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4 Best Apps for Freelancers in 2022

The world of freelancing offers professionals unprecedented opportunities to create a life on their terms, and it has gained significant momentum in recent years. In fact, it is projected that by 2027 there will be 86.5 million freelancers in the US alone. Freelancers are projected to make up a massive 50.9 percent of the country’s workforce, and thus, more individuals in the US will be freelancing than those who aren’t in the next five years if these projections come to fruition.

4 Best Apps for Freelancers in 2022

However, while it is one thing to dream about ditching the conventional 9-5 so that you can build your freelance empire, it’s also essential to understand what is involved with the day-to -day nitty-gritty of making a business work. Freelancing undeniably has many perks (hello to a flexible schedule and planning your own hours), but there are also lots of new challenges to traverse. Freelancing is also about learning how to run your own business, manage your finances, curate professional contracts, draw up enticing proposals, and professionally communicate with clients.

Happily, some fantastic apps and programs can help freelancers to smash project goals and hone their business etiquette and offerings. Here we explore four apps that are bound to aid freelancers in 2022.

1. Mint: A Top-Notch Budgeting Tool

Mint is an excellent option for freelancers who want to easily plan their budget. The planning and budget tracking tool allows users to manage finances by tracking their expenses. It can be easily connected to credit cards, bank accounts, and even PayPal for added simplicity and accuracy. The credit card monitoring service is particularly convenient, and users can check their credit scores whenever needed.

If you’re investing cash into your freelance business, this app is a must! Besides tracking expenses, the app also alerts users when they are overspending, and users can create saving goals and track their investments with ease. As a bonus, the app shares some savvy financial tips, and the blog serves as an excellent source of education on all financial matters. Since the app links to financial accounts, a few imperative security methods ensure safe login,  including multifactor authentication and Touch ID.

Mint is also completely free, so it’s a great app for anyone starting in the freelancing world and wanting to learn the basics of budgeting

2. Indy: A Must-Have Freelance Management Platform

Indy is a must-have freelance management app that offers freelancers an all-in-one solution. The app allows you to generate invoices, track your time, tick off projects, communicate with clients, manage an online calendar, and so much more. Indy even has career-specific contracts, making it a total hit for freelancers across numerous fields (from content creation and graphic design to software development and photography). 

This takes the hassle out of new projects and allows you to plan jobs with ease. Once you have sent the proposal (and hopefully got the job), the platform allows you to create a project space, send contracts, create your to-do list, send your invoices, and of course, earn money.

The website (accessible via desktop) also offers a great blog section that freelancers can tap into. Topics cover a range of pertinent subjects, including top tips on how to send award-winning proposals, fire difficult clients, and communicate with other freelancers during collaborative projects

3. Canva: A Fantastic Design Tool

Canva is a fantastic app for freelancers, no matter the industry. The free design tool allows freelancers to design graphics, logos, and images for social media sites, websites, business cards, and more. The platform is super easy to use, no matter your design skill level and has been commended for its useability and dynamic offerings. If you don’t have the cash to hire a graphic designer, you can easily create professional graphics using Canva.

Humans are visual creatures, and very often, your logo and associated imagery will entice prospective clients and get you noticed. Canva is a brilliant tool no matter your industry, and since it is free to use, it is definitely worth a try. If you find yourself loving it, you can also upgrade and access even more tools and templates for a fee.

4. Postbox: The Business-Savvy Email Manager

If you find yourself spending hours and hours on emails, Postbox might be worth a try. Known as the “power email app for busy professionals,” Postbox is an email management tool that organizes your emails and allows you to easily access correspondences with the simple click of a button.

The app will enable you to group your emails according to project or team, and the uncluttered interface is well suited to anyone swimming in a sea of endless emails and messages. For freelancers, many of whom have to juggle multiple projects – this will speed up the admin side of things and keep you on top of every project.

The app can save you a great deal of time and thus get a lot more done. The app is known for its feature-rich qualities and is easily scalable to other apps, including Slack, Evernote, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more. Potential clients can enjoy a free trial (without sharing credit card details), and a lifetime license can be purchased thereafter.

The Takeaway

Whether you need to manage your money with financial finesse or create captivating graphics to impress your clients, the Internet is your oyster. The Internet is filled with fantastic apps that can support freelancers and make the business side of things an easy feat. These four apps are bound to streamline the admin associated with freelancing, allowing you more time to do what you love and boost your business.


What are some of your top freelancer apps? Share with us below. We would love to hear your top tools.