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8 Best Time Tracking Tools Of 2020

Ever since remote working was adopted as a solution by corporates in the wake of the pandemic, one of the major challenges that corporates faced was that of managing and tracking employee’s time. 

From office work hours to the amount of time they are spending on a website, from their training timings to the amount of time they took to complete the task in hand, there are several timings that are needed to be recorded by the managers. 

8 Best Time Tracking Tools Of 2020

This is where time tracking software comes into the picture. This tool helps you get all the time-related data of your employees. Finding the right tool is often a challenging task. 

But when you research well and identify your needs beforehand, it is a lot easier than you can imagine. Note down the features and the budget that is you are ready to allocate for a new tool. Make sure you are looking in that price range when you are choosing your time tracker. 

In the spirit of the same, here are the top time trackers and attendance tracking software that will help you sustain this new work arrangement. 

  • FreshBooks

Who wouldn’t like one software that has more to offer than just time tracking features? That is FreshBooks for you. This is an online tool that helps you not only with time tracking services but also invoicing that saves you valuable time while making our look truly professional. Gone are the days when Excel or Word did the job for your invoices. In today’s time, start keeping your financial records in an easy, fast, and organized manner with this tool. 


  • Allows you to track your expenses. 
  • Enables you to maintain timesheets. 
  • Offer attendance tracking. 
  • Allows you to track employee activity.

Time Doctor:-

When you are looking to track your employees’ time, you would want to get detailed analytics and metrics of how exactly they are spending their day. Seems like your prayers have been answered by Time Doctor. This tool is truly a blessing as it helps you track a lot more than just the total time that every employee spent working. It also helps you identify and analyze the detailed breakdown of how many hours are spent on a particular project or task. The accuracy of this tool is simply outstanding. It will help your team reduce time wastage and get more done in the day. 


  • Offers time clock integration. 
  • Allows you to monitor workflow. 
  • Makes it easy to track over time.
  • Allows you to record attendance. 


This another one of the tools that offer you a combination of time tracking and billing services. This particular tool is specially designed for start-ups and small businesses. There are several customizable features that AccountSight has to offer.

It is a user-friendly tool that has a tab-based interface, manuals, and tutorial videos. This tool also offers several templates that users can use to save more time on their hands for inputting data. 


  • Offers integrations with PayPal and timesheets. 
  • Helps users with budget management. 
  • Allows you to track attendance. 
  • You can also track the leaves that employees are taking. 


AttendLab is a tool that was specifically designed to track attendance. This tool is specifically good for those organizations that have employees scattered across multiple locations. AttendLab allows employers to collect vital information about employees including photos for face recognition. This ability of the tool to recognize biometrics is what aids the tool to stand out amidst the competition in the market. 


  • Makes use of biometric recognition which recognizes various physical features of employees. 
  • Allows mobile integration. 
  • Makes it easy to track the attendance of employees scattered over multiple locations. 
  • Designed to offer real-time reporting. 


Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, BambooHR is a tool that helps HRs organize every piece of information related to the workforce. It is a digital solution that allows HRs to consolidate all the data related to employees and leaves them with ample time on their hands to focus on greater things. You can use this software to build yourself an employee-centric database and give access to anyone in the company. 


  • Allows you to control who will have access to what information. 
  • Makes reporting customizable. 
  • Easy to import and export the necessary data. 
  • Tracks employee hours and attendance. 


BigTime was developed keeping in mind the needs of engineers, architects, accountants, consultants, and IT firms. It is a tool that you or your employees can access from anywhere and at any point in time. This ease of access makes it a popular choice for many. This software helps every project-driven firms track the most crucial asset i.e. time. The aim of this tool is to help the firms get paid faster with very little or no amount of friction whatsoever. 


  • Makes budget management easy. 
  • Helps you manage the company’s workflows easily. 
  • Allows you to collect real-time data. 
  • Offers customizable templates. 


Bitrix24 is perhaps a blessing in disguise for companies and small businesses. This digital tool is ideal for not only time tracking but also to ensure proper collaboration and communication among remote employees. It is one platform that allows you to store all your projects, tasks, messages, and contacts together. Moreover, with this tool, all your employees can also keep a track of their time, tasks, and effectiveness that is required to complete the given project. 


  • Makes mobile and email integration easy. 
  • Allows you to plan your projects effectively.
  • Ample storage to keep employee documents safe. 
  • Offers customizable templates. 

BQE Core:-

BQE Core is another one of the time tracking tools that were developed and designed specifically for architects, engineers, Government contractors, IT consultants, legal professionals, and more. If you are looking for ways that could help you run your business more easily and in a more profitable manner, perhaps this could be your solution. The tool works best to organize relevant information and automate tasks that are repetitive in nature. It basically provides you with more time on your hands to spend on offering remarkable customer service rather than being stuck with internal prolonged processes. 


  • Allows your organization to track expenses and budget. 
  • Offers you real-time data and analytics. 
  • You can schedule all your tasks with convenience. 
  • Tracks employee leaves and vacation. 
  • Calculate employee overtime. 


There are plenty of time tracking tools that are available for you. These are just the top few. Which ones are you using to keep a track of your employee timings?