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4 Steps to Pay per call marketing to generate quality leads


Pay per call networks are performance marketing companies similar to affiliate networks that provide pay per call campaigns and offers to both the advertisers and publishers. This is something different and effective from the available traditional marketing.

Here in Pay per call marketing, advertisers will only have to pay for the call received and again the amount you need to pay depends on the duration of the call. Also, the payout is comparatively higher than the normal advertising medium like pay per click or pay per impression. That is the reason, pay per call is considered as the most suitable and profitable advertising medium for both advertisers and publishers. This is where pay per call networks come in.

Phone calls those make money

Pay per call is kind of performance marketing where marketers and affiliates like us generate the quality leads on behalf of advertisers which actually convert. And then using the call tracking mechanism, calls are being tracked to identify the source and then the calls are being paid.

Usually, the goal of such kind of advertising is, to drive the quality calls to the advertisers’ number where their agent or support will handle and convert the inbound calls.

These leas are quite convertible as the customer has already taken the effort to call the customer care number and so, there is a high chance of conversion.

Better engagement and retargeting

The engagement in the pay per call advertising is quite more than just a form filling or sending some details. Usually, if someone is filling a web form to get some details or asking for the quotation that doesn’t mean they are more likely to buy the product or take the service.

Instead, a live call will help more. There as the potential customer has already taken the effort to call you and so converting those customers will be an easy option for you for any product or services. Instead, if someone is filling the form and then you are following up a bit late then the chance of conversion is very less as either they will find some other service or their interest level will be less.

Long-Term Offers

Yes, this is another benefits of running pay per call offers where the advertisers are usually genuine and look for the long-term corporation. Another benefit is unlike another advertising method, pay per call is quite new and most important market is unsaturated as for now. And so being an early entrant, you can get the early benefits.

Top niches for pay per calls

Here are some of the leading verticals for the pay per call medium and so if you are running websites in these niches, you must try this pay per call medium.

  • Auto – Tow truck, Locksmith, Windshield repair
  • Home services – Emergency plumber, Handyman, Carpet cleaning, etc
  • Health – Dentists, Personal trainer, CrossFit
  • Legal – Lawyer, Bail bonds

Apart from these verticals, below are also in trend and growing very rapidly-

  • Financial – Debt, Tax services, Mortgage/Personal loans,
  • Love – Dating, hotline
  • Insurance – Auto, Life, Health, Home
  • Entertainment – Comedy, humor, other entertainments
  • Travel – Hotel, Car rental, Destination entertainment (Surfing lessons, Zip lines, etc)

How to Connect with the Top Pay Per Call Companies

The easiest, fastest and best way to connect with pay per call networks is through PayPerCallNetworks.com. If you are a marketer, affiliate, or an advertiser, this service facilitates quick connections to the account managers for the leading pay per call networks.


These were all about pay per call marketing and how to generate quality leads. We have also talked about the leading verticals in the pay per call marketing and which you should target as for now.

If you have ever tried pay per call marketing, would love to hear your experiences here!


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