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6 SEO tips to improve the local marketing of your business 

Nowadays, one of the first tips that experts give to those brands that want to take their first steps in digitizing their business is to invest in local marketing. However, few people optimize their pages to reach the potential of this powerful positioning technique. Would you like to know how you can improve the local marketing of your business through SEO? Read on, because here we will tell you. 

Local marketing: what is it? 

Local marketing is a series of techniques and tools that promote specific businesses in the vicinity of where they are located. Not only that, but through it, you can perform actions such as directing promotions to a certain sector, appearing as recommended on Google maps, and connecting with customers more easily. 

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This marketing modality brings such benefits: 

  • Your customers can access important information about your business (phone, address, email, and website) with just one click. 
  • They will be able to leave online comments about your services. If they are positive, these can encourage more people to come to you! 
  • You optimize resources since your advertising and marketing actions focus on a specific segment. 

Tips to improve the local marketing of your business 

Now that you know what local marketing is and its benefits, we encourage you to try it. We will give you a few tips that you can put into action to get the most out of this form of promotion and thus achieve your goals. 

Create a Google Business listing 

Did you know that according to Google for SMBs, 4 out of 5 consumers turn to search engines to find local information? That’s how important your business is on the internet, and your local SEO is optimized. Therefore, we recommend you create a Google Business listing. This way, your business, and its reviews can appear on Google maps with the information you provide. 

Make sure your website loads fast 

Who likes to enter a website and it takes a lot of time to load its content? If you want to improve the local marketing of your business, keep this in mind. Your website is vital because it houses all the essential information for the customer: products, costs, contact methods, and, if it is an e-commerce, you can achieve a direct conversion. 

Not only should you check that it loads fast, but also that the mobile version is suitable. Some pages look good from the computer, but if you open them from a cell phone, you can not read the content, or it is challenging to perform actions such as buying. Remember that 50% of people use their smartphones to browse and make queries, so there is a good percentage of opportunity for them to access your website in the mobile version. 

Ask for testimonials 

As we mentioned before, testimonials are a great way to improve your business’ local marketing. Most firms in the tourism industry, hotels, coffee shops, online stores, “write my essay” companies, consulting, and even physicians or psychologists strive to achieve as many reviews as possible. They add value to your website and your Google listing and show efficient communication with your business. Did you know that 80% of consumers look at reviews online before purchasing a product?  

You can also include a FAQ section. At least if your business is new or you sell a product that is not well known in the market, be sure that future buyers will have many questions about it. This section will provide important information to your customers and might even motivate them to buy. 

Sponsor on your website 

Once you verify that SEO is working properly on your site, you can think about using advertising to improve the local marketing of your business. We recommend creating customized ads (you can use AdWords) for people in a specific geographic area. The more targeted your ads are, the better they will perform and the more chances of conversion. 

Include your business in other contact networks 

Who said that Google searches are the only way to find you online? Today there are plenty of directories that offer local options. Take advantage of them! To name a few, you can list your business on Yelp or TripAdvisor. In addition, there are also the digital yellow pages of your country. 

Especially if your business is related to tourism, gastronomy, or hospitality, is located near a major attraction in your city, or even in a location that attracts many tourists, this option will work wonders. These sites are among the most consulted by people when they travel and generate the most accurate recommendations in terms of searches. You can also rate the places and leave reviews. 

Take advantage of influencers 

Take advantage of the fact that influencer marketing is at its peak to take advantage of it. Contact micro-influencers and well-known local personalities to promote your business. This, in fact, is one of the most recommended strategies to improve the local marketing of your business. You can negotiate the form of payment with the personality in question, from monetary compensation to an exchange of services. 

Another idea to improve the local marketing of your business is to organize or attend events. They will help you gain visibility for your business and get to know and interact with the community. Maybe you can even get a couple of new customers. 

Improving the local marketing of your business is a wise strategy that you should work on little by little. However, it will give you excellent results. Remember that the online presence of your business is paramount in this age of technology. 

We hope this article has helped you and that you put these tips into practice. Good luck, marketer!