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5 Ways New Admins Can Learn the Most about Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that allows the workforce from a global and remote location to share information via a common space and work together. As a new admin, you need to view and update teams that have been set by the organization. Here are five novel ways new admins can learn about the Microsoft teams they are managing. 

5 Ways New Admins Can Learn the Most about Microsoft Teams


  • Understanding the Admin Roles and Capabilities 


Before you take the first step towards Microsoft Teams Training, you need to get a basic understanding of different admin roles and capabilities supported by Microsoft Teams. Here are the different types of administrators in Microsoft Teams 

  • Teams Service Administrator
  • Teams Communications Administrator


  • Understanding Team Overview Grid 


The Microsoft Teams management tools are grouped under the Microsoft Teams admin center. To manage teams, go to the admin center, select Teams-> Manage teams. An Office 365 Group backs each Microsoft team. It also acts as an essential node that provides a complete view of groups in the Microsoft Teams belonging to your organization. 

The overview grid displays essential information about the teams like Team name, Channels, Team, Owners, Guests, Privacy, Status, Description, Classification, and Group ID. An admin can perform various actions like adding a new team, making some team-specific changes to the settings, archive a team, delete a team and perform multiple searches to get information about various groups in Microsoft Teams in your organization. 


  • Get Deeper into Team Profile 


The team profile page of any team is the right place to know about any team in Microsoft Teams. It shows the owners, members, and groups that belong to the team along with its backing Office 365 group. The team profile page also gives information about the team’s channel and settings. You can get information about important elements of Microsoft Teams like Members, Channels, Team name, Description, Privacy, Classification, Conversations, Channels settings. 


  • Make Changes to Teams 


According to Microsoft Team Training experts, a new admin can learn more about teams while making changes. The new admin can perform the following tasks through the team profile page.

  • Change team and group settings
  • Add/Remove members and owners
  • Add/Remove Channels

The new admins can make changes to a team like modifying group settings, which includes changing the name, classification, description, photo, privacy, or team members. 


  • Use of Training Resources 


Microsoft offers training resources to educate admin about Teams. You can access technical support, which includes videos on various topics like 

  • Foundation Core Components 
  • Windows Desktop Client 
  • Governance, management, and Lifecycle
  • Security & Compliance
  • Meetings introduction

You can access many more videos related to admin training on -Microsoft Mechanics – Teams Essentials for IT YouTube channel. Microsoft also provides quick start guides for admin training that helps new admins learn more about their teams.  

New administrators can also use training resources like tutorials and online courses provided on the Microsoft website to get a better understanding of admin roles and functions in Microsoft Teams.

These are some of the few ways that can help new admins learn more about Microsoft Teams and gain a better understanding of the management of teams and workgroups linked to Microsoft Teams enabled by your organization.