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7 Best Akismet Alternatives For WordPress Spam Protection

Akismet remains the most widely used spam filtering plugin for WordPress. However, it is only available for non-commercial and personal use. But you must pay for a company website if you have one.

The remarkable thing is that Akismet isn’t the only spam-filtering software available. There are a few Akismet replacement plugins available.

These plugins will assist you in removing spam emails, spam comments, and spam registrations, among other things.

We have compiled a list of the top Akismet alternatives used on WordPress to assist you in finding the finest plugin.

Best Akismet Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Antispam Bee

AntiSpam Bee is among the most popular Akismet alternatives, with more than 700,000 downloads. With AntiSpam Bee, users can bid goodbye to spam comments. This extension can also stop spam trackbacks.

Best Akismet Alternatives

This plugin is jam-packed with valuable features and doesn’t require registration like Akismet. AntiSpam Bee is GDPR compliant and therefore does not require any payment to be spam-free. It operates by looking for commentators originally defined as spammers within the local spam database.

While Akismet and Antispam Bee utilize similar approaches to filtering spam, they are not identical. Antispam Bee, unlike Akismet, does not rely on an external, ever-changing database.

Antispam Bee is technically GDPR compliant since it does not use a foreign database. One of the characteristics listed on the plugin website is this.

Despite this, it is surprisingly effective at detecting spam. Many even claim that it outperforms Akismet. However, it all hinges on your blog’s kind of spam.

Whether you run a personal blog or a business that you want to monetize, this plugin is free. That is one of its primary advantages over Akismet right now.

The Antispam Bee’s WordPress plugin works similarly to Akismet. It will assist you in filtering spam comments more quickly and effectively, allowing you to concentrate on more critical activities.

In addition, it can assist you in getting comments on your site without having to verify each one individually. You can use an anti-spam plugin such as Antispam Bee or Akismet to screen them out.

It also has more than 400k active installs, indicating that it is widely used and that many people prefer it to Akismet. Antispam Bee comes installed but is deactivated by default on newer WordPress blogs.

Akismet’s WordPress plugin is simple to install on any blog. Using the WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins, then click Add New.

Antispam Bee will appear in the search results simply by typing it in. Once you have installed and activated it, you are ready to go.

Best Akismet Alternatives 1

However, it is never a bad idea to look over the settings of a new plugin and tailor them to your requirements. As a result, it appeals to both new and seasoned bloggers.

It is not quite as good as Akismet, but it is one of the best Akismet alternatives. It has a lot more customization possibilities. I was astonished because Akismet has three settings to choose from.

One of the significant disadvantages of using Akismet is that it automatically deletes any posts it identifies as spam. As a result, if it tags legitimate comments as spam, one may lose them.

Antispam Bee does not have a complicated setup by default. This is a huge step forward; this makes it preferred over other Akismet alternatives.

Key Features:-

  • Incoming Spam Email Notifications
  • Approved Comments and Gravatar Comments can be trusted.
  • Commenters from specific countries and languages are blocked.
  • Spam Detection is already in place.
  • It shows statistics on spam.

Cost:- This fantastic Akismet option is open-source software; you can get it in the WordPress repository at no price.

2. Stop Spammers

Stop Spammers is the next on our list of Akismet alternatives. This plugin is fantastic at preventing spammers from polluting your website, as the name implies. This extension begins annihilating spammers as soon as it is installed.

This plugin has 50 configuration settings and employs 20 special markups. The new, enhanced UI can prevent spam posts, registrations, spam emails, spambots, and spammers. Users can conduct diagnostic tests and check for spam behavior whenever they like.

Best Akismet Alternatives 2

Firewall protection is also included in the Stop Spammers plugin. You can limit the number of times you try to log in. You may also import and export customized settings for use on your websites.

In a broad sense, spam emails, spambots, registration, comments, and spammers are all blocked. With this mature, well-maintained plugin, you can perform diagnostic tests, view activities, and much more.

Stop Spammers adds protection that should eliminate most spam concerns right now. Because every website is unique (particularly if you have incorporated a payment gateway), it provides various features that you can utilize to satisfy your site’s requirements. Personalization is simple with our 50+ setting choices.

Whenever anyone fills out a form and submits it, Stop Spammers is activated. It examines all of your platform’s forms, not just replies and logins. If this feature is selected, the extension will only scan the wp-login.php.les and wp-comments-post.php.

The IP address of each administrative user who logs in is included in a particular list. This implies you will not be able to log in except for your IP address updates or log in through a new location. 

After logging into the system, the IP address is white-listed to stop potential issues. Since you are no longer restricted, you can turn this off.

Generally, the plugin looks for spammers before attempting to log a user in. Every request to sign in will be validated if you select this option. By performing numerous login attempts, hackers may be able to deduce your password and user ID.

This setting was initially enabled to protect you from being locked from your blog, but you should disable it once you have confirmed that the software does not believe you to be a spammer.

By clicking the “Keep Hidden” button, users can save themselves the extra clicks of hiding a message each time they update.

Premium also includes more complex notification options, such as concealing all notifications simultaneously. If you change, you may have to empty your cache to take effect.

When you complete a form, all browsers display the webpage where the form was submitted. A program’s submission was most likely made if this linking page is absent or does not represent your website. 

Some mobile apps attempt to log in without using the proper header. If you access your website using a mobile device, you may choose to deactivate this feature. First, test it out – the better-written apps will include a link to the referring page.

Key Features:-

  • Themed Login
  • Brute Force Guard
  • posses Firewall
  • It uses a Lightweight Contact Form
  • It Imports and exports Personalized Settings
  • Save Historical Data

Cost: Download the software for free using the WordPress repository, or pay $29 a year for a single website to get more sophisticated capabilities. This high cost might lead you to choose other Akismet alternatives.

3. WP Cerber

Using the WP Cerber Anti-Spam, Security, & Malware Scan plugin, users can protect their site from hacking to spam. This extension has more than 200,000 downloads, which makes it one of the most popular Akismet alternatives.

This plugin employs a specific Google reCAPTCHA and anti-spam engine to secure your registration, comment forms, and contact.

This plugin keeps track of users’ and bad actors’ behavior and sends notifications through email, desktop, and mobile. This plugin also keeps track of logins produced by XML-RPC requests, login forms, and auth cookies.

Best Akismet Alternatives 3

This plugin examines every file and folder for malware, backdoors, trojans, and other threats.

This add-on is GDPR compliant, and it connects with Cloudflare to preserve and synchronize the list of blocked User accounts with Cloudflare ID access policies, just as Antispam Bee.

WP Cerber is a Plugin for WordPress that focuses on general protection and security for the CMS. There are a plethora of tools on the market that provide WP protection and security from hackers.

The issue has yet to be resolved, and no one seems to stop the site’s security breach. WP Cerber creates a robust barrier around the site files, preventing anyone from finding a way in.

Limiting login attempts is an efficient approach by WP Cerber to bring intruders to their knees. The same option is available in the WordPress package; thus, it is not very unique. However, It is helpful to know that it was packaged separately by the firm.

You can install custom login pages from the WP Cerber dashboard to prevent intruders from reaching the administrator settings menu.

The URL for the custom login pages is also included, an intelligent way to confound simple hackers. Serial intruders do not devote much time to breaking a given site since they do not locate the custom page.

DOS attacks are prevalent among privacy hackers attempting to access the administrator interface. The gap could be closed with a security layer against DoS intruders.

Because it consumes so much CPU, a forceful DoS assault is particularly detrimental to a website’s functionality. WP Cerber gives an extra security line, preventing intruders from breaking through the wall.

Several hackers devote significant time to developing software that allows them to assault a website continuously. Since the IP address used for the procedure does not trace them, the faceless people stay unidentified.

No one can buy a new IP address daily unless they process a large sum of money to back them up. Phishing accounts for 90% of all regular attacks, which the WP Cerber plugin prevents.

Other Akismet alternatives lack basic functionalities, but the most basic functions are the most essential. An in-depth transaction log reveals information that administrators are unaware of. 

The IP address, date/time, hostname, activity, and username are all listed in the security plugin. Because the records do not have an expiration date, you can quickly browse weeks of activity logs.

You must first activate “Master Mode” from the interface, after which remotely controlling the setup is a breeze. The free version looks “read-only” now, whereas the premium version offers an entirely operational mode.

Key Features:-

  • Both Ordinary User Enumerations and Rest API are blocked.
  • reCAPTCHA feature.
  • Two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Recovering Files Automatically.
  • Spam Comment Detection and GEO Country Rules restrict access.
  • Protection Against Malicious Viruses 

Cost:  WP Cerber is an open-source software like most other Akismet alternatives. Therefore you can get it at no price in the WordPress plugin shop.

4. CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a WordPress Spam protector that uses cloud-based tech and is powerful and straightforward.

This plugin protects your WordPress website from spamming bookings, widgets, orders, newsletter plugins, and subscriptions, as well as spam comments, contact forms, registration, contact form, and email spam.

Because this tool is cloud-based, it can examine numerous parts of your site without causing one site to slow down.

Domains, spammer email addresses, and IP addresses are blocked. Spam firewall protections are also included in this plugin’s distinctive property, blocking spam bots from reaching one’s website.

You can use this plugin in conjunction with other popular plugins such as Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, BuddyPress, MailChimp, MailPoet, etc.

You may use this plugin without difficulty because it is user-friendly. This tool has no CAPTCHAs, puzzles, quizzes, or arithmetic riddles.

CleanTalk is an anti-spam plugin that integrates with CleanTalk, a commercial cloud anti-spam solution.

CleanTalk — SpamFireWall Option Help Video

CleanTalk’s anti-spam feature allows you to go through existing comments for spam and delete them all at once.

Registrations and comments from the nations you have blocked will be automatically blocked. This feature is handy for conventional spam protection and for enhancing security. 

Skip this step if your website is not meant for worldwide reach and you do not anticipate responses or visitors from other countries.

To improve spam security, you can ban comments containing “stop words” and communications with vulgar terms. You can include certain words or phrases.

Block registrations and comments automatically from your secret black IP/email contact list. This feature aids in the spam defense from manual spamming or blocking undesired user comments. To your blacklist, you can include specific IP addresses and a distinct subnet.

Personal IP addresses and subnets can be added to Spam Firewall. It prevents spam attempts from IP addresses that have not yet been added to the SFW database. 

This setting can prevent brute force attacks, SQL attacks, HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks, and any other threats that have made it over HTTP/HTTPS. To your blacklist, you can include specific IP addresses and a distinct subnet.

This plugin employs several anti-spam checks to detect spam bots with the lowest possibility of detection. Even if any of the anti-spam statements fails, the use of several anti-spam tests helps to prevent false/positive blocking of legitimate website visits.

CleanTalk is far faster than the majority of other Akismet alternatives. The faster the site loads, the higher your customer satisfaction, the better the SEO will be, and the site will convert. 

In SEO, user experience, conversion, and speed have become increasingly critical. Site speed is becoming a crucial ranking factor for Google. Visitors and prospective money will leave a site that takes too long to load.

There are several methods for boosting the loading speed of your website. Installing well-developed extensions from a reliable source is a crucial aspect of overall performance.

CleanTalk is one of the quickest Akismet alternatives. Notwithstanding the plugin’s extensive features, the creators have improved its efficiency, making AntiSpam by CleanTalk quicker than most competitors. 

This adds to the cloud service design since all calculations are performed in the cloud rather than on the server, and the server gets the final result for processing.

Key Features:-

  • Comments, Forms, Registrations, Orders, and other site areas are all protected from spam.
  • Spam Bots Login Filter 
  • Spam Filtering
  • Brute Force Defense with XML-RPC
  • Email Validation in Real-Time 
  •  Deactivates Comments

Cost:- One can use the tool for a 14-day free trial, after which it will cost you $8 per year. Unlike most other Akismet alternatives, CleanTalk does not come free, yet it isn’t so expensive.

Akismet vs CleanTalk:- Akismet and CleanTalk successfully prevent spam from appearing on websites. Still, Akismet is made exclusively for WordPress websites, whereas CleanTalk may be used on any website. It’s crucial to select a spam prevention service that meets your unique requirements.

5. Titan Anti-spam & Security

Another Akismet competitor is Titan. Like the other Akismet alternatives on this list, this add-on removes the demand for captchas.

This plugin automatically erases spam posts without the need for admin involvement. This plugin detects spam comments by employing algorithms to identify and eliminate spambots. It is a simple plugin that is simple to implement and use.

7 Best Akismet Alternatives For WordPress Spam Protection

In addition, this plugin adds a new concealed field to the posts form. This hidden field is not visible to users, but it is visible to spammers.

If a spammer enters this field, The communication will be considered spam and deleted.

Titan offers anti-spam, malware scanners, firewalls, malware scanners, checking, site accessibility, security, and risk audits for WordPress sites.

Its security features give Titan the most up-to-date malware signatures, firewall rules, and a database of harmful IP addresses — all one needs to keep their website secure.

Titan is a complete WordPress security tool with a set of extra features available as add-ons, all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface.

When this service is used for email security, it aids in the filtering of most mail threats, such as viruses, spam, and phishing. It is the most widely used email security program.

This product is highly customizable, robust, and scalable. Titan’s Anti-spam & Security rates are relatively high compared to other prominent Akismet alternatives in the industry. It applies to Office 365, MSPs, and Schools. It includes a sophisticated threat protection mechanism that we found useful.

Key Features:-

  • Security Audit
  • Antispam
  • It blacklists IPs in real-time
  • Antispam
  • Firewall
  • Malware Scanner
  • 2FA

Cost: For a limited time, you may use this free Akismet replacement for WordPress. However, accessing advanced functionality would cost you $53 per year for six sites.

6. Sucuri Plugin

Regarding Akismet alternatives, Sucuri is at the top of the heap. A security component should be deployed on every WordPress website, and a Sucuri scanner tool is a fantastic option.

Although the company offers a paid subscription for individuals who require more protection, many WordPress users (over 800,000 at this review) believe that the free version is sufficient for keeping their sites secure.

In this piece, we will go through the main features of Sucuri and look at its overall status to see if it is the best security plugin for your site.

Sucuri is as simple to set up as it gets. Go to the WordPress.org plugin repository’s Sucuri page and download it. Optionally, in the WordPress admin area, go to Plugins – Add New. When Sucuri Security with a pop-out menu is enabled, a new menu option labeled Sucuri Security appears.

After getting to know your way around the dashboard, it is time to execute a comprehensive site scan. To begin, you will have to establish an API key.

This function is located at the top of your Sucuri interface. Sucuri will then generate the key after you verify and confirm your details.

After that, your site will be added to their database, and Sucuri’s key verification will be reflected on your dashboard.

One can then evaluate the most recent scan by going to Sucuri’s SiteCheck website and choosing the Refresh Malware Scan option in the panel, but a new analysis will be required. You can start the scan by entering the matched URL if your API key is active.

Please keep in mind thatSucuri has only API access to the files because it’s a remote scan. This is not the same as a server-side scan or a scan because it can access all files locally. However, it is comprehensive and detects both significant and small dangers to the health of your website.

Sucuri provides thorough premium scans. From their professionals because it is a remote scan. Although this is an upsell, the free scan is safe and rigorous enough for most website owners.

The Web Application Firewall is the primary benefit of purchasing a Sucuri membership (WAF).

The paramount protection most sites employ against attackers and hackers is a WAF, a reactionary and ruleset plugin that prohibits undesired connections in real-time.

Sucuri does not provide this for free, but it is included in their Premium platform or purchased separately.

Sucuri is a highly reliable security platform. The plugin’s free edition offers users a site scan and all the tools they need to manually eliminate threats and maintain their site functioning. 

Login monitoring is a must-have for everyone, and website hardening rules that can be applied with a single click are a rarity in WordPress security plugins. Sucuri can provide a rapid update and check for those that require it.

Key Features:-

  • Checking for flaws – auditing
  • Monitoring – receive alerts if anything goes bad.
  • Malware Screening – look for malware that has already been identified.

Cost: Sucuri Firewall costs $9.99 per month, and Sucuri Platform costs $199.99 per year.

7. WordPress Built-In Spam Protection

At last, we have WordPress Built-In Spam Protection that will help you to protect your WordPress website even without any plugin, the only thing required is the small configuration of the comment blacklist.

Kinsta has an awesome video on this built-in spam protection feature. have a look and implement it.

How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments with Built-In Features

Use this GitHub Link to get Comment word List.


What Do You Mean By Akismet?

Akismet is a spam filtering service used to filter comments on WordPress.  This plugin filters out spam comments and removes them from your site.

Till now, this website has caught more than 523 billion spam comments. If you have a WordPress site, installing an Akismet plugin is necessary to block all spam comments. 

What Is The Use Of Akismet?

Akismet filters out all spam comments from any blog or website. This plugin reduces your work of removing all the spam comments manually.

As per a report, a popular blog may have 80% spam comments out of the total comments, and clearing them manually isn’t a good way to go.

To ease your work, you can use Akismet, which will automatically filter out spam comments.  

Is Akismet Anti-spam Necessary? 

If your website receives a lot of spam comments, using an anti-spam solution like Akismet will help you deal with spam more effectively.
By doing this, you may save time and concentrate on reading your readers’ actual comments and interactions. An anti-spam solution might not be required, though, if you do not receive many spam comments.

Using CAPTCHAs or forcing people to register before leaving a comment are two other ways to lessen the spam you receive on your WordPress website.

Another choice is the anti-spam protection that some hosting companies include as part of their hosting services.

Ultimately, your unique demands and the resources you have at your disposal will determine your best course of action.

What Are The Best Akismet Alternatives?

To shield your WordPress website from spam comments, you might want to take a look at these alternatives to Akismet:-

Antispam Bee: – This widely used plugin employs various techniques, such as JavaScript challenges, IP and email blacklists, and others, to identify and remove spam comments. It is quite accurate and cost-free to use.

WP-SpamShield:- The spam protection settings of this plugin, which uses sophisticated algorithms to identify and prevent spam comments, can be fine-tuned to suit your unique requirements.

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: – In addition to using a cloud-based spam detection technology to restrict spam comments, this plugin also has CAPTCHAs and email verification to further reduce spam.

Gravity Forms Anti-Spam: – This add-on can prevent spam submissions to the forms you construct on your WordPress website using the Gravity Forms plugin.

It employs several tactics, such as JavaScript challenges and honeypot techniques, to identify and block spam.

Can You Get Akismet For Free? 

Akismet has free as well as premium pricing plans. The free or personal plans are meant for those who do not run ads, and the site is not commercial, whereas if the site is meant for commercial purposes, then you can go for premium plans.  

What Is Akismet API Key?

An Akismet API key is a group of strings of characters, such as abc123xyz456. This API key is used to register Akismet for your site.

When you sign up for Akismet, you will receive an API key in your email. You can easily activate the Akismet plugin using the API key in just a few steps.  

Is Akismet a good plugin?

A popular plugin called Akismet aids in preventing spam comments on WordPress websites. Advanced algorithms are used to identify and remove spam comments, allowing website owners to concentrate on reader interactions and valid comments.
For many users, it works well in lowering the quantity of spam their WordPress website receives.

However, a few users have mentioned having problems with false positives when Akismet could wrongly classify appropriate comments as spam.

In addition, using Akismet on for-profit websites requires membership. Although Akismet is typically regarded as a dependable and useful plugin for defending WordPress websites from spam comments, it might not be appropriate for everyone.

To choose the greatest alternative for your needs, research and compare several options is always a good idea.

Do you need Akismet If you have jetpack?

You might not need to use Akismet or another separate anti-spam plugin if you have Jetpack installed on your WordPress website and have turned on the spam prevention feature.

It’s important to remember that Jetpack’s spam prevention feature is not as robust as some other anti-spam plugins, and it might not be appropriate for everyone.

Some users might want to use a specialized anti-spam plugin like Akismet, which was created to safeguard websites from spam comments and has more sophisticated spam detection features.

Which is better Akismet or jetpack?

Akismet might be a better option if preventing spam comments on your WordPress website is your top priority.

Here are a few explanations:-

Akismet is designed explicitly for spam protection:- Akismet is primarily concerned with identifying and preventing spam comments because it is a dedicated spam protection plugin. It has a high success rate in removing spam comments thanks to its usage of sophisticated algorithms.

Akismet has a proven track record: – One of the best spam protection plugins on the market, Akismet has a long history and a solid reputation. It is frequently utilized and has a sizable user base among WordPress users, proving its usefulness.

Akismet is customizable: – You can customize Akismet’s spam protection settings to suit your requirements. The plugin’s parameters for spam protection can be changed as necessary to meet your workflow.

Do I need Akismet if comments are disabled?

If comments are blocked on your website, there won’t be any spam comments to filter, so you won’t need Akismet or any other tool to do so.

Final Thoughts

As far as spam filtering is concerned, while there may be many alternatives, Askimet has become more of a household name.

This is attributed to the fact that it comes with almost every WordPress installation by default. But users would always want some flexibility and options. This list is a great alternative if you do not want to go with the default.

I am curious to know what other alternatives you may have used. Please drop your favorite choices in the comments section.