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5 Toughest programming languages that exist

In this world of programming languages, you’ll meet easy and tough hurdles. While, languages like Java, C++, C# stand nearly understandable, other languages like “Cow”, Intercal, etc may beat professional level too.

These languages are programming languages that take difficulty to the God level. These languages are known as esoteric programming languages.

The reasons behind creating them are generally to test the boundaries of programming language or as a joke.

As these languages will never be mainstream, so there isn’t a cordial need to learn them.

The toughest programming languages known are


As the name suggests, Brainf**k is one of those languages that will make you pull hair off your head. It was developed by Urban Müller in 1993, in an attempt to make a language for which he could write the smallest possible compiler for the Amiga OS, version 2.0.

Brainf**k operates on Tape (Array of memory cells) and consists of only 8 commands. And those are –


This is Hello world code in brainf**k- 5 Toughest programming languages that exist


It is so tough that after its arrival, it took to years to write its first program. The author of MALBOLGE language has never written a single program using it. It is public domain esoteric programming language by Ben Olmsted in 1998.5 Toughest programming languages that exist

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Mooing of the cow got so famous that it developed into a programming language. Cow language is released sometime in 2013 . It was designed according to the limited vocabulary cow possess likewise the developers inherited the words known. As a matter of fact, the word “Moo” is used as the code with a little alteration, just like MoO, moO, Moo, MOO, etc. It is a case-sensitive language and any word other than Moo is ignored.

5 Toughest programming languages that exist


It is a compiler language with no pronounceable acronym. INTERCAL has many other features designed to make it even more widely unpleasing to the programmer: it uses statements such as “READ OUT”, “IGNORE”, “FORGET”, and modifiers such as “PLEASE”.

And it behaves irritatingly on the syntax error like –  if “PLEASE” does not appear often enough, the program is considered insufficiently polite, and the error message says this; if too often, the program could be rejected as excessively polite.

Don Woods and James M. Lyon are the creators of this language. It mocks the aspect or various programming languages.

Hello World in INTERCAL Intercal


As it was released on 1st April 2003, hence, most of the people thought its a April Fools joke, but it was certainly not. As the name suggests, Whitespace language only comprises of whitespaces and tabs(Also not visible).

Its compiler ignores any character as well as word used, in case. An interesting consequence of this property is that a Whitespace program can easily be contained within the whitespace characters of a program written in another language.

5 Toughest programming languages that exist

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