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5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins


5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Undoubtedly WordPress is the best blogging platform ever built and also now it is used by more than 50 Million peoples around the world. Today not only bloggers but also many online business owners, Internet marketing firms, online magazines are using WordPress to run and expand their business around the world.

Gone are the days when you have to hire a web developer for creating your own website and after all an SEO expert for optimizing your website. Today you can create your own website by using WordPress very easily and after all, you can easily optimize your website by using WordPress SEO plugins.

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If you want proper SEO of your WordPress website then you have to install WordPress SEO plugins because unfortunately default WordPress installation does not come with appropriate SEO tools that you can use for optimizing your website nowadays.

So you have to search for the best SEO plugins with the help of which you can do this job this job easily.

Without installing WordPress plugins you are not able to make your website SEO optimized properly. So in this way, it is very difficult for you to rank a website higher.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

So here in this article, I am going to share with you 5 best WordPress SEO plugins that you can use for optimizing your website properly. Some of these plugins are free but some are paid. It’s really worth to spend your money on premium SEO plugins because it will help you a lot in ranking your website.

Yoast SEO

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This is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins which is now downloaded by more than 1 million peoples. There are lots of benefits for using is plugins from content creation to website Optimization. With the help of this plugin, you can write Meta Meta description, Meta titles, keywords and much more very easily.

You can easily select your focus keywords with the help of Yoast SEO when you are creating content. This plugin will enable you to write customize pages titles, customized titles for posts, categories and main site.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

You can easily use free and paid version of this plugin but there are limited futures in its free version. This plugin is the best choice for you if you want to create SEO friendly content for your website as well as you want to optimize your website for search engines.

There are lots of test futures of paid version of this plugin such as Tag analytics tools, XML sitemaps functionality and Technical WordPress SEO. With the help of page analysis tool, you can know about the performance of your website.

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All in one SEO pack

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After Yoast SEO all in one SEO is the 2nd most popular SEO plugin that you can use for optimizing your WordPress website. If we talk about the active installation of this plugin then it is actually installed by more than Yoast SEO.

This plugin is released in 2007 and now it is providing webmasters and bloggers easy solution to the most challenging SEO related problems. One of the biggest benefits of this plugin is that you can use this plugin even you do not have any experience. This plugin will guide you each and everything from content creation to website Optimization.

Using this plugin you can optimize your titles for all search engines as well as you can automatically generate Meta tags. Duplicate content is also one of the main cause of websites penalized by Google and this plugin will help you to avoid duplicate content.

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Google XML sitemaps

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If you want a better ranking of your website then you have to tell Google about your website or you have to index your website in Google Webmaster Tools. You have to do something if you want your content indexed in Google.

You can use Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin for creating a sitemap for your WordPress website. By using this plugin you are able to create a complete sitemap of your WordPress website within few clicks.

So after creating a sitemap of your WordPress website you need to submit this sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. So in this way, it is very easy for Google to index your website and when you post a new article on your website it will be automatically indexed in Google.

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SEO friendly images Pro

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This is one of the best plugins if you want properly Optimize your website images properly. So in this way you do not have to set alternative tag for optimizing your images. This WordPress SEO plugin is designed in such a way that you can automatically add titles and alternative text to every picture on your website.

It is very easy for you to add titles to your images even you have 1000 or 10000 images on your website. This awesome WordPress plugin will make every image of your WordPress website SEO friendly.

Lazy Load is one of the best features of this plugin and using this you can make your website 60% to 80% faster. This is the third party add-on that you have to install on your WordPress website.

Now you may be thinking that how it is possible.  We all know that about 50 to 60 percent of total web page weight is contributed by images. So lazy load will only load images when images come inside the visible viewport.

For example, if you visit a website and the website is using lazy load. So when you haven’t scroll down the image which exists below in the article won’t be loaded.  So in this way, this makes your website faster than ever.

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Ultimate video SEO plugin

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If you have a video blog and you want to improve its ranking and organic traffic then it is must have a plugin for you. This plugin is able to automatically generate video markup and it also shows a video thumbnail on search engine result pages.

Also, it is very easy for you to use this plugin because you do not have to perform any comprehensive settings. Just when you have this plugin installed on your WordPress website and start creating new posts then you will see a new field below your post editor and this field will allow you to add video its thumbnail and its details.

Hope my article “5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins” helps you to choose best SEO plugin for your website. However, on technical-ustad, we love to use Yoast SEO plugin.


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