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7 Prime Video Tech Fixes You Should Know For Better Experience

Amazon Prime Video is among the best streaming services in the world, with an ever-increasing fanbase. The myriad of shows and movies combined with Amazon Prime Originals makes for pure entertainment material. Unfortunately, no streaming service is perfect, and Amazon Prime has several faults in its infrastructure.

Things You Can Do With a VPNSometimes it crashes down, other times it buffers, and so on. The good thing about these problems is that most of them are solvable. While we know that there are plenty of issues with this streaming service, we will still discuss the solutions for the top seven problems of Amazon Prime. 

When It Is Down

In most cases, Amazon Prime video will run just fine with a few interruptions here and there. If Amazon Prime is down, you will notice other users having the same problem. Mostly, the issue happens with the device or the internet connection, but if you suspect an issue with the Amazon Prime service, use Down Detector to check. 

In case of an outage, you have no choice but to wait. Because this type of problem is out of your control, all you can do is watch pre-downloaded stuff. Fortunately, Amazon Prime resolves its issues quickly.

Blocked Video

Like other streaming services, Amazon Prime censors its content based on the location. If Amazon Prime has blocked a movie or show in your country, it is not an issue per se because the service does not have the authority to broadcast it. 

However, if you still insist on accessing that restricted content, you will need an unblocking service to stream. Such services are known as VPNs, but Amazon has a strict policy against them. Amazon may block your account despite paying subscription fees if they catch you using a VPN. If you are using a VPN to access restricted content, make sure to buy it from a legitimate provider. 

Video Streaming Errors

Because these issues stem from a weak internet connection, performing a speed test is necessary. If you see any of these error codes in a dialogue box, assume it to be an issue with your internet speed. Amazon Prime has twenty-two error codes signifying a weak internet connection! 

Unfortunately, only your ISP can solve the problem of slow internet. You could turn off your router and device and wait for a few minutes. Restart them and see if it works. 

Login Issues

The error 5005 refers to a login problem with your Amazon Prime account. According to Amazon, these issues are a result of weak connectivity and will resolve themselves independently. It often happens when multiple people connect to one Amazon Prime account. 

Remember that Amazon allows you to log in from many devices, but you can stream only from two simultaneously. You can permanently dodge these login issues by making an Amazon Household instead of sharing your password. Otherwise, logging in from a different device can work too. 

Download Issues

First of all, ensure that you have paid for an Amazon subscription if you want to download videos. The following devices support downloads from Amazon Prime – Fire Tablet (not 1st gen), Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad. 

If you face issues despite fitting into these categories, restart your device. Update your Amazon Prime app to the latest version, or uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes, your device may need a system update instead of the Amazon Prime app. 

Amazon Prime Smart TV Problems

If you have an old Smart TV, you have already run out of luck with any problem. After all, Amazon Prime has compatibility issues with old Smart TV models. The best option for owners of old Smart TVs is buying an Amazon Fire TV stick. For others, restarting or updating your Smart TV can work wonders. Sometimes, merely disconnecting and reconnecting your device to the Smart TV can resolve the issues too. 

Error 7031

This video error typically targets Chrome users, which ironically forms the majority of people. One way to resolve it is by using the following search engines – Safari, Mac, Windows Edge. If you do not have a different browser, try restarting Chrome, but expect some delay. As a last resort to fix error 7031, restart your computer. 

Other overlooked Amazon Prime tech issues

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Amazon Prime has other things that need some urgent fixing. According to several people, Amazon Prime sometimes resumes at the wrong episode or season. It can get annoying when your streaming service cannot remember where you left a series.

Another flaw about Amazon Prime is its hilarious search engine. Searching for any show or media can get you confused when the engine presents you with items from the retail section! The last issue has to do with subtitles, and it is safe to say that they need improvement! Sometimes, they do not show up, and it can get hard to pinpoint the reason. 

Additional tips 

Always check if your Amazon Prime subscription is still active. Several people forget about their subscription status and end up thinking that Amazon Prime has an error. If none of the seven solutions work, try running the Amazon Prime app on another device.

It is a lot of work to log in to your account from a different device, but sometimes this step is necessary. It helps you understand whether the problem lies with your account or device. Lastly, you may need to clear your browser and device cache for Amazon Prime to work. 


Amazon Prime has its fair share of problems across different devices, but its team is constantly trying to eliminate these issues. Other than the following issues, the Amazon Prime app may turn whacky if it detects a VPN. In case you are using a VPN service, make sure to buy it from a reliable source. The best way to dodge these issues is by using an updated device, app and ensuring a robust internet connection. Unfortunately, the same set of solutions do not apply to all devices. You may need to solve the issue differently based on your operating system and device.