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5 Ideas For Creating A Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation

Any business meeting can not do without a clear presentation of information to achieve the desired result. A beautiful and competent presentation of information is an integral part of getting a high rating for further cooperation with business partners. Many people at least once in their lives have met on their way a designed presentation that you do not want to look at and assimilate information.

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Below are 5 cool ideas for creating a cool PowerPoint presentation that will help catch the attention of any listener.

1. Don’t use standard PowerPoint templates

Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? Many people are used to using standard PowerPoint templates. This is a big mistake. I want to disappoint you because PowerPoint doesn’t contain any design templates. They are so boring that most people perceive this method of presenting information as a “low-quality product”.

I can offer you a few solutions

First of all, you can not use templates at all and make your presentation in one color scheme. You need to make headings at the same level and in the same text solution on all slides, except for the first and last slides. This action will help you bring the presentation image to its style.

Secondly, you can create your templates if you plan to use and edit this presentation in the future. This is very easy to do. You need to go to the “View” tab and then find the “slide Sample”. This is a small life project that has made it easier for many business people to create a presentation. Not everyone knows this information.

This section allows you to create your templates for PowerPoint presentations.

I don’t like to store unnecessary objects on my computer, so I usually delete all the standard template slides in the left tab and create my own from scratch.

Next, you need to exit this mode and already apply the template slides in practice. You need to click the right mouse button, and then “slide layouts”.

If you have completed all the necessary steps, you now have your templates for creating an original presentation.

2. Don’t use too many colors for your presentation

Usually, 3-5 colors are used for presentation design to create your style. If you use several colors, the presentation will look boring, and if you take more than five, the listener will not be able to assimilate the necessary information that will be mixed on the slides. The best way out of this situation is to use three basic colors, and the other two are usually shades of the main colors. This is the Golden rule that everyone who uses PowerPoint should follow.

3. Use free mockups and slide design tools

Unfortunately, I often see slides that use poor-quality layouts of a particular product. Now it looks very ugly and gives the impression that the presentation was made in a hurry. And some people don’t use layouts or images at all but fill their presentation only with titles and text. It’s boring. I think you’ve already realized that visualization is important in a presentation, not just solid text.

The main purpose of layouts is to replace unnecessary text and speed up the understanding of what is being discussed.

To improve this situation, you can use free mockups. It’s very easy. You just need to select and download the desired layout and then paste it on your slide. This way the presentation will become more colorful and will be better perceived by the audience.

4. How do I combine fonts correctly when creating a presentation?

If you’ve never thought about font combinations before, I suggest you think about it. The combination of fonts among themselves is also very important when the audience perceives the presentation as a high-quality picture or good layouts.

When creating a presentation, you must use only one font group. You can use one font group but change their type. This is a small life hack for people who love variety.

I can give you a simple example. You can make the title Arial Black, and use Arial for plain text. You can also use third-party fonts such as Raleway Bold. This font is good for the title, and the main text Raleway Regular because these fonts are well combined.

5. Don’t use polygons

Now we can talk a little more about the slide design itself. Many people have noticed that when creating a shape in PowerPoint, it can turn out green and with a blue outline.

You must immediately remove these contours. Many people forget about this step and leave everything as it is, but this is very important because this action will only emphasize that you are not in the trend and show the person’s disinterest in the creative presentation.

You can ask the question: can I use polygons in my presentation now?

My answer: you can use contours if it is a thick frame. And if we talk in General, Yes, contours have gone out of fashion as once white wigs.

I wish you to create only high-quality presentations for your projects, and these simple 5 tips will help you make your idea a reality!