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7 Best Led Strip Light For Outdoor


As the sun sets and the evening winds rustle through the trees, many of us feel like spending some time on the outdoors. However, if the exteriors of the house are all dark and unwelcoming, we wouldn’t want to spend time outside the home. So here are 7 top notch ideas to make the outdoors looking all magical and welcoming, be it for a quiet evening under the stars or fun get together with friends.

Under The Patio Stairs And Backdoor Stairs

Best way to brighten up your outdoors is by using any stairways to your advantage. Lighting the stairs up with LED light Strips is the simplest and trendiest idea when it comes to both indoor stairways and outdoor stairways. These lights add a lot of elegance to the exteriors. They will also light up the stairs so that it is not hard for you to find your way around in the dark. There is also the choice of cool blue, or warm yellow LED light Strips that can add a statement to the light décor of the stairs.

Along The Driveways

LED Strips along the driveways is another fantastic way of decorating the exteriors of the house as well as lighting up space so that it comes handy during the nights. There are few variations of lighting the driveway like you can use the animated LED Strips or the twinkling ones to add more fun into the lighting. Alternatively, you can also go for a colorful lighting solution to make your driveway look pretty. With these bright LED light strips <do-follow>, it is Christmas every day at your home!

Patterns On The Pathways

If your backdoor, garden or even your front door has a pathway of some sort, you can spruce things up by lighting the pathways creatively. If the pathways are made up of mud and gravel, then simple lighting solutions like placing LED lighting along both their borders could be your choice. But if you are up for a renovation project, it is always better to clean up the pathway and create a concrete path or stone way. When creating this pathway, fit in the LED strips in some geometrical shapes like circular, triangular, rectangular, etc. in the middle of the pathway. This ensures that the pathway is illuminated and also gives your home a brilliant look, in a geeky way!

Lighting The Outdoor Pools

LED light strips made of cool blue lights could add an ethereal glow to your outdoor pools. They are sure to brighten up the pool and make it seem inviting even through the darkness of the night. It also creates a great impression in the case of poolside parties or formal get-together beside the pool in the evenings. It’s also ideal if you want to have a romantic poolside date with your special someone or spend some alone time for quiet contemplation. Either way, a well-lit pool is always a smart way to decorate your outdoors.

Lighting Up The Roof

Another great way to add grandeur to your home is by adding LED light strips along the roof of the house, creating a well-lit outline of the roof. For this, you can use LED strips, string lights or fairy lights, whichever seems more attractive to you. If your home is traditionally built or a Victorian type with a triangular roof, then it is best to line the roof with these LED strips. Alternatively, if your house is a modern home with concrete roofs, then you have the choice to include them along the outdoor walls in random patterns. This will give your house a truly luxurious look.

String Lighting Using LED Strips

String lights on your patio are an absolutely delicate and romantic way of lighting up your outdoors. Strings of LED lights hung above throughout the courtyard; add a lot of light and glamor to the house. It also makes the patio look all cozy and welcoming for a nice dinner in the outdoors with your family or guests. Depending on how well lit or dimly lit you want your patio to be, you can go for LED strips that will emit bright white light. You can also choose the warm white tones for a more romantic look and feel.

Other Creative Lighting Ideas

Potted plants made up of LED light strips are a cool and creative way to light up your outdoors. These aren’t real plants; they are just wooden twigs lined with LED Strips in the form of a plant. When they are lit, they add creativity and funk to the gardens.

Using a single hanging LED strip to focus on a particular spot is another creative option. It is minimalistic and romantic. The light focuses on just one spot while the rest of the outdoors are either dark or dimly lit. You can place patio furniture in this spotlight or any other home décor objects.

Standing LED light strips that look like torches is also quite creative. Especially, when they are bundled together at varying heights and placed throughout the outdoor, with a reasonable distance from each other of course. They make the outdoor look absolutely festive and beautiful.


Lighting up your backdoors and outdoors may sound a little extravagant. However, it is also an absolute necessity. Well-lit outdoors gives us a sense of security and also encourages us to spend some time outdoors. It is also the best way to create a good impression on your guests. IIt is just an added advantage if the well-lit outdoors of your home turns all eyes around and keeps the neighbors looking at your house with envy!


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