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5 Office 365 Apps to Improve Your Workflow

Microsoft’s Office 365 is hailed by many as the best cloud office suite available. Of course, this is up for debate and ultimately boils down to personal preferences. However, the availability to simply download and install great apps means that Office 365 is completely customizable. With a wide selection of add-ons by Microsoft and third parties, Office 365 will meet the vast majority of needs and fulfill just as many wants. The following are five such apps that will surely improve workflow.

5 Office 365 Apps to Improve Your Workflow


The needs of businesses will often transcend borders and languages. This will require the need for translations to be done. Microsoft’s Translator is a great tool for this, being capable of translating 50 languages without the need to copy and paste the text into a different app. To carry out this task Translator leverages Microsoft’s robust Translator online service for its translations and will provide several translations if multiple interpretations are found. Further, translations can be edited by the user to further make sure the correct information is conveyed.


Sticking with useful language add-ons within the range of office 365 apps, Grammarly can be a valuable tool in making sure all your emails and documents are error-free and read professionally. Grammarly operates in both Word and Outlook and makes proofreading an easier task than it was before. Not only does Grammarly correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax it also provides feedback on making the text easier to read. The paid version, roughly 12 USD when paid annually includes a plagiarism checker and more advanced writing suggestions to make sure your written words come across as professional and error-free.


There are even apps that come packaged with Office 365 that can improve workflow. One such app is Teams which can be seen as an instant messenger, file-sharing platform, and in general a collaboration tool. Team members can share documents and spreadsheets, then work together on edits and leave notes for other team members. 2021 will see a host of upgrades being implemented to Office 365 which will see Teams’ functionality extended, including purpose-built hardware additions.

Priority Matrix

Being able to prioritize tasks on paper sounds simple but when emails come flooding in, certain tasks may be put aside only to cause stress later. Priority Matrix hopes to correct this reality and keep users focussed on important tasks. It does this by presenting users with a quadrant to set tasks in terms of varying importance. Further adding to the app’s usefulness, tasks can be added and flagged via Outlook which will then update the quadrant. When juggling several tasks Priority Matrix can help users to view cloud office suites as a work enabler.


Specifically designed for assisting in the creation of legal documents, Woodpecker is capable of standardizing documents. These can then be reused to prevent mistakes when drafting important legal documents. It also saves a lot of time in the process. Once drafted, documents can be easily shared and collaborated on. Woodpecker’s website includes helpful tips when drafting legal documents and step-by-step instructions to get the most out of the app.


With cloud office suites being the next evolution in software designed to keep the wheels of the business turning, Office 365 certainly keeps the wheels in motion. By allowing third-party developers to develop apps for the platform Microsoft has effectively allowed their product to be tailored to any need or want.