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6 Powerful Tips to Increase YouTube Watch Time


You will only make money from your YouTube channel if you accumulate 4000 watched hours from the previous year and have at least 1,000 subscribers.  These two requirements mean that you need to do more YouTube social media marketing, to increase the time viewers spend watching your videos for a chance to make money.

Watch time refers to the aggregate duration spent by viewers in watching your videos. In other words, the longer people watch your videos the better your watch time grading and vice versa. The more watch time you accumulate, the higher the chances of your channel being promoted and recommended.

However, there is good news! There are things you can do on your YouTube channel and videos to increase not only watch time on your channel but will also increase traffic to you. And if you need lots of viewers in a short time then buy viewers on YouTube. We will share with you proven tips to increase YouTube watch time on your channel guaranteed to keep viewers watching your videos longer.

Tips to increase YouTube watch time

Post at the Right Time

Believe it or not, there is a right time to post your videos on YouTube. Give your videos the best chance for showing up in YouTube searches by posting the video mid-afternoon during the week so that is indexed before peak hours.

Having your videos in playlist form will do wonders for your channel

Many people do not know that organizing videos in a playlist is the best way of keeping viewers watching. In fact, your video does not have to be watched in its entirety to increase watch time- as long as you keep the viewer watching any of the videos in your channel, you will be accumulating watch time. Playlists offer longer viewer retention within a channel even if the other videos belong to others.

Use YouTube cards and end slates

YouTube cards allow you to add an on-screen link to another video, channel or playlist. They are best used to keep viewers link to and watching other content on they are interested in. Use them to prevent viewers from clicking out. Add a card just before the viewer leaves by offering a chance to switch to a new but related video. The idea is to keep them on your channel or playlist as long as possible to reap the most watch time. The end slate comes at the end of a video to suggest other videos on your channel to the viewer.

Capture the viewer’s attention early in the video

Grabbing a viewer’s attention early in the video is really the best chance at ensuring prolonged watch time on your channel because people will get disinterest very quickly if they find the video boring or the content irrelevant. Use phrases like “…. this video will be about…” or “Watch up to the end to.…” to encourage people to keep watching and is a great YouTube social media marketing trick.

Tell people what to expect

Online videos do not do well with outright suspense- do that and people will move to the next video in a jiffy. More people click out of a video because the content is not what they expected or what the title led them to believe. Thumbnails and clickbait are all good and dandy but can be a liability for watch time. Let the viewer know exactly what they are in for to keep them on board.

Make YouTube Analytics your friend

Use YouTube Analytics to analyze viewer activity and behavior your channel or playlist so that you can make the required changes or improvements for better watch time. Watch time it the main indicator of video success on YouTube– find out which videos are watched the most and use the positives to improve other videos on your channel.


These are our 6 best tips to increase YouTube watch time- use them for best results and better user experience for your channel and videos.

If you use the tips consistently, you are guaranteed a return on your social media marketing efforts and will see an upward shift in watch time, higher ranking, and a chance to make money


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