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15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

We all know that change is a part of life and that we will grow old at some point, which is a major deal for some, but it is also a big deal for others, who are excited at the prospect of growing old and seeing how they will look in their 60s.

On the other hand, today’s age progression apps make it simple to relive your youth. You don’t need a fortune teller to tell you how you will look when you are old and whether or not you’ll have wrinkles.

Age progression apps allow you to enjoy the experience before seeing the results! Below is a list of the best age progression apps for android and iOS users. 

Best Age Progression Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction

Fantastic Face is at the top of our list of age progression apps because it is one of the most popular and is used by people worldwide to have fun guessing how they will appear.

Best Age Progression Apps

This program may be used to view how your face changes and appears as you age. This is accomplished with expert facial reports that provide information on how you will seem and how your face will alter due to your facial characteristics.

Along with predicting how you will appear in the future, it can also predict how your child will look, which, if you are single, may pique your interest in seeing how they will look!

Have you ever wondered whether there was a celebrity that looked like you or had facial characteristics that were similar to yours? Everybody has pondered this at some point, and some have even failed to locate it.

As a result, this app includes a function that allows you to compare your appearance to that of other celebrities to determine whether you resemble them.

Through this app, you will learn some fascinating things about yourself, such as a daily analysis of your face, which is a wonderful method to keep you involved in the app and use it for such reports regularly! 

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2. Aging Booth 

Don’t you believe there’s a lot of gossip going on while you’re on a trip or simply out to dinner with a group of friends?

What’s better than poking your buddies in the eye and showing them how they’ll look in a few years? Don’t you think it’s a fantastic idea?

Aging Booth is an Android and iPhone app created by PIVI and Co. It is one of the most entertaining age progression apps available.

This software shows you how you’ll appear when you’re older and predicts how your friends will look when they’re older, such as if they’ll have wrinkles on their faces.

Best Age Progression Apps 1

It’s been dubbed an aging machine, and it’s a terrific way to engage in activities and chats with your pals. An app that will brighten your day with some of the funniest photographs you’ll ever see!

Use this application without remorse on your friends, family, or coworkers, and age and surprise them!

Once you’ve received the results of your future self or your family and friends, you can share them with others on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook or in WhatsApp group chats, and let the conversations begin!

This software includes a lot of cool features that will draw you in. One of them is an auto-cropping tool that easily crops anything other than your face so that you can see your old photo without interfering with anything else in the background.

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3. FaceApp 

Isn’t it true that we all want to transform ourselves somehow? Even if it’s only dressing up for a special occasion or utilizing an app to morph our face into a future version of ourselves? Doesn’t that seem intriguing?

FaceApp, on the other hand, is a terrific program that will allow you to transform from your current self to your future self in a matter of seconds, making your day even more enjoyable and unforgettable.

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

You may turn the identical image into a future-transformed picture with everyone’s elderly faces in one snap by taking a flawless selfie with you and your family. 

Also, haven’t we all wondered or talked about how we might have looked if we were the opposing gender? This application provides you with that benefit as well!

So what you’ll see is your face changing gender, which you will be surprised to see as a girl or a boy, which sounds like fun to us! 

This is one of the best Age Progression Apps to track your age and suggest to your relatives and friends!

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4. Age Face – Make me OLD

This program, made by Naveed Zafar, like others, is designed to allow you to digitally modify your face and observe the difference between your current and future selves in a matter of seconds. You’ll ask how we did it, and the answer is easy. 

Simply take a selfie and wait a few seconds for a photograph worth laughing at and sharing; this is your transformation picture!

You may also enlist the help of your friends and family to complete this enjoyable metamorphosis. 

Age Face Make Me Old

Also included in this application is a function that allows you to switch genders and see how you would have seemed if you were the opposing gender.

Wouldn’t it be fun to test out this program that can also predict how you’ll appear when you’re older and of a different gender? That seems intriguing to me!

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5. Old Age Face Effect

This program just allows you to imagine yourself as an elderly guy or lady, something you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise!

You may observe yourself getting a decade or two decades older using this application; the count is up to you. 

Old age face changer app, Photo Collage and Pics Editor, age facing, Photo Editor pro

Indirectly, you may see how you will appear when you reach the age of your mother or grandfather, which is fascinating to know.🧐

Also, depending on the sort of change you have, you may add wacky glasses or even mustaches to your face to enhance your appearance, and you can ask your pals what that old guy, who is the future of you, looks like. 

Let’s see who can correctly guess the answer and who can’t. You may effortlessly save and email your transformation photographs to your friends and family from your gallery.

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6. Make Me Old 

This software was created by a media tool developer who has created a way for you to view what your future self would seem like if you were to gaze at yourself right now. So, you might argue that this is an app that makes you seem elderly, right?

With these changes, you can mislead your friends and make the most of your talks by keeping the fun alive and allowing them to test such an app!

You may also apply a range of stickers to complement your photo while doing the transformations. 

Best Age Progression Apps 5

If you want to make your photo appear more elderly, you may add wrinkles and make your hair look gray or even white, as long as you keep yourself occupied with this app’s features.

This program ensures you have a high-quality photograph with natural light so that it does not appear too modified and provides a raw result before sending you your changed image.

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7. Face Story – AI Photo Editor

Face Story is yet another Age Progression Apps to try besides the ones we’ve mentioned. This app shows you how you would have looked if you were the opposite gender and includes some amazing artistic features that will entice you to use it daily.

Don’t you like learning something new about yourself daily, or even the tiniest details about how your eyes and hair will seem as you age? 

This application can do anything. This app can provide you with new forecasts every day by scanning your face so that when your face changes in the future, you’ll be able to see what type of life you’ll be having, making it enjoyable and exciting at the same time.

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

You might also be curious about how you would appear if you were standing next to a star. Isn’t that the most wonderful day or period of your life? 

Yes, it will, which is why this app has a Celebrity Face Morph function that allows you to posture as if you were with a well-known celebrity and standing right next to them, allowing you to live out your dream, even if it is only virtual and not in reality! 

Wish to behave or seem like a cartoon? All of your dreams may come true with the aid of this software, which allows you to enjoy the experience of being a cartoon and posing!

If you enjoy reading horoscopes daily to see what luck you have or which color would be ideal for you to wear, then you must have this app on your phone!

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8. What Will I Look Like Old Face

If you have an iPhone and want to test some age progression applications, this is one of the most highly rated of all the ones available on the App Store.

Hands down, it’s an easy-to-use program that produces great and dramatic effects!

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

If you want to see how you’ll appear when you’re 50, you can change your face, and if you want to see how you’ll look when you’re 99, you can do so as well.

As a result, you may change your face with this software up to 99 years old, which is a lot!

You may share your selfies with your family and friends once you have taken them and produced the morphing image of you getting old, which will only add to the fun and encourage them to try the app!

This app also has wonderful features that will keep you entertained, such as face detection and some nice filters to play around with when bored.

To maximize your time on the app, you may generate as many aging photographs as possible by applying fascinating effects and engaging with certain animations.

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9. Age Recognition App

Have you ever had someone tell you that you appear a year younger or older than you are? It must anger some people while simultaneously being a compliment to others, right? 

Well, if you want to know how old you look and what your face says to people, you should give this app called Age Recognition a try. 

It will give you a complete result of whatever it has recognized by looking and scanning at your face, such as your age, ethnicity, and even the emotions or feelings that may be visible through your face. How exciting is that?

You might wonder how an app will be able to detect my feelings. This app, on the other hand, includes a scanner feature that will scan your face and provide you with all of the information it can show or anticipate by scanning your face.

Most users who have tried this app have given it a positive rating, stating that it has consistently displayed and provided correct findings to their feelings.

Even if your face age differs from your chronological age, it’s important to discover if others perceive your face as youthful or if you’re aging faster than your chronological age, which may reveal much about yourself.

After you upload a photo of yourself, you will receive all this information in less than a second. This software also includes several additional features that set it apart from the competition.

With characteristics like age, gender, and expression recognition, it can also determine what culture you are from based on your face, your fashion style, and other factors.

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10. Oldify

People used to go to fortune tellers to ask even the tiniest of questions, but today you don’t have to since there is an app that can predict how you will appear in the future, perhaps in ten, twenty, or thirty years. 

Best Age Progression Apps 8

It’s amusing to speculate, probably only for fun, about how our faces will alter and how we will appear with all the wrinkles!

You may post the photographs on social media with your friends and family to show them how they will appear as they grow up. 

There isn’t just one element in this program that will appeal to you, such as the age progression function, but there are several more that you should investigate.

There’s a function where you can pick from various humorous animations and use them to record yourself and your voice, which may be a fun part of your day for you and your family! 

This filter implies that when you use your transformation image, you will be able to see how you will appear when you are older.

Another aspect is that you can build some pretty interesting films by presenting yourself in the future, and you can pick from various effects in the program to ensure that your work is ideal.

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11. FaceLab – Free age progression app

It’s not enough to think about how you’ll look when you’re older; you also have to think about how much pleasure you’ll have daily. 

Isn’t an app supposed to be more than that? So life becomes a bit more enjoyable as we try new things mentioned on the app daily, allowing us to change our appearance significantly. 

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

This program has a lot more than simply an age progression function. You may also make your image more entertaining and engaging by switching or zombifying it. 

If you think your altered image lacks anything, such as how you want to imagine yourself becoming older, you may add it.

For example, you can add a beard or a mustache and make your hair appear a bit greyer if you like, among many other options.

We’ve all wondered for some time what we’d look like if we were the opposite gender; would we be attractive or funny? That’s fascinating to know, and it’s why this app allows you to learn more about it.

You can view how you would appear as a guy or a female, which will keep you engrossed in this program. You can also share your photograph results with your friends and family and encourage them to try and be a part of a fun moment once you have them.

Do you want to make your photo more artistic? Thanks to the oil painting tool, you can accomplish that as well, which adds a touch of creative flair to all of your photos. 

Once you have a large number of photos that have been altered and animated, you can put them in a collage to ensure that the before and after are visible to everyone on your social media platforms, which is a lot of fun.

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12. ToonArt: Cartoon Yourself

Because certain apps are designed exclusively for Android users and others for primarily iOS users, iPhone users have difficulty discovering apps available to others. Face Cam is one of those programs designed just for iOS users. 

With artificial intelligence that allows you to morph and transform your faces in near-perfect high resolution, this app has received a 4 out of 5-star rating on the App Store, which is a fantastic deal for the applications to be placed at the top.

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

It provides many options for you, which sets it apart from other iPhone apps. It has elements such as watercolor paintings, which you may paint with the colors on your computer, and drawings, in which you can draw anything.

Most individuals who use this program use it to forecast their future because it is one of its features, which is fascinating to learn about!

With these capabilities, no one wants to waste time on other applications like the iPhone’s infant age progression app.

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13. Magic Face 

If you had reached the age when you miss your younger self and wish you could see how you looked when you were younger, when you used to get dressed, take a selfie, and publish it on the internet, we’d like to invite you to revisit those memories and your childhood with Magic Face.

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

You may alter your appearance to see how you will seem in the future and how you appeared in the past, giving you the best of both worlds.

It also allows you to test how accurate this software is because you already know how you looked in the past and can see if you looked like your transformed image.

You may share these altered photographs from the past and future with your friends and family, and they can join in the fun by viewing how they looked in the past or how they want to appear in the future.

This app also includes various additional options, such as a baby prediction function that can tell you whether you’ll have a boy or a girl and when you’ll have them. Isn’t it intriguing?

It also has a gender swap option, which allows you to view how you would have appeared if you were a boy or a girl, and other features such as expression alteration.

Expression change is a function that ensures you don’t have any unflattering expressions in your images by magically transforming your odd-looking expressions into more serious and pleasant ones. 

How could somebody be bored in a day with all of these features? As a result, we encourage you to download this app and enjoy and have fun with your friends and family while spreading laughter!

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14. Age Editor – Child age progression app

With this assistance, you may age in a matter of seconds. You would like to see what your future self has in store for you regarding facial characteristics and how your children and their children will see you. 

Best Age Progression Apps 12

You can see how you will appear when you reach the age of 80, which is rather advanced. You may even add spectacles and mustaches or lighten your hair to add some extra qualities to your future self, such as becoming a cool grandpa or granny.

You may show your friends the altered image and ask them what it looks like; check if they can identify your name correctly.

You may also invite them to participate in this amusing game of predicting who will appear as the oldest when they reach a certain age.

You may also share the findings using social media applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook via group conversations or direct messaging.

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15. Face Truth

Do you want to see how you will appear with the most precise results in your golden years? Then the Face Truth is for you. 

With this app, you can compare your current self to your future self and see what changes you will notice as you age, such as if you’ll develop more wrinkles or thinning your skin. 

15 Best Age Progression Apps For Fantastic Aging Prediction

You can also compare your photos to those of various celebrities to discover who you look the most like and how since we have all wondered at some point in our lives who actor or actress we look like, and if this app allows you to do so, what better tool to use?

With features like daily face analysis and more, you can learn new and intriguing information about yourself using this app.

You’ll be able to spend quality time with your friends and family by encouraging them to try out our app and sharing some laughs! 

Download the App from Google Play Store


Is there an app that shows age progression? 

Various applications like Fantastic Face, Aging Booth, FaceApp, Age Face, etc., are easily available on the App Store and Google Play store and show you the accurate age progression. 

What kids will look like in older apps? 

Make Me Old is are decent applications that predict how kids will look when they are older. You can even try various Snapchat filters also to check out how your photo looks as an elderly. 

Are age progression apps accurate? 

Age progression applications are not highly accurate, and you should not rely on their accuracy. However, apps like YouCam Makeup, Aging Booth, FaceApp, Oldify, etc., are close to predictive, as they use the power of intelligence to predict how you will look at a specific age.

What age do I look like app? 

YouCam Makeup, Age Face, Aging Booth, and Age Recognition App are very reliable applications that predict your age based on your looks.

How will I look as a teenager app? 

FaceApp and Face Story are a couple of decent applications designed to help you look like a teenager. 

At what age does your face change most? 

The major changes in your face typically happen when you are in your 40s and 50s, but depending on various conditions like health, s#ex, and climate changes, your face may start changing as early as the mid-30s and continue into old age. 

How good are age progression photos?  

Age progression photos may be required for many different purposes, mainly for finding a child who’s been missing for many years.

With the help of forensic artists, investigating agencies usually try to depict an updated appearance based on various factors.

These images usually feature details like anecdotal success and can be very handy for accurate recognition compared to actual, outdated photos.  

How can I find someone’s age online? 

Stalking on social media, asking mutual friends, checking out various public records and data, and discussing school memories are some effective and logical ways of finding someone’s age online.  

Choose The Best Age Progression Apps

Everyone wants to know, at least once in their lives, how they will appear when they get old, and the face is the essential feature that expresses their age, but the question that arises is how will you see your future self?

You will need to use an app to view how you will seem in the future to others and how your face will define you. Above, we have included 15 of the greatest age progression apps to help you figure out how you’ll appear in the future or how you looked in the past.