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7 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets to Buy In 2020

Let’s talk about life today. YES! It’s too fast and busy. Everyone seems to be in a hustle. If you are a food lover and have a busy schedule, we are here to help you with some amazingly smart kitchen gadgets that will help you get over your cravings while managing your tasks.

Your kitchen is the most exciting place where your own hands create magic according to your taste. After all, food is life. So if you love to cook or enjoy being a foodie, we are about to make you known to some innovative tools that help you work fast and make your meals before time.

Being a food lover means you need a lot of money to dine out and try out different dishes to satisfy your taste buds. But with these tools, you can cook like a professional chef. You will even enjoy and have fun while using these tools. Your interest in cooking will make you a pro in the kitchen, just like the restaurant-style.

Some of these eye-catching and super space-saving tools are these:

Soak and strain to produce washing ball:  

It’s a bowl with 2 In 1 functions i.e. washing and straining of the desired fruits or vegetables instantly. You can multitask like holding something else with one hand while cleaning the fruits or vegetables with another hand without spilling or dropping them off.  

You can have them in different colors. It will help you match your utensils with your kitchen’s color scheme. It will be more fun working with favorite colors in the surroundings.

Food huggers:

What comes in your mind when you read the name first? What a new title to have this gadget in your kitchen. You can eat and store the left out fruit or vegetable in a safe place without any fear of getting them to rot and wasted. 

They are available in different colors, which will add freshness and colorful impact to your kitchen. It’s a must-have for everyone.

Chef n citrus juicer:

If you are a healthy eater and love being around salads and lime juices, this is a perfect fit for you. Its structure consists of durable nylon and stainless steel, which makes it light in weight and easy to grip.

You’ll get more juice out of lime with it rather manually squeezing. It happens due to its dual gear mechanism which works by increasing its press power to squeeze out 20% more lime. 


Rotimatic is an automated machine that helps you make Rotis without any other assistance. You have to add flour, oil, and water, and that’s it. The rest depends on it. It will automatically measure, mix, and knee the dough, and you will get a perfect roti in just 90sec.

Mold to bake individual cake slices: 

It is a perfect choice for dessert lovers and bakers. As the name says, all you have to do is add the cake better and get equal-sized pieces without cutting. It will bake your cake in perfect sized pieces. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

A vegetable slicer:

If you want to have perfect slices of vegetables, this tool is the right choice. It will help you create the spirals and have the exact thickness of slices. Try it now!

Under-cabinet stereos:

This is the coolest kitchen gadget you’ve ever come across. The stereo is mounted under the top of a kitchen cabinet or cupboard so you enjoy your favorite music while cooking or doing some other kitchen stuff.

You can control this under-cabinet stereo through a Bluetooth connection or adjust the frequency thorough FM/AM antenna. 

Smart cutting board:

Why is it called a smart cutting board? Because you can use it for multi-purposes as it has a timer, knife sharpener, and a built-in scale. That’s why it is named so.

A folding chopping board:

Do you find it a little messy while chopping and pouring the vegetables to the pot? Don’t worry the mess is all covered with this folding chopping board. You can cut the veggies of your choice and fold the board and drop them in the pot without any mess around the cooking corner.

Finger protector:

It’s the essential tool for the kitchen because you don’t want to chop your fingers off while chopping onions. Are you? It will work as a lifeguard for your fingers while you chop like a professional chef.

Watermelon slicer:

You know you can’t cut the watermelon without making a mess in your kitchen. The invention of this watermelon slicer now solves this problem. Now you can make the perfect size cubes without getting your hands juicy and your kitchen messy.

Pineapple corer:

Don’t waste your money on buying an already cubed pineapple. This pineapple corer has already made it easier for you. You can cut it yourself like a pro. All you have to do is, remove the upper part of pineapple and press your pineapple corer into it.  Rotate it while pressing downwards and it will remove the outer surface plus makes the perfect slices at the same time. Enjoy!

Avocado slicer:

Avocado is widely used and somewhat tricky to handle and cut. So this avocado slicer is your ultimate help in this situation. You don’t need those knife skills to cut an avocado perfectly. This tool will do the perfect job for you to make your green salad bowls a little more attractive.

Saucepan stirrer:

Now you don’t have to stand and stir for a long time. Just go and but this amazing saucepan stirrer for your perfect pudding scrambled eggs and sauces. Leave and enjoy the result.

Comfee’ 20 cups cooked:

It is an amazing multi-purpose tool to must-have in your kitchen. It works as a steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker. You can cook about 20 cups to feed your whole family in no time.

Egg molds:

Now you can make your eggs in any shape, be it a heart, flower, square, or any other form. It’s very difficult to get your kids to finish their breakfast. But with this tool, you’ll make exciting choices for your kids. You can also use it to make pancakes. 

Grab your hands on your favorite kitchen gadget and happy cooking!!