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7-Zip vs WinRAR : The Ultimate Comparison Guide

In today’s world of technology and the internet, you have plenty to discuss the different kinds of file types. It is a crucial topic of discussion that seems to come up at your workplace, at home, or even when you are using the subway. 

Many people use different types of files, including photo formats, video formats, graphic formats, and text file formats. You can compare and contrast them with their efficiency, functionality, and rate. 

Hence, it comes as no surprise that we must compare the file types that are high-performance. These sublime file tools are able to compress files and archive them. This is one of the most exclusive functions done in today’s world full of information. 

That brings us to the million-dollar question, which is the best file compression tool? Is it free and quick? Lastly, which compressing tool can decompress files instantly? When you want to compress data in your PC or device, then it is crucial that you choose the right kind of compression file. 

Finding the ideal compression file in today’s market is a complicated task. For a set of information, you can always find a tool that is able to compress it to the smallest file. However, the size of the data plays a crucial role here. 

You also need to consider other vital factors, too, before you make your pick. Merely, the size of your files in your PC or device does not matter. Some tools come free of cost, but do not have the capabilities to give you desired results. 

When this happens, your options are reduced drastically. In this review, we will make a comparison of both 7-zip vs WinRAR. These two different file compression tools are the most popularly used in the market. 

To be frank with you, there are better tools, but at the moment, our research yielded these two options. They are reliable and used by people of all backgrounds in their day-to-day activities.  

Challenge in today’s digital age – Storing vital information efficiently 

On the same note, the comparison of 7-zip vs WinRAR sprouts up because we want to find the best tool to store our sensitive information. The main purpose of these two file compress tools is to compress large files and then archive them. 

Which of the file compression tools does the job better, and if you are worried, cheaper? Our research brought us to a search from Google. In the real world, people are concerned about the storage capacity of any device. 

Be it a PC or a smartphone. Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for high-end PCs and smartphones. Did you know that the cloud sells file storage? You can imagine, those silent and vast storehouses having all your data up there in file servers.

A brief discussion about 7-zip

7-zip (Download Here) was developed by Igor Pavlov and runs seamlessly on Windows operating systems. It compresses the files and decompresses data. Some of you might be wondering why you require such tools when you have SSDs and hard drives, which are cheaper and extensive. 

7-Zip vs WinRAR : The Ultimate Comparison Guide

There are two reasons for that, namely the internet and the second is security. Due to the internet, you have tons of data to store and receive quickly. Likewise, you provide protection that helps to encrypt it and make password protected. 

The flexibility of this file compressing tool is excellent. You can prepare self-extracting compressed data and use it on any software. It offers you with sufficient backup and has you covered in all aspects. 

We were highly impressed with the decompressing support of this file compressing tool. You can work on a barrage of formats, including AR, CPIO, MBR, RAR, and ZIP. This is a lengthy list; trust us. 

If you noticed that it supports both RAR and ZIP formats, it should be enough for you to download it straight away. This is nothing short of a bonus tool for you. We were also highly impressed with the compression rates, keeping in mind, it is a free tool. 

This comes under the heading, without a doubt, as essential.  

A brief discussion about WinRAR

Now, we will read about WinRAR (Download Here) briefly. Most people, when they purchase a new PC or laptop, tend to install WinRAR. Why is it so popular? On the internet, most of the files are distributed on archived files. 

7-Zip vs WinRAR

This file compression tool helps you to go through them quickly. It comes with a wide range of features that most programs do not have. This program was released first in 1995. You will be delighted to know that this program can support more than 40 languages. 

It comes with a reasonable price of $29. This file compression tool can support a wide range of formats similar to 7-zip like ARJ, ACE, CAB, LZH, ZIP, ISO, and so on. The user interface is simple and comfortable. 

We were stunned in noting that this file compression tool comes with no flaws. On the whole, WinRAR is a rare program you get to see that comes with a barrage of features and reduces the size of the files.  

Compression of 7-zip vs WinRAR

7-Zip vs WinRAR

Before heading out, we must know the meanings of two crucial concepts for better understanding. They are compressing files and archiving files. For those of you who are familiar, then it is fine. 

But, we are sure many readers might want to get a clearer understanding of them. File compression or compressing means to reduce or decrease the size of a file. Different kinds of files offer you with other types of compression. 

While some files give up speed for compressing further, others enable higher speed. JPEG and PDF files are easy to compress. However, audio and video files are difficult to compress. This is when you may want to consider using a file compression tool. 

7-zip makes use of specific algorithms for compressing files. Likewise, RAR needs other programs to compress it. In this review, we have compared the speed, accessibility, and security of both these powerful tools. 

As far as file compression goes, 7-zip and WinRAR are used often. It makes no sense to store tons of files for the sake of occupying space on your computer system. You can get rid of redundant files by still having it on your PC for reference purposes. 

When you want to retrieve it, you need to unzip it.

Archive Files of 7-zip vs WinRAR

The second concept is archiving. You archive files on your computer system. The idea here is, when you create a file that consists of several files, then adding metadata gives you an archived file. 

Why do people use archived files? It gives them more efficiency in storing and portability. You can share it quickly and seamlessly with your family, friends, and colleagues.

If you went through the brief discussion of both these file compression tools, you know that they support a barrage of file formats. 

WinRAR can be used on a MacBook using RAR. You can also work on your Linux operating system effortlessly. The main difference that we found in our research is that WinRAR is excellent, as it comes with decent extraction speed, but lags in compression speed.

This is where 7-zip shines throughout, and you do not have to pay anything to use it. 

Real World Compression Test

The amount of data that you have to process or go through in a day is so high, that file compression becomes an integral part of it. These storage techniques are evolving at a rapid pace every day. 

In this post, we are comparing 7-zip vs WinRAR. So, far it has been close. Choosing between two heavyweight boxing champions like Foreman and Ali can be a tough call. In this real-world test, we have tested them using 1.5GB of audio and video formats. 

The kind of files that you want to compress depends on you. It could be any file format you like. We insisted on using audio and video files because they come with the highest data. 

They truly bring out the true colors of a file compressing tool. Of course, smaller file formats like JPG and PDF can be used too. We kept our settings in default, just to let you know. The PC was a Windows system. 

If you are using a Mac, you may experience a faster file compression. This statement is based on what few users wrote. They felt that the performance on the Mac improved better. 

We did not clarify that. But, if you own a Mac, then sublime performance is always something that you can expect by default. Even the slowest tools tend to work peerlessly on the Mac. 

The 7-zip was able to provide an 18% reduction in the data that was fed to it. This is for data of 1.5GB, which is quite a lot. Likewise, WinRAR was able to give an 18.3% reduction for the same quantity of information. 

Both are almost head-on here. We preferred WinRAR here because of compatibility reasons. We found that it delves well into the system. However, this again comes to your personal preference and taste. 

Like we discussed in the earlier part of this review, these two file compression tools do not come with support on systems. When you want to open these tools, you need to have the right software on your PC. 

For the sake of competition, we also included WinZip in a few of our tests, but that did not make much of a difference. The only thing that is affected is your bank balance because you are shed off $30. 

We also noticed that these tools are not affected by the operating systems you have on your PC. You could be using Windows 10, 8, or 7. We hardly found any changes in the speed or the compression ratio.

Comparison of both 7-zip and WinRAR

Just like in boxing, delivering the knockout punch at the beginning itself enables you to win the bout. Similarly, when you compare both 7-zip vs WinRAR, then we take a look at the most crucial factor, the price. 

Yes, using these two programs, you can shrink your files in your PC or system effortlessly. But, the pricing of the tools is the most important deciding factor. Which program can do better?  

The price of both 7-zip vs WinRAR

7-zip holds the edge in this segment, thanks to the fact that it is free. Perhaps, you would recollect reading about it in the brief discussion in the above paragraphs. It is open-source and that is a good thing for the wider population. 

Who does not like free? The best part about this tool is that it comes with decent features too. To let you know, 7-zip provides you with a decent performance, and you can install it for the size of 1.5MB. 

This compression tool is also light on your PC resources and provides excellent compression size. It is also password protected and supports Linux as well. Having said that, WinRAR does not come for free. 

Though you can use its free trial, that means it is a try and then purchase tool. The trial version lasts for 40 days, and then you are reminded every day about making the payment. Though some users found that it is free, using different means, beyond our understanding. 

We do not recommend you use such shortcut methods. Once the 40-day trial period gets over, if you want to purchase the tool, then you can do so. In this segment, 7-zip is the clear winner because it is free.  

Comparison of different file archive formats of 7-zip vs WinRAR

The file compression of 7-zip and WinRAR depends on the encryption, file format, and the operating system you use. These factors need to be analyzed before if you are concerned about the speed of compressing your data. 

The 7-zip and WinRAR were put to the test involving MP4 and JPEG files for compression. The two file compressing tools work differently for different kinds of file formats. So, the speed of the compression depends on the format of the data as well as the operating system in your PC. 

In our test, we also included WinZip, along with WinRAR and 7-zip. WinZip is also a very popular file compression tool that is widely used by the masses. We were amazed at the speed and agility of 7-zip. 

That is because its compression ratio is one of the best in the market, self-extracting capabilities, and robust AES-256 encryption. We do not have to remind you that it is an open-source file compression tool.  

Ease of use of 7-zip vs WinRAR:-

7-zip system integration

Using a 7-zip file compression tool is easy. You need to click on the file that you want to extract. Doing a right-click will give you various options, including 7-zip. Then, you can select the location where you want to place it. 

7-Zip vs WinRAR : The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Usually, it comes under the same folder that you have placed your zipped file. As you can see, using the 7-zip tool is simple.  

WinRAR file extraction

Let us find out if using the WinRAR file compression tool is easy. Similar to extracting files using the 7-zip tool, you need to right-click the file and find the WinRAR menu. Once you are inside the menu, you can click on the extract option. 

7-Zip vs WinRAR : The Ultimate Comparison Guide

The extraction begins instantly. The files that are in the same folder are extracted as compressed files. When the files are compressed, you need to choose the destination for them. 

We found the user interface of 7-zip and WinRAR is easy to learn and grasp. You do not have to be a technical guru to understand the know-how. In this segment, both are the winners, as they are equally simple enough.

It is relatively easy.

Security features of 7-zip vs WinRAR

Now we will compare both the 7-zip vs WinRAR file compression tools in the aspect of security. Please know that when you want to secure both the RAR and 7-zip with a password, you require a program to do so. 

7-Zip vs WinRAR : The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Luckily for you, both these tools come with support to RAR and 7-zip formats. WinRAR comes with password protection for you to use. 7-zip and WinRAR file compression tools use different kinds of security features. 

We did not find much of a difference between both these tools. They both are excellent and secure. Pointing out the best compression tool in this segment can be difficult. It ultimately boils down to your requirements. 

Few users have complained that the setup file, winrar.exe comes as a security risk. Unless your computer system has a powerful anti-virus program, we may not advise you to go ahead with this compress tool. 

That does not mean WinRAR is not safe to download. We downloaded and found that it is entirely secure. Just make sure that your PC comes with antivirus installed. In the security aspect, the winner is 7-zip. 

Realistically speaking

As you can see, you are transferring massive files to your family, colleagues, and friends, through email using file compression tools. 7-zip and WinRAR are the most popular tools to do so, enabling you to archive them in a smaller size. 

Do know that they are not entirely supported by operating systems on each other. Users cannot open 7Z or RAR format on non-Windows PCs. As you can see, deciding on a file compression tool is about your needs. 

It is like purchasing a home. Some of you may want to have a particular feature, while some might concentrate more on the appearance. There is also the budget to think about. You can choose a product that matches your affordability.

In this case, it is the compressing functions and the overall performance of the file compressing tool. Whether you want to choose 7-zip or WinRAR, it depends on your requirements.

Our Verdict 

Both these file compression tools are simply excellent. They are neck-in-neck in competition. However, based on our research and feedback, we were quite impressed with 7-zip. 

That does not mean WinRAR is inferior, or we are not claiming 7-zip as the winner of this close comparison review. However, comparing these two sublime compression tools can eventually help your cause in both packing and unpacking files. 

At the moment, they both are the best as far as file compression goes.

But, the results matter in the end. Though the product can make more noise than the other one, the market has more sales; at times, it comes down to the tool’s performance. 

That is what we found in 7-zip. WinRAR is the more popular one and has more sales, but when it comes to the pros and cons, the former tool takes the crown. WinRAR is a file compression tool that you would want to consider when you want to compress massive files instantly. 

Yes, this is the quicker of the two file compression tools. However, 7-zip can be considered when you want to compress or extract small-sized files on a regular basis. We felt that this practical tool is a suitable option due to the better compression ratio and the fact that it is free. 

On the whole 

In summary, we just got to see tremendous powers from both 7-zip as well as WinRAR. Both these file compression tools have it in them. That much we can say. The open-source compression tool is pretty much on par with WinRAR. 

You do remember that 7-zip is designed as open-source code. Hence, it makes sense to use it when you plan on using it for menial or small tasks. However, when your file compression needs are more, then you might consider using WinRAR.

But, the user interface is not the friendliest in WinRAR. You have often clicked on the use evaluation version, which does not help the cause. For example, when you want to make use of the 7Z format, it comes with a higher compression ratio than the WinRAR. 

This is clearly higher than WinRAR. 

Did you like this comparison review of 7-zip vs WinRAR? When you have some points to discuss or feel that some other archiving tool was better, please let us know. We will be glad to help you out. 

We will try and communicate with you as soon as we can.