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5 Tips for Building a Brand on Twitter


If you manage a business, you know that the best way to progress is by finding out as much as you can about your customers. Social media platforms like Twitter enable you to engage directly with your potential clients and tweak your marketing strategy according to their response.

You can grow a business from scratch using the staggering support on social media. If you are just starting out, these 5 tips for building a brand on Twitter will come in handy:

1. Concentrate on your industry

Twitter is a remarkable source of daily updates, breaking news, and sometimes vital information. The temptation to tweet about everything that is going on around you is almost irresistible. Many companies fail to build a serious brand on their platform because they cannot focus on their niche.

Your best choice for a growth strategy is to concentrate only on the things that happen in your industry. For example, if you are trying to build a music production brand, you will want to stick to commenting on news from the music industry. Refrain from tweeting about sports, politics, fishing or anything else that has nothing to do with what your company represents.

2. Show consistency

A great way of building a brand on Twitter is showing consistency in your tweets. People do not appreciate it if you change your views, values, and principles from one day to another. Keep your tweets coherent and true to your company’s mission.

Another way to build follower loyalty through consistency is by employing a tweeting schedule. By scheduling ahead and releasing tweets every day at the same time you show that you are a reliable business. As a side benefit, you get more free time that you can use to manage other aspects of your company.

3. Create a recognizable identity

From your logo to your slogan to the tone that you use in your tweets everything counts in the mind of your followers. The more recognizable your business becomes the quicker it will develop into a leading authority in your niche.

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4. Be quick and creative

Over 75% of B2B businesses use Twitter to send their message across and advertise their products and services. It means that you are facing stiff competition in the form of millions of companies and brands. You will need to be very creative with your tweets as well as with their timing to reach potential customers in due time.

Make sure that you do not follow people or accounts that are not relevant to your niche. This way, you will be able to see essential tweets quicker and respond to them accordingly.

5. Engage with your followers

Last, but not least, user engagement is essential for building a brand on Twitter. Regardless of your field of work, people will contact you through tweets and they will comment on your messages. It is essential that you respond to them as soon as possible.

There are over 326 million people using Twitter on a monthly basis. You will not attract all of them to your business, but as long as you remain consistent and engaging, you will be able to build a large following that will, in turn, help you grow your brand.



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