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6 Simple Tips- How to Write a Good Research Paper


If you are in college, it is inevitable that you will be faced with doing a research paper by the time you graduate. A research paper academic writing comprising theoretical and substantial information that has passed through proper in-depth research. Writing one is time-consuming and can be painstaking work if you do not know how to do it right. This article is a compilation of 6 simple tips on how to write a good research paper.

If you have not written a research paper before, there is no need to worry because we have a step by step guide for you which covers the beginning to end of the research paper writing process.

Here are the tips for writing a college research paper:

1. Research the topic

The first thing you want to do is to research a topic for your research paper. Look into possible and available topics for your consideration. This requires proper research which you will be able to do at a school library. Go through books, journals, published articles, and other material for possible ideas from where you will eventually choose one.

2. Pick your preferred research paper topic

Once you have done the topic research, you should have a list of possible topics for your research paper. Once you pick a topic, you will need to share it with your instructor for approval before you proceed. Sometimes you can be given a topic for your research paper.

You should choose a topic that is of interest to you and one that you will enjoy working on. A topic that you are passionate about will keep you motivated. Make it a specific topic rather than a general one.

3.Take notes of all source information

From the outset, as you research the topic, you should be keeping notes on the various subjects and sources you come across. The more notes you jot down the easier it will be for you to get source material for your paper. Take notes of helpful information only and have them organized so that when you get to use them, it will be easy to find the information you want.

4.Craft a good thesis statement

Once you have your source information and notes, the next thing to do is to craft a good thesis statement for your research paper. A thesis statement explains the aim and subject of your research paper; what it is about, the main point(s), how the point will be arrived at, methodology, and finally the conclusion of the research.

5.Conceive your paper outline and write the first draft

Once you have the thesis statement ready, you can draft an outline for the paper and write the first draft. This is where the bulk of the work of writing a college research paper lies.  The outline will guide you in writing the first draft of the research paper.

6.Proofread, edit and write a final draft

This is the last stage of writing the research paper and involves cleaning up your first draft by doing a proofreading of the paper, then editing any errors spotted after which you come up with your final draft of the paper.

It is recommended that you read and re-read that first draft at least twice to ensure that all the necessary information is included and that everything in the paper flows correctly.

Check spellings, sentences, references, citations, links. Check everything and every information to ensure that everything you want is in and what you do not want it out. Make sure that every source is included in the research paper before you call it done.


Writing a college research paper does not have to be confusing or difficult. Use these 6 simple tips on how to write a good research paper for guidance as you work on your academic research paper.

Of course, as you work on the paper, you should be in contact with your research supervisor for advice and further guidance, especially on substantive content issues.


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