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5 Proofs Utopia P2P Ecosystem Secures You Online


In 2019 information is becoming more expensive than fuel. Businesses earn billions from the air when they track online behaviors. Data brokers are companies that collect, analyze the data on Internet users to resell it after.

The media you upload on social accounts, the content of messages and attachments, regular actions you perform via browsers are amassed and contribute to databases. Some information supplies machine learning, yet usually, the data leakage leads ends with physical attacks, robbery, and online manipulations.

How to avoid the hyper-connectivity and espionage? Encrypted platforms like Utopia P2P ecosystem ensure your life on the web remains confidential. Explore five reasons to trust Utopia and the chance to grow your crypto assets. Let’s get it started!

5 features making Utopia P2P ecosystem secure

Utopia is a P2P environment suggesting an encrypted set of tools for any purpose. The arsenal lists a messenger, in-house mailing service and browser, financial instruments, and mining bot. Why do more and more users grow the network daily?

1.Enhanced encryption. Utopia uses the most sophisticated encryption ever possible. Robust elliptic curve and 256-bit AES ensure your actions and files stored within the ecosystem. The data can’t be decrypted without a Private key.

2.The network doesn’t have a central data warehouse so that fraudsters and the government can’t initiate the data leakage — the data transfers from a sender to a recipient.

3. Your personality is unknown since you don’t indicate your name, don’t connect the profile via a phone number or email. Users recognize each other via a set of symbols used instead of nicknames.

4. Multi-tasking toolkit. Utopia secures all the domestic actions from communication to crypto transactions. Thus, you don’t need to leave the platform or use different services for all the tasks. Enable the Hybrid mode to maintain conversations, emails, crypto balance on a single dashboard.

5. Online mining. To replenish crypto assents, you don’t have to invest in costly equipment. Use the opt-in Mining bot and get paid in Cryptons (domestic token) for every minute you use Utopia.

Utopia toolkit description

uMessenger. The internal chatting space allows sharing encrypted text messages, attachments. Utopia, unlike other encrypted messengers, encrypts group chats by default. This feature makes the messenger fitting businesses, blogging, and activist’s movements. Chats are engaging and heartfelt thanks to games and stickers.

uMail. The opt-in mailing service is P2P encrypted, so it never tracks the metadata and the content of letters. Templates feature makes the mailing swift since users create drafts for often-used emails – perfect for corporate correspondence.

Idyll browser. The in-house browser organizes the pages hosted and created via Utopia only. Idyll is 100% secure; it doesn’t have ads, tracking mechanisms, and never collects the search requests. You can contribute with your encrypted website effortlessly.

uWallet. Utopia suggests various financial features for all tasks – cards issuing, transactions with other users, and payments. Use merchant interface to trade in crypto across Utopia.

To sum up, the toolkit of encrypted services is a proven way to protect your web actions and data. Install Utopia for any computer!


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