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9 Of The Best 8-Bit Music Maker Apps To Recreate the Magic

If an individual has played a lot of video games in their childhood, they’ll probably be aware of 8-bit music. This music became popular through video games because most of the games featured only 8-bit music to make the gameplay exciting. This music was catchy and enjoyable for gamers.

In recent times, 8-Bit Maker apps are in trend because many people are re-creating various audio clips and songs. Most people are using multiple types of equipment to convert audio tracks into 8-bit music. One may find a lot of 8-bit music on platforms like Youtube.

Even today, many games that we play on our smartphones feature 8-bit music. Game developers seem to use 8-bit music on purpose. Most users tend to enjoy games with 8-bit music as it happens to make gamers nostalgic.

It is always exciting to experiment with audio tracks, and songs to create new music. Over the years, game developers have been experimenting with audio they put in their games. Mostly, they find the 8-bit music best suited for their games.

How about if gamers could create their 8-bit music? Well, not only gamers, anyone can create their 8-bit music. About a decade ago, one would require a lot of equipment to create an 8bit music track. 

However, today, it is super easy to create 8-bit music with the help of various 8-bit music maker apps and websites. One may also use their smartphones and no additional equipment to create the perfect 8-bit tracks for themselves.

The exciting part about creating 8-bit music is, one needs not have prior knowledge of music. No requirement of having previous experience of music for creating 8-bit music ensures one explores their creativity. Moreover, when one is free, they bring out the best of themselves.

There are various 8-bit music makers available on the internet, where they may go and create their 8-bit audio tracks.

However, not all these platforms are worth a try. So, to ensure that you end up on the best 8-bit music maker, we’ll review some of the most loved apps.

Best 8-Bit Music Maker Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Piconica

Developed by Kikki lab, Piconica is one of the most loved 8-bit music makers on the play store. The app is feature-loaded and is a fierce competitor in the app market for 8-bit music.

A user can also record his work and play it for reviewing the track they created. Moreover, users can also share their recorded tracks with their friends and family, using the share button.

Chopin Minute Waltz by Piconica

Furthermore, one may also rename their tracks in the app itself. If a user is looking to play multiple voices at once, the Piconica app can do that for them without any hassles.

The app can produce square waves, triangle waves, white noise that is both long and short cycled. The app also supports MIDI for better experience and output.

Moreover, it also enables users to edit and change the sound’s pitch, making the app a highly customized 8-bit music maker.

Upon using the app, one realizes that it is straightforward to use and create 8-bit music. It is the excellent built and user interface of the app that ensures the app works without lags. Moreover, the app doesn’t give random pop-ups from time to time.

Pros of using Piconica:-

  • The Piconica app is free to use. No user will have to pay anything to create 8-bit music tracks utilizing this app.
  • The keyboard of the app has as many as 96 keys, which ensures, every tone is playable for users.
  • The app also features a volume envelope that can be useful to adjust the audio outputs of various tracks.
  • Keys of the keyboard can be extended from 1 octave to 8 octaves in width, depending on the demands of users.
  • The duty cycle of square waves produced by the Piconica app is varied and gives users multiple choices.
  • The app size is compact and is less than 5MB. The small size of the app makes it accessible for heavy mobile users, running short on space.
  • Piconica app continues to receive frequent updates that help the app run smoothly and tackle the bugs if any shows up.
  • The application runs smoothly on Android phones.

Cons of using Piconica:-

  • Users need to give storage access to the app to store their audio tracks. Giving storage access could be a concern for some people, as some apps tend to misuse this permission.
  • The fullscreen function of the app might not work on some models.
  • The addition of some new features like the modulation wheel might make the app even better.

Download on Google Play Store

2. nanoloop

Released in 2011 by Oliver Wittchow, nanoloop lets users create 8-bit music and much more. One may also develop remixes of various audio tracks using this app. Moreover, the app has some unique features which make the app a must-try 8-bit music maker. 

Best 8-Bit Music Maker Apps

Rated for users above 3years of age, nanoloop brings some fantastic console music back to life. Individuals can do a lot more with the nanoloop app than just creating 8-bit music. The app makes it convenient to create and re-create 8-bit audio tracks. 

Nanoloop app can work as a sequencer and a sampler package for users and create a variety of audios. The nanoloop app is highly optimized for mobile use and runs smoothly on most mobile phones. One may also load their audio samples from their SD cards. 

The nanoloop app can also work as an editor that enables users to trim and edit audio tracks. The list of features of the nanoloop application seems endless, and it offers most features that users might need to create their 8-bit tracks.

The app also comes with a song editor that could prove very useful when it comes to fine-tuning a song. 

Pros of using nanoloop app:-

  • Users can directly share their audio tracks with friends or clients using email or other platforms like Dropbox and Soundcloud. However, Dropbox and Soundcloud must be downloaded on users’ devices to share the clip on the two platforms.
  • The app size is compact, making it accessible for heavy users who are always running low on space. The nanoloop app is not more than 2mb in size.
  • The app is easy to use and can be used to create melodies and rhythmic audios.
  • The nanoloop app features eight patterns per channel. These channels make the experience of users better.
  • Post-installation, the app requires the internet for about 10 minutes only. Once the certificates are checked, the app can be used offline without any troubles.

Cons of using nanoloop app:-

  • To use the app, one has to pay the license fee and only then can access the app.
  • The app might not work with some tablets and old android versions.
  • Sometimes the app might misbehave with some users. One may update the app to sort the issue.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

3. BeepBox 

John Nesky developed BeepBox (Visit Here), the online platform for making 8-bit music. The platform can help users create and share instrumental music that belongs purely to the user who composed it.

Best 8-Bit Music Maker Apps

All the songs created on the platform stay in the user’s browsers and nothing is stored on the servers of BeepBox. 

Moreover, BeepBox plays all the notes loud by itself for the users to listen to them. BeepBox also allows users to add or remove specific notes of audio they are creating. The platform is open for all and even works offline.

The platform could prove useful for users who are making efforts to change the way 8-bit music sounds. It gives users the freedom to explore their creativity and create their audio tracks. 

However, beginners need to find out how the app works, and that might consume some time of the new users.

The great thing is, figuring out the way the platform operates isn’t tough. The ways of the platform can be understood in a few hours or even less. This platform has very few limitations on how audio can be edited before sharing them.

The platform features a variety of scales and keys for users to adjust as per their requirements. The BeepBox platform makes for a great 8-bit music maker due to its advanced features. These features allow users to copy-paste bits of their songs.

I Made a Video Game Theme in BeepBox.co || Shady Cicada

Pros of using BeepBox:-

  • The platform is online, and one doesn’t have to make space in their devices for using BeepBox. 
  • BeepBox developers have cleared that the platform will always be free to use. And, no users will have to pay fees for using the platform. However, users who wish to support the developer might head over to PayPal and give him a token of appreciation.
  • A lot of instruments could be opted for while making audios using BeepBox.
  • Users can play multiple patterns at once using the play button of the BeepBox. 
  • The platform works smoothly on most browsers. 
  • A shortcut to BeepBox could also be made through browsers for quick access to the platform. 

Cons of using BeepBox:-

  • Any audio tracks produced using the platform cannot be directly stored on the user’s device. A user needs to share or save the link to save his creation.
  • The platform is loaded with features that might be overwhelming for newbies. 
  • Editing the audio might be a task in itself for the new users.
  • The new version of the BeepBox 8-bit music maker might seem strange to old users.
  • Users cannot find out if particular audio has been generated previously. Or, one cannot even find which songs are already copyrighted.

4. Retro Boy Plugin 

Retro Boy Plugin (Download Here) is a famous 8-bit music maker that runs on Windows. The plugin is capable of producing retro 8-bit music effortlessly. The plugin loads quickly and runs smoothly on most computers. 

The plugin specializes in producing sounds that were once found in retro games. Moreover, the plugin requires users to have very little knowledge of composing music. Retro Boy plugin supports seven waveshapes and comes loaded with an oscillator. 

Retro Boy - Free VST plugin synthesizer - vstplanet.com

The design of the Retro boy plugin is user-friendly and easy to understand. Moreover, the plugin’s build is such that it won’t slow down the user’s computer.

Retro boy plugin is designed in a way that it runs without troubling non-tech users. The availability of high-quality graphics on the plugin makes it even better to use. 

Pros of using Retro Boy Plugin:-

  • Retro Boy Plugin is a subtractive emulator that creates music using polyphonic technology and oscillators. Usually, these types of 8-bit music makers are light in weight and run smoothly.
  • The plugin comes packed with vibrato and decimation effects. Both these effects can change the quality of audio produced by the plugin.
  • The plugin also supports four-voice polyphony, which ensures there’s variety in the audios produced using the Retro boy plugin. 
  • Users won’t have to spend anything on the plugin as it is free to use for everyone with an internet connection. 
  • The graphics of the Retro boy plugin are very impressive. The developer has special efforts for the graphics because graphics prove to be a game-changer for 8-bit music makers.
  • Even for the users with a rough use of their computer, which is loaded with tons of data, Retro Boy Plugin loads quickly. The plugin has less loading time because it is very light on the CPU of the user’s computer.

Cons of using Retro Boy Plugin:-

  • The Retro Boy Plugin only works with computers. Users who majorly use the mobile phone might not be able to use the plugin for creating 8-bit music. 
  • For some non-techy people, saving their 8-bit music, created using the plugin, might become a task in itself. Sometimes, finding out buttons to keep the work for future reference becomes annoying when one is not tech-savvy.
  • Retro Boy Plugin runs majorly on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. If users try to use the plugin in their Mac, it might not load or work for them.
  • Some old systems with less RAM might encounter some lags when the user runs the plugin.
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5. PixiTracker

PixiTracker is an 8-bit music maker, launched in 2012. Alexander Zolotov is the app provider on the Google Play Store. The app can create chiptunes and musical sketches with minimum effort of the users.

PixiTracker Basics

There are plenty of features in the app that intend to make the user experience better using an elegant design. The design of the app is unique in its way, and it loads swiftly. There’s a lot that this app can help users do, even without any knowledge of music. 

The app uses the Midi keyboard to play the tunes that users play on the PixiTracker. Over the years, the app has received plenty of positive reviews. 

There are many audio tracks supported in the app for users to play. 

The collection of the sound pack in the app comes with a variety of audio tracks. Moreover, it also features some of the retro 8-bit music. The app is more than an 8-bit music maker in the sense that it can also work as a sound recorder. 

Developers are dedicated to improving the app and making their user experience better. Developers ensure there are no bugs in the app and keep on sending updates frequently. Regular updates ensure that the app works smoothly for almost every user.

Pros of using PixiTracker app:-

  • The pixel interface of the app is one of the best. The interface intends to give users, same retro gaming feel.
  • The sampler of the PixiTracker app is one of a kind. The sampler can impact audio quality in many ways.
  • If users feel the need to share their created music, they can export their songs using the XM export feature. The XM export feature works with most of the latest music players.
  • The graphics of the app features a retro gaming theme. The retro gaming theme serves the purpose of making users feel nostalgic.
  • If users cannot find a suitable track player for playing their 8-bit music, they can run the PixiTracker player. This player is open-source, and anyone can access the player without paying anything.
  • The app allows users to experiment with their music-creating abilities and exploring new tunes as they use it.

Cons of using PixiTracker app:-

  • The PixiTracker app is not free to use. Users need to buy the license for the app through the play store. The paid version might not be suitable for some users who are on a budget.
  • The app won’t work with an Android level lower than 4.1. Users need to use newer mobile devices to access the app.

Download on Google Play Store

6. 8-Bit Music Maker 

The latest addition to the app market for creating chiptunes is the 8-bit music maker app. This app helps users to develop chiptunes effortlessly. Launched in 2020 itself, Dariusz Zabrzenski is the app provider.

9 Of The Best 8-Bit Music Maker Apps To Recreate the Magic

App developers’ dedication lies in creating quality 8-bit music, both quickly and effortlessly. The app is capable of producing 24 sounds for users creating their 8-bit music. Retro games inspire the design of the app and bring back many gaming tunes to life.

The user interface of the 8-bit music app has elementary functions and doesn’t look too complicated to use. It lives up to its purpose as an 8-bit music maker and doesn’t fail to deliver the same.

However, some users might feel the user interface needs to get better, but for starters and hardcore retro gaming sound lovers, it suits them almost entirely. 

For crazy 8-bit music developers, the app has a newly added feature that enables users to instantly share their work.

The export feature saves the audio created by users in their SD card or internal storage. Once stored successfully, users can share their work with their friends and family.

Pros of using 8-Bit Music Maker:-

  • The app size is compact and well under 20MB. Small size apps are always useful because they don’t take much space on the user’s device. 
  • There’s no need to buy any licenses from the play store for using the app because it is free to use. The bonus is, there is nothing that users need to unlock through in-app purchases.
  • The app keeps on receiving updates frequently. The developer keeps sending updates to ensure there are no bugs in the app.
  • The app features two octaves which are responsible for generating 24 sounds. Both these octaves provide variety to the users.
  • This app has all the 16 notes that users might need for creating their special 8-bit music. These notes are helpful when users need to adjust the pitch of their music.
  • The new update also brought a feature where the developer reverted some notes to sound even better. Users can adjust this feature as per their needs.

Cons of using 8-Bit Music Maker:-

  • The app might show many ads to some users, which gets annoying after a point in time. Moreover, there’s no way a user can stop announcements on the app while using it with an internet connection.
  • Users can’t play their music on loop because the 8-bit music maker app lacks the loop feature. A loop is a matter of concern for users who love listening to their 8-bit songs interrupted.
  • Sometimes the ad pop-ups might cause the app to misbehave and lag.

Download on Google Play Store

7. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is an app made for music developers who are in love with 8-bit songs and want to make more songs and tunes. The app works in real-time, and all the features are customized for mobile users.

It is one of the most trusted 8-bit music maker apps because it has loads of features and supports most devices.

The user interface of the app is truly amazing, and it is easy to learn how the app works. One can be unaware of how music works and still create some fantastic melodies using Caustic 3. The app is powerful when it comes down to its offerings. 

One may also find the effect rack in the app. The effect rack feature supports two effects for each machine that’s mentioned in the app. Due to the effect rack, the app can offer users up to twenty results in all.

The app is designed so that even professionals can count on the app to develop tunes for their next music. It also has a song sequencer that can come in handy for heavy users who are crazy about creating new music and themes.

The app comes loaded with a mixer desk, which can be used to mix two or more tracks. Users need this feature to create new songs using two existing ones.

The mixer desk in the Caustic 3 app also supports the reverb effect that helps make original audios with an even better output.

How to Make FULL SONGS in Caustic (Tutorial)

Pros of using Caustic 3:-

  • Users don’t have to spend anything from their pockets to use the Caustic 3 app on their mobile phones. The Caustic 3 app is free to use and can be used on Android devices with version 3.2 and above.
  • Users may choose their sound-producing machine from the menu of 14 pieces of equipment listed on the app.
  • Users can share their 8-bit music with friends and family members without any hassles. 
  • The app also has an equalizer, which allows users to customize their sound outputs. An equalizer is an essential feature of music creation apps
  • For new users who have never created their music and are starting with it anew, the app gives them automation features. Automation makes the audio-making process smoother.
  • The graphics of the Caustic 3 app are impressive and make composing even better.

Cons of using Caustic 3 app:-

  • Some features of this app need to be purchased by the users to use them.
  • The app might not work on devices that run on Android versions lower than 3.2. 
  • The app is packed with features that might look very confusing for the newbies, trying to make 8-bit music.
  • In some devices, the app consumes a lot of battery. A lot of battery consumption may not be feasible for some users who are always on the go.
  • Some users have encountered issues with the Caustic 3 app screen size. At times, the app might not fit appropriately on the screen, making it difficult to use the app.

Download on Google Play Store

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Boblemarin released its SFXR app in 2010 with a very compact size and a rigid motive to quickly create 8-bit music.

The app became popular amongst chiptune developers and has collected many positive reviews. Over the years, the app has delivered chiptunes without causing many troubles to users.

SFXR video game sound generator for Android

The app is powerful in its capabilities of producing retro 8-bit music. The random mode helps users create fantastic soundtracks that aren’t copyrighted before. It is excellent to explore one’s ability to create music even when they never had any music lessons. 

If a user is looking for some retro chiptunes, the app’s preset tone features can bring back nostalgia for users. There’s a lot more than retro chiptunes in the preset menu.

One may create multiple tracks through this chiptune maker and edit them to make a mix composition.

The user interface of the app needs major rework and some updates. However, it is quite simple to use the application after giving it some tries. One may also use the app to generate the basic tunes and edit them with tune editors.

The app simplifies the process of creating chiptunes with its dedicated tune producer that produces melodies using random shuffling.

The SFXR app has a lot in store for beginners as it enables them to explore their abilities of music creation without limiting them. Even kids also enjoy chiptunes, and SFXR developers have understood this fact clearly. 

Children can operate the app without any trouble and begin their journey as music composers. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases in the app that makes it safer to use for children.

Pros of using SFXR app:-

  • SFXR app is free to use. No users will have to spend anything from their pocket for using the app. Anyone with a stable internet connection can access the app.
  • The app size is compact and won’t take much space on the device of the user. The small size of the app makes it accessible for devices with less space and older Android versions. 
  • The app allows composers to select their desired wave type for creating their music. There are more than two wave types supported by the app. Wave types make a difference in the audio output. 
  • Furthermore, users can also pick from a variety of audio types already present in the app. These audios help creators make music following a particular melody.
  • For serious developers who feel the need to check their songs repeatedly, the app features a replay button. This button can help composers play music again and again without trouble.
  • Unlike other 8-bit music maker apps, SFXR doesn’t drain a lot of battery of the users.
  • The SFXR app also requires fewer permissions from the user’s device. Fewer permits make it safer to use.

Cons of using SFXR app:-

  • The app might not perform some complex functions of composing musical tones.
  • The app doesn’t receive a lot of updates, which makes the app lag at times.
  • The user interface of the app isn’t up to the mark and might come across as a disappointment for some users.

Download on Google Play Store


App markets are flooded with 8-bit music makers. Some of the chiptune-making apps are free to use while some require the users to pay a fee for using the platform. One may choose from the many available apps and websites based on the features, best suited for them.

8-bit music is in trend once again, and users need some of the best apps to create their soundtracks. One may use offline or online platforms as per their liking and features offered by various platforms.