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What Is Advanced Pattern Recognition and How Can It Benefit Your Plant


Today’s manufacturing plants face troubles in making sure their industry stays profitable. With the rising demands from regulations to consumers, most plants find themselves drowning in a sea of worries. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep down costs while still operating safely, much less think about expansion and growth. 

However, now there is a solution to some of the toughest problems manufacturers face. Advanced pattern recognition gives plant managers the ability to predict how machinery will act and how they can counteract behaviors that result in loss of productivity.

How Do Analytics Work?

It’s no secret that manufacturing plants are dangerous places. Managers have to say constantly vigilant, not only of the employees but also of the machines as anything can go wrong. There is just too much for one or even a few people to keep an eye on. That is where AI systems have an advantage as they can collect knowledge about the machine from the inside and communicate problem areas to managers.

Where Does the Data Come From? 

Specially designed AI systems that help detect arrangements of characteristics, otherwise known as analytics software. 

To the untrained eye, a manufacturing plant may seem as if it runs a fairly mundane and repetitive workday. However, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface of the machines. Analytics tools can actually trace even the slightest difference in machine behavior. After it has recorded the behavior, it can then predict even days in advance if a machine is in need of maintenance or not.

When plant leads are more aware of possible issues machinery may have, it makes it easier to plan for repairs or updates and avoid unplanned shutdowns. A few of the things able to be tracked with advanced pattern recognition are: 

  • Downtime – Machine malfunctions, system bugs, product line issues, etc.
  • Health – How productive each unit is during planned production time. 
  • Risk – How likely each unit is to have an issue again. 

 Benefits Of Advanced Pattern Recognition

Machine health is an essential part of keeping your manufacturing plant running smoothly. So how do keeping track of analytics and data allow your plants to work better? 

In truth, it is not the actual data that has anything to do with how efficiently the plant runs. It’s more what the integrated AI and managers can do with the data collected. By learning more about when each machine is operating its best, it allows them to then optimize conditions in order to continue the same output.

This allows systems to predict future behaviors based on real-time data. In addition, it allows managers to detect signs of possible safety issues, which can also keep accidents to a minimum and keep workers out of harm’s way. 

There are a number of other ways that this data can help such as raising productivity levels when the factory is able to reach its maximum level of efficiency. It can help managers to adhere to all safety regulations by predicting probable causes and taking measures to prevent them. Finally, it can aid growth and increase revenue.

Companies no longer need to be in the dark about how well their plant is operating. Plant managing software like HanPHI can help to optimize conditions and take out the guesswork. 


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