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5 Reasons to use software to Transcribe audio to text 


Many bloggers and webmasters like to share content through their podcasts. Unless and until you’re not transcribing it to proper text, you will not be able to exploit the full potential of that knowledge. That is why you need to convert audio files to text to make it easier for your audience to consume the content.  Instead of underestimating the power of transcription, it is better to understand why you need it. Today, we will share with you five reasons why it is essential to use software to transcribe audio to text.

  1. Reaching a wider audience:

It is easy to record audio, but many people do not enjoy podcasts or audio files. Depending on your pronunciation and accent, it might be difficult for your listeners to understand every word of your podcast. A much better way is to use software to transcribe audio to text Audext.com. It will ensure that along with the podcast; you also provide your audience with a proper text version. It will help your audience understand the podcast better.  According to some estimates, over 35 million people in the US alone rely on transcripts to thoroughly understand the podcasts and the audio content which they listen. That is why you cannot ignore this audience. If you want to reach a still wider audience, you have no other option but to use audio to text converter online like Audext.

  1. Creating discoverable content:

Search engines can not index the podcast. The content of the podcast is not discoverable by search engines. Due to this fact, it is tough to spread the word out about your podcasts. Most of the people use the search engines to find the content. It will alienate you from this audience. The fact that most of the adults and teenagers use search engines daily, it can cost you dearly.

Software like Audext allows you to modify the transcribed text right away. You can then:

  • Make the content more presentable
  • Add keywords to it
  • Add longtail phrases to it
  • Add tables, bullet points, and formatting

You can not only make that text discoverable but would make it presentable as well. When the content is presentable, the visitors will spend more time on your website and are likely to revisit. The more time they stay on your site, the lesser will be the bounce rate which will still help you in the search engine rankings.

Moreover, when you convert it into text using transcription software, you can get benefits of both the worlds. The audience who love audio files can listen to the podcasts. Similarly, the transcription will allow you to rank in the search engines for relevant keywords. It means that you get traffic and more visitors to your website.

  1. Repurposing the content:

An audio file can help you generate a significant amount of content. If you keep it as a podcast, you will not be able to exploit the full power of the content. When you convert it into the text form, you can create tweet-able quotes out of it. You can also use this text in infographics. Similarly, you can expand more and create a comprehensible guide out of it. It will help you get visitors and spread the word out about your website.

Some of the ways using which you can exploit the content in the audio file in more ways than one include:

  • Content updates
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Series of blog posts
  • Creating an e-book

It does not matter whether you’re an amateur blogger or a professional one, creating such additional content will help you get more visitors and also build a proper following which will help your business immensely.

  1. Getting more social shares:

Podcasts can get you more social shares. That is because the listener has to go through the entire podcast to find if the content is worth it or not. On the other hand, text content is easy to go through. You can check the subtitles to find out if the content is up to the mark or not. It means that the text content can get you a lot of social shares right away. A podcast does not get that many shares.

The reason why you need to transcribe the audio file into text is that:

  • Text-based blog posts get syndicated properly into the content snippets on social media networks.
  • Text-based blog posts can, therefore, get you more social shares.
  • Text-based blog posts allow you to create viral content.

Instead of ignoring the social networks, it is advisable to convert the audio file to text using Audext. It will help you take advantage of social media networks to get more traffic for your website.

  1. Giving options to your audience:

In this competitive age, whether you create a corporate website or an e-commerce website or a blog, you should provide plenty of alternatives to your audience. Instead of deciding for yourself; you must provide options to your audience. You can embed the podcast and also create a blog post below it.

You can let the audience decide which form of content they prefer.  Most of your competitors might be offering them content only in a single form. That is why, when you offer them a choice; you will automatically gain an advantage over your competition. You can surely make your audience happier by providing them with the alternative. Surprisingly, you don’t need to take a lot of effort for the same. You can input your audio file into a converter like Audext, and it will transcribe for you. The process gets completed in just a few minutes, and you can easily use that text on your website.

So, if up until now you have not been exploiting the power of audio to text transcription, now is the time to do so. With accurate and precise software like Audext being available, you have no reason to avoid this crucial step. There are plenty of advantages of using transcription software rather than just offering content in a single form. It will surely help you stand out among the competition and gain the attention from your audience.


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