seller Personalization: Although existing marketplaces usually have a lot of restrictions on the look and feel of an online shop, they do give sellers the balance of customization options and streamlined lead generation.

Intuitive messaging and review features give sellers and customers lots of ways to communicate. This provides an excellent opportunity to expand your brand by being responsive.

Many of these marketplaces also have a variety of tools to help you optimize listings, including specific places to plug in item keywords, photos, and titles. Even though you’re working through an already existing marketplace, descriptive product keywords and good photography can help you stand out from the competition and show off your items in a unique way.

  1. Easy Access to Niche Markets:It can sometimes be hard to track down potential customers and make a sale if you have a unique or one-of-a-kind product. A growing amount of smaller marketplaces cater to more niche items. These can be a great way to reach highly targeted buyers without taking on the burden of the marketing work.

For example, places like Zibbet and ArtFire specialize in handmade crafts and products, while sites like Newegg and Rakuten focus on those who sell electronics. While these places might not have the traffic of an Amazon or eBay, they certainly have a base of dedicated customers looking for specific products.

Selling on these type of online marketplaces can help you zero in on potential customers and market your products. Plus, these smaller vertical marketplaces are usually able to grow faster than places like eBay, which tries very hard to balance demand and supply.

  1. Easy Social Media Integration: Social shopping websites, which mix social media and e-commerce, are becoming very popular. Websites like Wanelo let users search for items using hashtags and can be integrated with places like Pinterest.

They are becoming popular because people use them to search for trendy products that can then be easily shared on social media platforms after purchase. These types of marketplaces help you expand your brand since they have an innate focus on social media.

Selling Through Online Marketplaces

Many entrepreneurs find a lot of success selling through online marketplaces because these websites have a good amount of monthly traffic from people who are specifically looking to buy.

The ever-growing roster of online marketplaces also means you’ll have a lot of options for your products. Don’t be afraid to research different platforms and focus on the ones you think will do the best. You never know when one marketplace will explode in popularity and become a major force in the e-commerce market.

Keep the above four benefits of selling on marketplaces in mind as you decide where to offer your items.


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