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Adding The Personal Touch To A Home Office


Working from home has many advantages. It’s convenient; you don’t have to rely on public transport to get you to work anymore because you’ll wake up already at your workstation. Being at home also means you can dictate your own schedule and are your own boss to some extent. It’s easy to see why working from home is such an appealing option to so many people. Even so, there are many things people often neglect when they’re working from home.

One of these things is a personal and emotionally resonant home office space. When you’re working from home, you’re giving up a conventional office environment in favour of something more unique to you. With that in mind, why should your office feel any less like a safe and comforting space than the rest of your home? Yes, it’s a workspace, but it’s still a part of where you live. Many people leave their office space barren and bare without ever decorating or adding any personal flavour.

We think that’s a mistake. A personalised home office can do more than just make you feel better about your work. It’s also a great motivator, a pick-me-up when things don’t look so good, and a way to calm yourself if you’re struggling with your mental health on any given day. That’s the power of simply surrounding yourself with decorations and reminders of your family, your friends, and the great times you’ve had throughout your life.

So, where should you start when it comes to making your home office personal? We’re big fans of family photoshoots for this purpose. Your family (if you have one) is the cornerstone of your personal life; you’ll go everywhere and do almost everything with these people. If you don’t know much about family photoshoots, we recommend you all gather around a computer and visit Venture Photography. They provide high-quality family photoshoots for a range of needs.

Your family photoshoot can contain as many or as few members as your family has. You can even get a shoot with your pet if you want to! Once you’ve taken the photos, arrange them on your desk in a way that means you can easily see them. It’s no good hiding them behind monitors or speakers so that you don’t even notice they’re there. Photographs alone can be massive mood-boosters, so just displaying them alone will go a long way towards making your home office more personal.

In addition to photos, you might also want to consider displaying artwork in your home office. If you’re running a customer-facing business, then you may want to be careful about exactly what artwork you display, but in any case, it should reflect your personality and unique approach to life. Choose whatever art gets your blood pumping and makes you think about life in a challenging and unique way. The art should both motivate you to work and keep you going when motivation is low.

This approach also extends to the colour of your walls and floor. There’s no reason to stick with a drab, lifeless colour scheme if that’s just not your personality. Paint your walls in a way that will make you happy every time you enter the room. If you’d like to coordinate a colour scheme, then there are plenty of resources online to help you do this. Whatever you opt for, just make sure it’s giving you joy every time you sit down to work.

Another area people often neglect when it comes to personalising office space is the furniture. Sure, flatpack furniture is convenient and helpful, but does it really reflect who you are? Maybe you’re a minimalist type who enjoys the simple aesthetic. If that’s the case, then feel free to use as much flatpack as you want. If not, then try looking for furniture in charity shops and out-of-the-way stores near you. We think you’d be surprised what kind of pieces you can find if you simply look.

It’s also important to give a lot of thought to what kind of storage you’re going to install in your office. Clutter is stressful, after all, and a home office shouldn’t be a stressful place to be. Don’t go overboard; buying more storage than you need means your filing system could end up labyrinthine and difficult to track. Still, cable tidies for your computer (and any other electronics) as well as a tasteful arrangement of cupboards and shelves are a must.

Don’t be afraid to display your hobbies in your home office. Clients will appreciate the little personal touch you’re adding to the office, while you’ll feel calmer knowing that your chosen way of relaxing is right there with you. Hang a favourite guitar over the computer, perhaps, or display some homemade artwork or photography. These can also be excellent icebreakers with clients; they’ll ask questions about the unusual decorations and you can answer them with an interesting story.

In the end, the two most important things about a home office are how easily you can work in it and how happy you feel while inside. Adding a personal touch enhances both of these aspects; you’ll feel happier working near personal accoutrements and you’ll be much more productive when you’re happy. However you choose to personalise your


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