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7 Effective Ways to Create Ads That Convert

Creating an effective ad is an essential part of profiting from whatever the business is selling. When a good ad is created, people that see it become interested, they research the product or service, and finally, they buy it if they like it. If the customers like the product or service, this means that it satisfies their needs and wants.

7 Effective Ways to Create Ads That Convert

However, there are many products that people don’t know they want or need, and if these products are advertised in a bad way, consumers decide not to buy them. That’s why businesses need to know some effective ways to create ads that convert. These ads should be relevant, unique, concise, have good graphics, seem like an offer, be as personal as possible, and speak to the customers.

Consider the Relevance

Relevance refers to researching the most popular queries the customers make on search engines. These include various keywords that businesses need to look over and choose to use in their ads. The thought process should go like this:

  • Thinking about what you would do as a customer: When deciding what to write in an ad or how to form it, think about what you would type when trying to find a product that’s similar to yours.
  • Not including negative keywords: Try avoiding negative keywords because these can lead to negative feelings. Include positive phrases that make the potential customers feel safe and secure. These might stir some positive emotions that are later associated with your product or service.
  • Including synonyms: There are a few billion people in the world, and many of them are searching online for something. So, try including as many synonyms of your key phrase as possible. This is how relevance works with effective ads that result in conversions.

Think About Uniqueness

The ads need to be unique to your product or service. Meaning that adding one trait or feature that separates the product from the rest makes it a unique product. It’s important to mention distinct features in your ads.

There are tons of products and services out there that are somewhat similar or even the same, but most of them can be differentiated by one distinct feature. This makes it easier to find the target consumer base.

Be Concise

Describing a service or product should be as concise as possible because the consumers don’t have time to read five-page long descriptions of something that they might have already encountered.

Keep it simple and comprehensive, short descriptions with all the necessary details, the ones you think are fundamental to your product or service. This way, the ad is distinct, it’s easy to read, and the potential customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed once they finish.

Good Graphics are Important

When potential customers come across a great reading, but the design surrounding the description of the product, or the product itself is not presented in the right way, they turn away. That’s why we stay when something looks good, and here’s what good graphics should have:

  • Good visuals: This means using some photos or images that are going to draw the attention of potential customers. Think about logos, photos, graphs, charts, etc. If you opt for the image of your product, do it with a photo background remover so that it looks good.
  • Particular colors: It’s always good to know that if you opt for darker colors, the potential customer response might not be that great. Opting for brighter colors causes joy in the potential customers, and they are more likely to get the product.
  • Good organization: Don’t just put something on a white background, and put it in the corner of the photo. Make it visually appealing by placing the correct elements in the correct places.
  • Good font: Using rough fonts results in discomfort, so try using softer fonts when typing your ad description. Also, sometimes being silly, and having a font like that doesn’t necessarily mean that the potential customer is going to like it. Clear fonts that are easily readable are always the right way to go.

Consider a Call to Action

Calling your potential customers to action is an essential part of any ad. This means that they might act on your call and buy the product. Make no mistake, adding any type of CTA to your ad gets the potential customers thinking.

A CTA might immediately result in a conversion and bring you profit. Good CTAs should start with an imperative phrase, e.g. “join,” “subscribe,” “request,” “start,” etc. Don’t pressure the potential customer too much, add a sense of urgency, and make it visible in your ad.

Making an Offer

Including an offer in your ad is something that might be the decision-maker for the potential customer. People like seeing direct things, don’t go around the prices, and hesitate to mention the price because you think it might be too high.

State the correct price, then speak about discounts, then think about the rest. There’s plenty of room to do so even in a single leaflet. E.g it can contain an image of the product, the price tag at the bottom, the description at the top, and a smaller discount price when bought in cash.

Having a CTA can eliminate the need for stating your price on the ad directly, and it can be a better way to make the customers interested. However, if you’re looking for fast sales, make sure you include the offer and make it as direct as possible.

Make It Personal

Using active verbs in your ads is something that relates to the customers. Making it personal also means stating the benefits of the product for particular groups of people. This way, we immediately connect with our target audience.

It’s impossible to make it personal for everybody, because targeted ads can miss their target, but we can make it feel personal for most people by adding key phrases that connect with them. Personalization results in fast conversions.


These are the 7 effective ways to create ads that convert potential customers into customers. Make sure to remember that good graphics and visuals provide better results than sloppy product photos.

Finally, personalizing the product and writing concise descriptions make customers happy and willing to put more effort into researching your product. Combining these methods makes an ad as close to perfect as possible.