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4 Easy Ways to Convert Docx to Doc


4 Easy Ways to Convert Docx to Doc

If you ever try to open a Docx file in any older version of DOC then there are high chances that you will face a lot of problems because most of the content on the Docx file won’t be visible in the Doc mode. The problem basically is that Docx was introduced in the year 2007 and the older versions of Word are not able to open up all the content. However, thanks to the technology that now nothing is impossible and you can easily convert a Docx file into a Doc file.

Here are a few ways through which you can easily convert your Docx to Doc;

1-Download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Are you using the older version of Microsoft office? Well, if yes then it’s great because you can easily use the free update from Microsoft and enable Word to open the docx file that is created in the newer version of the Word. Download it from  Microsoft and also make sure that you have all the latest updates of Windows and Office installed. Install all the updates and then double click on the the docx file that you need to open in Word. After that save the file as a doc file and your job is done here.

2-Convert A Docx File On Mac

Go to your Applications folder and open the utility subfolder over there. Now head straight to the terminal utility and then type textutil -convert doc in the command line. Once done, you then have to drag and place the docx file that needs to be converted into the terminal window. The file path will then be added just as per the command you entered. Now you just have to press on the “return” button to get the file converted.

Note: This may take some time but your docx file will be converted into doc after a little while.

3-Use An Online Conversion Tool

The best and the most useful way to convert your file is to find a good and free online conversion tool and then use it to get your desired doc file. There are several online file conversion software and tools that can help you with your task. Again, you just have to make some research and find the best online tool. There all you would have to do is to drag or upload your docx file on the online tool and then press on the “convert to doc” button and within a few minutes, your file will be ready.

4- Use Word 2007

You just have to open up your docx file in Word 2007 or any later version and your job will be done there. Also, this option will only work for you if you have a later version of Word but the person to whom you have to send the file, he doesn’t have that later version.  

These are a few ways that can help you convert your docx file into a doc on Word. You should go for the third option and that is to find an online convert tool. This way you won’t have to get into any hassle and your file will be in front of you within a few seconds.


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