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Top Raspberry Pi Hats and Add-on boards for Raspberry Pi


In this article, I will describe you about raspberry pi Hats or add-on board. Of course, you can use Pi to program yourself using programming environments such as Scratch and Python. We can make connection separable components to the Pi General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO) pins and program directly. However, there are a host of amazing innovative add-on boards and accessories that allow you to use more functionality without having to wire the wires in place and can be mounted directly on the Pi.

The HAT requirement is sized to fit neatly on the Pi, bring into line the holes for mounting holes and equipment such as camera and monitor cables. Not all plug-ins are HATs; add-ons come in many shapes and sizes.

Top Raspberry Pi Hats and Add-on boards for Raspberry Pi

Analog zero point  (Buy Now)

Top Raspberry Pi Hats and Add-on boards for Raspberry Pi

The board recently boarded Kickstarter. It was only seven days, it smashed the target, they have been sent to supporters. Analog Zero offers eight analog inputs for your Raspberry Pi. Pi’s GPIO pins are digital, so you need to use analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to connect analog devices. You can use the ADC chip on the breadboard, but wiring can be cumbersome, so the analogue zero is a big improvement.

Analog inputs such as potentiometers and light sensors can be programmed more easily with GPIO Zero using analog zero points.

MotoZero  (Buy Now)

Another new version: MotoZero, designed by Richard Savill (aka Civilians and Raspberry Pi), is manufactured and marketed by Pi Hut. It is a dashboard that controls up to four motors. So this will be very useful for robotic project and also other motor projects. It is a zero-size board that you can program using the GPIO Zero Application Programming Interface (API).

We can also check out the CamJam Edu Kit 3, which features a dual motor controller board, Ryanteck MCB and 4Tronix Pi Zero Motor Shim, which are neatly positioned next to Pi Zero while keeping their profile low.

Sense hats (Buy Now)

Sense HAT is another official Raspberry Pi product. It was made for a specific event: it was sent to the International Space Station along with Tim Peake, an ESA astronaut, and experimentally coded by school children as part of the Astro Pi competition. Sense HAT packages an 8×8 color LED matrix and a set of environmental sensors.

Check out my article about exploring the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT and the Astro Pi Contest; and the Astro Pi Flight Case.

Likewise, the new Enviro pHAT from Pimoroni makes it easy to collect environmental sensor data. It is not a full-size HAT because it is made for Pi Zero, but it will work on any modern Pi.

Traffic hat  (Buy Now)

Another Ryanteck product, Traffic HAT, displays standard traffic light colors in red, yellow and green. It also includes a pushbutton and a buzzer, and is easy to program with GPIO Zero.

If you do not need buttons and buzzers, or if you need to access the GPIO pins, you can use Pi traffic lights or Pi-Stop, which are neatly mounted on the pins and stand upright.

Energenie Pi-mote (Buy Now)

Energenie products are used to control the power outlet with a remote control. Pi-mote add-on board remote control power socket. Use GPIO Zero to connect devices and write code to turn them on and off under certain conditions.

RasPiO Pro HAT  (Buy Now)

Soi this is also build by Alex Eames (RasPiO and raspi.tv) is RasPiO Pro HAT, which provides breadboard space on the HAT with GPIO pins broken down in numerical order. In addition, Pro HAT protects the pins, so you can use the LEDs directly without adding a resistor.

Adafruit capacitive touch hat (Buy Now)

Adafruit made some great boards for the Raspberry Pi, including their Capacitive Touch HAT. This is an easy way to read capacitive touch inputs from the Pi, which means you can make your own Fruit Drum Kit!

Skywriter hat (Buy Now)

Top Raspberry Pi Hats and Add-on boards for Raspberry Pi

Skywriter HAT also builds by Pimoroni company which basically allows gestures to control things. From there, make a Theremin, or go all out and automate your house with lots of gestures.

Camera module (Buy Now)

Top Raspberry Pi Hats and Add-on boards for Raspberry Pi

The camera module is the official product of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. So it will just use the camera serial interface (CSI) port so we can easily connect the CSI Camera with ribbon cable, available on almost every Pi model, to connect the compact camera board to the Pi over a ribbon cable. The new V2 camera was released earlier this year: it has 800-megapixel Sony sensor with excellent quality. There is a visible version and an infrared (IR) version. The infrared version lets you see in the dark with an infrared light source. Infrared cameras are commonly used for wildlife and plant photography.

Just Check out my camera Tutorial about
How to build Thief Detector with Raspberry pi 

 Unicorn hat (Buy Now)

Like the Sense HAT, Pimoroni’s Unicorn HAT packages an 8×8 LED matrix. However, LEDs are larger and more dispersed, so they fill the entire circuit board. There is no sensor so the board is great for displaying info, graphics, animations and status indicators.

Pimoroni which is an original partner of the raspberry pi organization also has a Pi Zero board, a Unicorn pHAT, 8×4 pixels, and a tiny 1×8 board called Blinkt!

If you do not need a big full-color LED, my other favorite is the Ciseco PiLITEr, a small plug-in that has eight small, bright white pixels in a row. This is perfect for a GPIO Zero bar or a Producer’s Space Indicator.

All of Pimoroni’s products come with a Python library and installation instructions so you will not be in any trouble immediately.


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