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4 Tech Solutions for Mac’s Startup Problems


Working day in day out with your Mac can be a recipe for some startup issues. If you have used yours for years and you have not yet encountered any problem so far, then you are mostly among the lucky ones. Failure to finish booting is a common problem that may call for an immediate tech solution service. Failure to finish booting can be a disaster, especially when faced by a deadline. Here are four ways to troubleshoot Mac startup problems.

  1. By use of Mac’s Safe Mode Option

The safe mode option has been available since Jaguar (OS X 10.2.x). It is a crucial troubleshooting step to Mac’s startup problems. You can use the safe mode option to deal with issues ranging from startup issues to apps not starting. You can also use it to troubleshoot when apps cause your Mac to freeze, crash, or shutdown.

Also called safe Boot, it minimizes the number of system extensions, preferences, and fonts that your Mac needs to start. As it reduces the startup process, it helps to isolate issues related to Mac’s startup. Safe Boot is of great help when dealing with issues of corrupt apps or data. It is also invaluable in dealing with software installation issues as well as damaged fonts.

  1. By resetting Your Mac’s Parameter RAM

A Mac’s parameter RAM is a very critical component. It helps to keep track of the speaker volume, the computer name, the keyboard language, among other functions. As your Mac starts up, it checks the parameter RAM. The checkup determines the volume to boot from and sets other parameters.

In case the data stored in the parameter RAM is bad, it leads to issues such as the wrong date, time, or time zone and affects the speaker volume. It may also cause display problems. You can quickly fix many issues in your Mac by merely resetting the PRAMO to its default state. The date, the time, and the startup volume data will be lost, but you can easily correct this.

  1. By resetting your Mac’s System Management Controller

Your Mac’s System Management Controller (SMC) manages several core functions. It is integrated into Mac’s motherboard. Its core function is to ensure that your Mac’s processor does not take care of elementary hardware functions. Because it performs many functions, resetting the SMC to default can fix many problems like erratic sleep mode performance, entering sleep unexpectedly, among others.

  1. Troubleshooting a Mac stuck at the Blue or Black Screen

The blue or black or black screen is usually the second screen in your Mac’s booting process. It often precedes the display of the desktop. If your Mac gets stuck at the blue screen, it is a sign that your startup drive may have some problems. It could also be a sign of malfunctioning of a peripheral connected to your Mac via a USB or Thunderbolt port. A startup drive problem could mean there is a need for a tech solution service.

You can fix this issue by doing the following:

  • Power your Mac off, disconnect the USB and Thunderbolt cables and then restart your Mac. If this does not work;
  • Use apple’s disk utility or a third party like Drive Genius to repair drive damage.

If your Mac is giving you a headache by any of the above startup problems, why not try troubleshooting it now!


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