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4 Content Writing Strategies to Get Right Value Faster


Every writer wants to write supremely insightful and useful content. The internet, however, is crowded with lots of bad writing. Bad writing is full of grammatical nonsense and complicated words and idea.

Spend a few minutes online, and you’ll see lousy writing everywhere, and sometimes, it takes repeated reading to truly understand what products or services a particular company is marketing.

Capturing readers’ interest in this digital universe can be significantly challenging. According to the study carried out by Chartbeat, 55 percent of visitors spend about 15 seconds or less on a webpage. Good website writing is the key to captivating your visitors.

Here are some writing principles that should deliver your messages in the quickest and most explicit ways and gets the attention it deserves.

1.  Know Your Audience

Many writers put a finger to the keyboard before thinking about who they are trying to reach. You are not writing content just for yourself, you are creating it for others, so it is essential that you understand who you are writing for.

Knowing your audience is not just about writing best practice, this is marketing and business must as well. Before writing content, ask yourself these critical questions: who are my primary audience? Can my secondary audience influence and inform my main audience about my content?

For instance, let’s say you are creating content for a law firm. The existing clients are your primary audience while your secondary audience is much more comprehensive and could include other law reporters, attorneys, or anyone who may require your service in the future.

You need to ensure your content is both exciting and accessible to all these people. Understanding your audience will help you concentrate on your content, and over time, the writing process will be better for those you are creating it for.

2.  Keep It Simple and Clear

Good content is concise and sticks to a particular topic. Materials that follow one train of thought also take less time to write. Overthinking complicate things can even waste your valuable hours. For instance, imagine a small local store looking to raise their digital presence.

The company heard of SEO, and after searching for Free SEO prices, they arrive at a company’s site, and the content instantly gets into the SEO specifics such as site hierarchy or canonicals. Well, that company can say goodbye to this prospective client.

Having deeper pages is imperative, however, when a prospect is first introduced, clarity and simplicity is a must. Especially in B2B, most prospective clients looking for a service do so because that don’t have the focus or time to create whatever service you are offering. Simple and clear writing convey a message result in quicker sales.

3.   Time Your Writing

We all know that Writer’s block is real and we have all been in this situation. In the time when it is difficult, the preferable way to refocus is to take a step away for a while and when you get back, allocate a small increment of time and focus.

This process takes a writer away from the conscious thoughts of what they are writing and allows their subconscious to connect the dots. Some writers also use techniques like Pomodoro to fix this, while others do it their way.

You can also sleep on it. Revisit the content you are working on before sleeping, and when you are asleep, your subconscious mind will help you put the pieces together. To be successful with this, immediately you wake up, get up to your writing. Don’t start another project, read another book or check your email. Just get right to it, and you will be surprised when the thought starts flowing.

4.    Write Ahead

One of the most significant threats to delivering quality content is time pressure. In the instance you write content the same day you want to post it, you sacrifice one of the most excellent tools for improving your content: the ability to reread the article before clicking “send.” Importantly, if you are writing and posting immediately, you are uploading a first draft which is also known as a rough draft.

Most times, this post is not your best work. As an alternative to writing uncontrollably and having it posted right away, you should extend your deadlines by at least 48hrs. With this, you now have the time to go through your first draft. The fresh perspective helps you notice the areas that need editing and address them accordingly.

In Conclusion

In general, writing is hard work. However, no matter how boring a topic is, an excellent writer can make the content not only readable but enjoyable. Simplicity and clarity are some of the most important keys to writing fantastic content as they help your readers arrive at the point more precise and quicker. If your content has to do with marketing your service or product, delivery of clearer points leads to more immediate sales.


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