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A 7 Minute Workout Challenge – Lose Weight Fast & Effectively


Nothing kills your exercise motivation faster than a roomful of witnesses at the scene of your Not Nailing That Yoga Pose. But that’s where workout apps for your smart phone (that you can use in the privacy of your home) come in. Got a large sweat stain on your workout top? Great. Taking 10 breaks in between your cardio? No one will know. Below we present to you one of the must-have fitness apps that will help you tone up and earn some much needed endorphins—on your own terms.

What is A 7 Minute Workout Challenge?

We’re talking about A 7 Minute Workout Challenge, an amazing iOS app for losing weight and achieving your fitness goals. With customized workout programs that you can perform anywhere you choose, any time of the day that suits you, nutritious recipes, intuitive user interface, and tons of other features, this app will definitely help you slim down – fast and effective.

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A 7 Minute Workout Challenge Features

7 Minute Workout Challenge will help you be your own trainer, for only 6 weeks. Within this period you will be able to select workouts for upper body, lower body, boot camp, belly and more, and lose weight efficaciously. The app contains multiple exercise challenges, from Full Body, to Upper Body, Lower Body, Bootcamp, Belly Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Aerobics, etc. Create customized workouts that concentrate on particular areas you want to slim down, plan your workouts with an ease, choose whatever place you want to perform your exercises, watch video instructions and keep an eye on your progress/activity with the app’s calendar. In addition, the app provides with nutritious recipes and great daily meal plans for you to achieve your goals easily.

Get the body you want in less than 2 months by only working out 7 minutes every day, face up this weight loss challenge by downloading the app for free from the following App Store link.

App Store Download Link: A 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Website: http://ornateapps.com/


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