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How To Fix AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

Using AirPods is really comfortable because of the wireless feature and charging the AirPods is a relatively easy task. Sometimes you might encounter an AirPod case not charging situation, don’t freak out. 

There are simple problems that could cause this to happen and there are simple fixes that accompany these problems. Here are some tips to resolve this. 

The tips are progressive so they start from really simple things like checking the connection or cable because in most cases we’ve seen, it’s usually cables or bad connections. 

So, it will be best if you progressively follow the tips so as to rule out easy fixes first before trying out some of the more sophisticated tips. As long as you’ve tried any of the easy fixes, you can just scroll straight down to other fixes. 

AirPod Case Not Charging Problem: Possible Fixes

1. Check Your Connections 

As we said, this is a pretty easy thing to do but you must also be careful to make sure you firmly plug your Lightning to USB cable into both ends; the charging case and the USB adapter. 

AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

The next step is to make sure the power adapter you’re using is firmly fixed in a socket that works. In cases with users using a Qi-compatible charger, the tip still remains the same. Make sure the cable is firmly plugged at both ends. 

If at the end of this you are still facing an airPod case not charging problem, proceed to step two.

2. Charge The AirPods In The AirPods Case 

This idea can sometimes help jump-start the charging process for your AirPods case. Put your AirPods inside your AirPods case and charge them with the cable that came in the original AirPods package. 

Make sure you use the original cable. Charge for at least 15 minutes and check to see if the case is charging. If it doesn’t work then try another tip.

For users who have Wireless Charging Case and a Qi-compatible charger, try and find a way to place the case with the status light facing up so that you can see if it turns on for a few seconds. 

If it does not turn on, continue to reposition the case for a while. If at the end of this fix, the airPod case not charging problem persists, proceed to the next step. 

3. Check The Charge Status Of Your AirPods Case

Use your iOS device to check the status of the battery. Open the AirPods case with your AirPods still in them and bring the case very close to your AirPods case. 

AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

You should immediately see the AirPods case charge status. The case might not be charging because it is full and you will immediately see that. If that’s not the case, then try out the next tip to fix the issue

4. Cleaning The AirPods Case Charging Port

Charging ports are naturally filled with lint and dirt because of where we usually place the ports. Lint and dirt can gather in bags and pockets and that is where we mostly keep it. Dirty charging ports might just be the problem behind your AirPods case not charging. 

Here’s how to clean off lint and dirt from ports. 

What Not To Use To Clean The Charging Port 

  • Metal objects like screwdrivers or iron rods 
  • Wet cloth or material 

These objects should never be used in cleaning the port to avoid short-circuiting and ruin in your charging port forever. 

Here’s what to use instead. 

Use items like a new toothbrush or a soft cloth to scrape the dirt out of the charging port. 

When you’re done carefully cleaning the port, try charging your AirPods case again and if the charging was compromised by lint and dirt, this should make it work. 

5. Use A Different Cable

If you’re reading further, then it means the tip above did not work. It is time to change tactics. 

We will suggest using a different cable. Check if the cable you’re using is MFI certified, if it isn’t, get a new one that is and try out the new one. If the old cable is MFI certified, then check if the cable is damaged in any way. 

Look for cuts, tears, or any other irregularities along the cable that may explain why you’re getting the AirPods case not charging dilemma. If there isn’t any, smoothen the cable a bit and then try again. 

6. Change Extensions or Plug Into a Socket Directly

This is a sub-menu on the former tip. Change extensions and check if the extension it is plugged in is working. Sometimes the extension you plugged your AirPods case charger in might be loose. 

How To Fix AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

Plug the Airpods case charger firmly into a socket and bypass the extension altogether. This might help in establishing a firmer connection. 

If this doesn’t work, then it is probably time to try out a much more “tech-based” solution. 

7. Resetting the Airpods Case

What is causing your “AirPods case not charging” problem might be a software problem. Bugs can sometimes cause problems with the Operating System of the AirPods case which might make the case unresponsive to charging. 

This software issue is common and usually, the way to fix it is by resetting the AirPods case. This is relatively simple to do and if it is a software problem, your AirPods case should be charging quite alright after you’re done with the reset procedure. 

Here’s how to reset your AirPods case. 

  • Press the Setup button and hold on to it. The Setup button can be found at the back of your case. 
  • When the Status Light turns on and flashes the color Amber and then White, let go of the Setup button. That is basically what resetting your AirPods case is all about. 

Try charging your AirPods case now and if the problem was in its software, it should charge fine. If it doesn’t charge, you will have to consider enlisting the help of Apple specialists to figure out the issue with your Airpods case not charging. 

How To Reset your Apple AirPods - Hard Reset

There are two ways we would suggest how to get professional help. 

  • Repairing Your AirPods Case At The Genius Bar In An Apple Store 
  • Using Apple’s Mail-In Repair Service. 

8. Repairing Your Airpods Case at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store

Click here to make an appointment at the Genius bar before showing up. This will make it easier for you to just walk in and have your problem addressed quickly. 

Remember to check in when you arrive at the Genius bar to confirm your appointment. If the problem is deep-rooted, trust them to find it and fix the problem. 

You will probably go back home with a working AirPods case if it is fixable or options about what to do next if it is not. 

9. Using Apple’s Mail-In Repair Service

This service is really simple to use. Click on this link and set up a mail-in repair. This option is available for users who for some reason cannot physically go to a Genius bar. 

It will probably take a bit longer than getting an appointment but you will just mail the defective components and expect communication on what went wrong and how to fix it. 

There’s also a phone support system that can help. You will be put through with a service agent who can guide you verbally on actions or tips you can perform to solve your problem. 

These options above are usually useful when all of the tips have been tried and tested and it still did not work. If anybody can figure out exactly what happened, it is the company that made it. 

Hopefully, your AirPods case will be fixed and it will be back with you in no time charging your AirPods again. 

Below is a guide on how to set up your AirPods with your iPhone. 

How to Setup Your Airpods to Connect With Your iPhone  

Connectivity between AirPods and iPhones are really easy to achieve. We know of course that for the AirPods to work, they must be connected to the iOS device you want to use them with. 

As soon as you open up the AirPods charging case and you bring your iOS device really close to it, the connection process will immediately be automatically initiated. 

A setup animation will pop up on your iOS device. This is what will inform you that the connection process has been initiated. 

An option will pop up on your iOS device screen. It will say “Connect”. 

Tap on Connect and then tap on Done. Your iOS device is now connected to the AirPods.

How to setup AirPods on iPhone & Mac!

This is the final step in resolving the problem of your airPod case not charging. If none of the fixes worked, then you may consider getting a new one.


AirPods cases can sometimes be faulty and usually, any of the fixes described above will help get your AirPods case back to working conditions in record times. 

Remember to clean your AirPods case and ports regularly with a soft lint-free cloth or a new toothbrush to make sure it is dirt-free and works well. 

Try to avoid squeezing your cables to ensure the wires don’t snap inside. Consult professionals immediately after trying out the tips.

Have you ever had your AirPod case not charging? Did you use any of the tips suggested above? Use the comment section to tell us how you solved the issue.