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8 Important Questions to Ask a SEO Consultant


Does your website show up on the first few pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing search results? Increased visibility is crucial because, without it, your customers won’t know who you are. Yes, when your website ranks well in the search engines it will boost visits to your website which ultimately leads to increased revenue and brand awareness. Search engine optimization has become an essential form of online marketing.

How To Hire A Reputed And Top SEO Firm In Canada

However, in order to boost your visibility in major search engines, you’ll need to be well versed in current SEO methods. If you’re not an expert in this field, its best to leave the job to someone more experienced. A successful SEO campaign consists of business promotion and brand building. Seeking the help of an experienced and reliable SEO expert is crucial for quality SEO results.

There are hundreds of SEO firms and consultants. Most of them guarantee the same thing yet how will you know what SEO Consultant New York expert you should choose? Check out these twelve important questions you should ask whatever firm you decide to hire:

1.Request A List of Current and Past Clients

In the online world, it’s all about seeing tangible results. What better way to determine whether an SEO firm is right for your business than by seeing what they’ve done with other brands? References can be incredibly helpful at gauging how effective the SEO consultant is. In addition, you can reach out to clients and ask them if the consultant has had a positive impact on they’re the website.

2.What’s the plan for improving your website ranking?

Naturally, you’ll want to know just how they are planning to achieve the things they have promised. A good SEO Consultant New York professional should be able to discuss in details the methods they are planning to use. Allow them to explain the SEO strategies they are interested in implementing and how long realistically it will take to see whether your SEO goals are achieved.

The SEO consultant’s proposal should also include a technical review of the website’s to determine any tech issues that could lower your search engine rankings which may include broken links or error pages. A standard SEO package should include on page optimization which involves making sure that each page is extremely searched engine friendly by improving the link structure, generating quality web page titles and tags.

3.Is the number one ranking in major search engines guaranteed?

According to experts, optimization firms who make promises of getting your website to the number one rank on major search engines are typically bogus. These type of consultants have a tendency of using what’s referred to as “Black Hat”  SEO strategies. Black Hat SEO methods are unethical and can get your website banned from search engines.

Another red flag is a company who claims to have a business relationship with Google or some other corporations that run major search engines. Such SEO consultants may even go as far as guarantee to get your website higher ranking based on this insider relationship. These types of firms will simply take your money.

4.Do You Have A History of Following Webmaster Guidelines?

A consultant who has a history of strictly abiding by Google’s webmaster guidelines is desirable. Google has webmaster guidelines publicly posted for site owners to see. Some of these rules include; posting spamming content and hidden marketing links. Not following the search engines webmaster guidelines you a risk of having your website’s ranking drastically lowered or removed from the search engine results overall.

5.Who will you be communicating with regularly?

If you’re working with an independent SEO consultant than of course you can expect to communicate with that individual throughout the campaign. However, if you’ve decided to contract the services of a firm, then you’ll need to have a point of contact. Typically, in an agency, it is an account manager who is responsible for delivering the work and providing updates. If you want to get a feel for the level of communication that you can expect, be sure to ask questions such as:

How many accounts are they currently managing?

Am I able to communicate directly with the consultant completing the work?

6. Are you experienced in working with local SEO results?

Local SEO is important to brick and mortar businesses who want to also expand they’re products or services in the surrounding area. Local SEO ensures that someone who enters a search query for a service in your specific area will find your business. This is done by merging your company’s city and state title tags, meta descriptions, and relevant content. In this case, an SEO consultant well versed in local SEO techniques is imperative.

7.How is success measured?

In order to track the success of your SEO campaign the traffic that is being transported to your website from the search engine will need to be accounted for. Experienced consultants use Google Analytics to keep track of the progress made in your site’s rankings, backlinks that are driving traffic to your website and the most popular keywords that get the top results. This data should be used to further improve website traffic.

8. What are the standard fees and payment terms?

Before you sign a contract to have any type of work completed, you need to know how much you will be paying and will a retainer fee be required. Project-based payments are common and can vary in prices depending on the size and complexity of the campaign. Most agencies and consultants have a minimum time of engagement for projects. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is typically a twelve-month minimum length of engagement for a firm or consultant to take on the project. However, some agencies are willing to work with they’re clients on a month to month basis.

Knowing the pay expectation is essential because each business has varying budgeting limits. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a million dollar proposal only to find out it comes with a hefty price tag.



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