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7 Smart Reasons To Use A Security Software Suite Today

Staying safe and secure while online is undoubtedly at the forefront of your mind most days. After all, no one wants to wake up to find they’ve unwittingly become a victim of identity theft or malware.

Using powerful security is the ideal way to combat phishing, malware, dangerous websites and other online threats. Here’s a few compelling reasons to purchase, set-up and start using premium online security today.

7 Smart Reasons To Use A Security Software Suite Today

Importance of using security software

Technology is ubiquitous in the modern world. It’s a regular part of your day while dining, while working at the office, and relaxing at home. It’s also under constant threat from opportunists and hackers who want to steal data and information.

Using a comprehensive online security solution keeps you safe online while preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands. It safeguards financial data while shopping or banking online and generates an overall shield for any of your online activities. It’s never a bad idea to bolster online security for any of your devices.

Why you should go premium

While free versions of many security programs exist, a premium security suite is the best way to go. With a premium security suite, you gain access to a range of protective services in a single place. These include:

  • Identity theft protection
  • Wi-fi/router security
  • Password management
  • Mobile security
  • Maximum security

Maximum security is one of the most beneficial, as it uses cloud-based technology to monitor and combat threats as they evolve. Going premium gives instant access to all of these features as a suite, rather than buying each one individually. Premium services also provide 24/7 support, remote repair, pc check ups, and more.

Privacy and identity protection

Whenever you’re online, you are potentially putting your privacy (and your personal data) at risk. It’s estimated that a full 10% of Americans have become victims of identity theft in the past or present.

In the past decade, data breaches and identity fraud have increased dramatically, with 72% more account takeovers in 2020 alone than the previous year. Hackers may steal your identity or credit card data for the purpose of selling it online. Regardless of extant threats, it’s essential to protect your identity and discover if it’s been stolen.

Premium software helps here, too, by providing a personal data search to see if your name, email address, or other personal info has been leaked online. It also provides alerts and monitoring to help you discover if you’re personal or financial details are for sale somewhere on the dark web. These can be surprisingly effective tools in protecting your privacy online and preventing yourself from becoming another identity theft victim.

Password management

Passwords are a universal aspect of working online or using any kind of technology, typically acting as the first defensive line in preventing attacks. It’s something we all use but don’t think about often. It’s also an area where some improvement may be needed for many users wishing to bolster their online security.

The weakest passwords consist of small words, a single phrase, their name, a favorite team, or something with which the user may be quite familiar. Weak passwords are more vulnerable to attacks. That’s why you need a strong password. A stronger password should have at least eight characters and use a combination of special characters, different cases, and numbers.

Using a password manager helps keep track of passwords and their strength. Premium password management routinely monitors password strength, provides key stroke encryption, and creates powerful passwords that are more difficult to hack.

Guarded wi-fi

Wi-fi is an amazing thing, but sometimes a router may get hacked or otherwise compromised. Since most of your devices and your entire network are likely hooked up to your wi-fi, an attack or intrusion puts all your devices at risk. Using enhanced security can reinforce your router’s security protocols by encrypting communication and transforming public hot spots (if you’re on a mobile device) into a VPN.

Quality protection should cover most platforms and operating systems too. A wi-fi protection service can be costly on its own, but if it’s acquired as part of a premium suite it’ll cost significantly less while maximizing your online security.

Virus and malware protection

Whether it’s a download from a dangerous website or an email attachment, viruses and malware are a consistent online threat. Because they constantly change and evolve, the software regularly scans and destroys them across various protection points. It also alerts users to potential issues with fraudulent websites, phishing attempts, and other scams.

Multi-platform and mobile security

Many of us use a mobile device daily, but likely don’t give much thought to their security. Premium security offers an advantage here as well. It updates your device’s security often and alerts you to dangerous wi-fi networks and unwanted access.

Ransomware and malicious apps can be a problem for mobile users. By optimizing the phone and providing an active barrier to intrusions, a good security suite will protect your family’s devices so you can do the things that matter most without worrying about cyber attacks or compromised devices.