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7 Best Airtable Templates To Supercharge Your Productivity

Airtable is a software that provides users with spreadsheets templates for organizing, listing, and tracking things like goals, product launches, and many other things.

This software gives the users a way to manage complex things, which become time-consuming and boring if you do it all at once. Instead, you can use one of the templates and organize items regularly.  

In this article, you will find information about the various Airtable Templates. There are templates like the Bug Tracker Template, Wine Cellar Inventory Template, Setting and Goals Template, Wedding Planner Template, Expense Tracking Template, and many other kinds of templates.

You can use any of these templates and add relevant details regarding the template you choose on Airtable.  

These templates are helpful and helpful in every aspect of your life. An additional advantage of using these templates is that you can easily collaborate with other people.

They can make additions to the spreadsheet as and when they want to make changes. One of the best things about Airtable is that it’s colorful.

The color makes the page bright and fun instead of uninteresting. Every time you add more information to the sheet, the more fun it’s going to be for you.  

Best Airtable Templates: Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Bug Tracker Template  

The Bug Tracker Template (Find Here) is one of the best templates for software companies. It’s also helpful for start-up companies who have introduced a product in the market.

The bug Tracker Template helps you keep a check on all the significant issues that your product might be facing. It’s essential to keep track of the problems that the product might be facing.

If you don’t have a list of the issues that your product is facing, you might leave some out when you are fixing the problems in the development.  

The Bug Tracker Template is something you will find in Airtable Templates. You can easily add things under each category in the sections provided in the Bug Tracker Template sections.

Best Airtable Templates

There are sections like name, priority, attachments, status, assigned to, description, opened date, days old, duplicates, bug source, associated features, and many other sections. When you have a list of passages available, it makes it simple and easy to add further details regarding the bugs in the product. 

You can add people to the spreadsheet, and they can add to the sheet. This is especially helpful if you assign the work of fixing the bugs to other people.

They can keep adding to the status of their progress on fixing the bugs in the product. It helps everyone else know the quality of their colleagues.  

2. Product Launch Template 

Product launches are significant events in every company. It’s one of the essential parts of the company where every department works together.

It’s necessary to have the entire process well planned and organized. The best way to do that is by using the Product Launch Template (Use This Template), one of the Airtable Templates.  

You can start using the Product Launch Template and then add collaborators like the heads of the other departments. It’s one of the best ways for all the departments to have all the essential details regarding the product launch.

Best Airtable Templates 1

Each department can access the spreadsheets and check the progress of the product launch. It’s an easy and efficient way to make sure that every product launch is a success.  

One of the best features of the Product Launch Template is that you will always be able to track the status of the product launch. Tracking the quality of the product is essential for every department.

There are roles assigned to every department, and having the position of the progress makes sure that they can easily stay on track with the product launch. 

There are various sections on the Product Launch Template, which make adding the details regarding the product easy.

The features, status, product owner, launch, feature description, feature-complete, feature launch, marketing launch, complexity, value, and marketing plans. All these sections make the process simple.  

You can share the Product Launch Template with other people. They can add information regarding new products. This is one of the ways that many different people can work on the same spreadsheet and add all the essential information regarding the same.

It reduces the work that one person needs to do. Sometimes, other people might have more information and knowledge about the product.  

3. Book Catalog Template  

Book Catalog Template (Use This Template) is one of the best templates you can use to track all the books you want to buy and read in the future.

It’s one of the best things you can use to track the books you have read and want to read in the future. You will find one of the best Book Catalog Templates among the Airtable Templates.  

Book Catalog Template is one of the best templates for bookworms who can’t remember the next book they want to read. Everyone who reads has several book lists spread over different apps and websites.

7 Best Airtable Templates To Supercharge Your Productivity

This makes it difficult to remember which book you should buy and confusing too. However, using the Book Catalog Template will make listing down which books you want to purchase straightforward.  

In the Book Catalog Template, you will find various sections in the spreadsheet where you can find all the necessary important information related to books.

There are sections like the book’s name, author of the book, cover photo, synopsis, brought? Read? Rating and personal notes. Adding all of these details in the spreadsheet will simplify you to shop these books online or in-store. 

If you are in a book club or have friends who read too, you and the others will always have conversations about which book to read next.

In those situations, it’s hard to keep track of the books you hear about, and at that time, you can use the Book Catalog Template to list the books.

After you list the book’s name, you can go home and add all the necessary details about it. This way, you won’t forget the name of the book, and instead, you can read it.  

4. Expense Tracking Template 

Expense Tracking Template (Use This Template) is one of the Airtable Templates. It’s one of the best templates you can use to track all your expenses and know how you are doing financially. You can use the Expense Tracking Template for personal as well as professional purposes. 

Best Airtable Templates 3

One of the most important skills one should possess is having track of their expenses. You should know where you are spending money, how much money you want to save, and the long-term investments you want to make in your life.

All this is possible with the Expense Tracking Template. It makes tracking and keeping a record of your expenses easy.  

A feature of the Expense Tracking Template is that you can photographically record the things you are buying by adding a photo of the product’s image and the receipt.

This is important for companies because it helps every department keep a record of their expenses. Every department needs to have an expense report.

If the departments start using the Expense Tracking Template provided by Airtable, it will make the task straightforward. They can record the things immediately, instead of doing them at the end of the month.  

You can easily add things like the name of the item you bought, the article’s photo, the image of the receipt, money spent, category, and who paid for the item. The Expense Tracking Template is minimal and straightforward.

You don’t need to do anything additionally besides filling in the details under these subsections. Another thing is that you can collaborate with other people and add to the expense tracker.  

5. Wedding Planner Template  

Planning a wedding is a task that requires a lot of organization. It would be best if you were organized and ready for every situation.

The best way to plan your wedding is to have a spreadsheet that will contain all the crucial details and information you can easily access anytime and anywhere.

One of the best options of spreadsheets you can choose from planning the wedding is the Wedding Planner Template. It’s one of the best Airtable Templates. 

When you start using the Wedding Planner Template (Use This Template), you will have the time of your life while planning the wedding.

There’s space for everything on the Wedding Planner Template, right from the list of guests to hiring the caterer. The Wedding Planner Template has everything you need to plan your wedding.

Best Airtable Templates 4

There are times when you will have to share your wedding planner with the other people who are helping, and they might get confused looking at it.

However, with the Wedding Planner Template, you will have no such problem because it contains everything. One of the sections in the Wedding Planner is the Guest section.

There are many sub-sections like your relationship with them, whether they have PSVPed or not, and which side of the family they are from, the groom or the brides.  

Another feature of the Wedding Planner Template is its A-list and a B-list, which can help you decide which guests take priority and which guests don’t.

Additionally, there’s space for things like rehearsal dinner, the list of all the possible venues, the caterers, and the hotels. All these subsections make it simple and easy to plan a wedding.  

One of the best features of the Wedding Planner Template is that you can easily track the gifts people have given you.

You can see who’s gotten what you want, who you’ve sent thank you notes to already, and who you need to send thank you notes to in the future. This is one of the essential features which can help keep track of gifts and sending thank you messages.  

6. Setting and Tracking Goals 

Setting up goals and trying to follow them through is one of the most challenging jobs. Sometimes you get so caught up in setting goals that you don’t even start trying to accomplish those goals.

Therefore, you have no way to track the goals you want to achieve. One of the best ways to go about this is by having a Setting and Tracking Goals Template (Use This).  

Airtable Templates provide one of the best Settings and Tracking Goals. It’s one of the most detailed and practical templates you can use to set up and track the goals you want to achieve. The plans you set up can be weekly or monthly.

7 Best Airtable Templates To Supercharge Your Productivity

The Setting and Tracking Template helps you stay organized and focused on achieving those goals. Every time you look at the sheet, you will feel motivated and excited to complete the goals you have set up.  

You can set up, track, organize and complete the goals you want to accomplish on a weekly or monthly basis. These goals don’t have to be confined to one aspect of your life, like work deadlines or workout days.

You can add things like family visits, date nights, vacations, attending social events, renovating your home, and many such things. In Setting and Tracking Goals, you will find that there’s space for things like projects.

So, if you are starting a new project, you can add all the necessary details to the spreadsheet and start tracking your progress on the projects. You can plan, organize and track the progress quickly on the Setting and Tracking Goals template.  

One of the best things about Setting and Tracking Goals is that it’s minimal. You will not have any problem tracking goals or setting them up because the spreadsheet is created minimally.

There are five columns where you can add details like the name of the plans, focus, if it has been accomplished, timing, and due date. This makes it simple to use daily and adds the details regarding the goal for anyone.   

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3 Tips to Master Airtable | How to use Airtable (for beginners)

7. Wine Cellar Inventory  

One of the best Airtable Templates is the Wine Cellar Inventory template. It’s perfect for people who collect wine and want to keep track of everything related to the wine. Having a Wine Cellar Inventory Airtable is perfect for Wine collectors.  

Sometimes, it gets hard to manage how many wine bottles you have in a wine cellar and how many types of wine you have in the basement.

The Wine Cellar Inventory Template (Use This Template) helps you with these things. You can easily keep track of the inventory in your wine cellar.  

7 Best Airtable Templates To Supercharge Your Productivity

In the Wine Cellar Inventory Airtable, you will find over ninety predefined wine types, so you won’t have any problem knowing how many different kinds of wine you have in your wine cellar.

This system is helpful for all the times when you want to buy more wine. Also, if someone besides you is going to the wine cellar, this Airtable can tell them which wine is white, rosé and red.  

Along with having an efficient system where you can list your wine, the Wine Cellar Inventory Airtable has space for an inbuilt rating system.

This is helpful for new wine drinkers. It will help them see which wine is the best and which isn’t the best. This rating system is useful for deciding which wines you can serve at parties and special occasions.  

Another feature of the Wine Cellar Inventory is that it has a detailed spreadsheet that is informative for anyone who visits the wine cellar for the first time.

The spreadsheet contains information like the name of the wine, its kind, color, vintage, sum, country, estate, maturity, rating, and drink before.

These details make it one of the best wine cellar inventory spreadsheets. You will be delighted with the amount of data and information you can store on the spreadsheet. 


Airtable Templates are the perfect way to make your life organized and straightforward. You can use the templates for various occasions and be prepared for every situation.

The templates you will find on the Airtable software are modern, flexible, and adaptable. All the templates you see on the Airtable software use the latest technology.  

Another advantage of using the templates provided by Airtable is that it saves you time and energy. You no longer need to use several apps to organize something.

Instead, you can easily use the template of your choice and be prepared for every situation. The templates come in handy, especially when organizing significant events like product launches and wedding events.

Additionally, when you have a wine collection or a bookworm, these templates are super helpful.  

The templates are minimal, which is one of its best features. Being minimal makes it ideal for the users to add data to the sheet every day without getting confused or feeling like it’s too much work.

When the sheet is cluttered, the users might get confused. However, the users will never feel confused while using any of the templates provided by Airtable.