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Alexa How is the Weather


Alexa How is the Weather 

Don’t get confused as these are words not for a lady named Alexa, but for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation). It’s a voice-controlled, hands-free – smart device that can perform a variety of functions on your demand. Based on Alexa voice service, Amazon Echo is your new virtual assistant.

alexa how is the weather

List of things that this device can do is too long to fit here. Here is some few cool stuff this device can do.

  1. An Aid for Disabled People

For people with no physical disabilities, smart devices like Echo Dot (2nd Gen) are just technology devices which are adding colors to already colorful life. But for people with physical disabilities, Echo Dot (2nd Gen) is adding missing colors to lives.

With Echo Dot, people with disabilities don’t require the help of others to carry out routine activities. As ‘Alexa’ is there all time new companion. Using Echo dot (2nd Gen) they can do things like turning lights on or off, set up alarms, ask questions, play music and much more. For normal people it may not be something very unusual, to understand the impact, imagine playing your favorite song from the perspective of blind or paralyzed person.

2. Smart Choice for Less Technical people.

We are living in an era which is completely dominated by technology but still, there are many people in the world who are not aware of it. A rough estimate shows that around 15-20% of American do not use the internet at all, this percentage is much higher in rest of the world.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) is helpful for people with less or no knowledge of technology, for instance, if you are one of them you can simply ask ‘Alexa, what’s the weather’ and Alexa will do all for you to find what current weather is and speak out for you.

3. Helps in setting up Smart Home

Internet of things (IoT) is no more a fancy term, it’s a reality and 2nd Generation – Echo Dot is made with this technology in mind.

Now with Echo Dot (2nd Gen), you can control smart devices at your home with voice. To power off lights of your drawing room, say “Alexa, turn off lights of drawing room”.

You can control your thermostat, play music and do other cool stuff with your smart devices at home with a voice this time.

4. Work Hard in Place of You.

We are getting busy day by in our lives. Time to ease up or socialize is getting narrower and narrower. Echo Dot is invented to make your life easier. House wives need not remember timings of their favorite TV show or groceries list as long as ‘Alexa’ is there with them in the kitchen so that they can focus more on what needs to be done at the kitchen, while ‘Alexa’ will take care of rest of things.

5. Scalable with your Requirements

Echo dot comes with a predefined set of large number of commands that ‘Alexa Voice Service‘ can understand. Still, if there is something missing, you can use ‘ifttt‘ app to add your own commands for ‘Alexa’ to understand and abide by.

6.Small and Stylish Design.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) has a stylish design and small size, it available in different leather and fabric casing. You can place it anywhere in your room and it can match to your room interior.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) is elegantly designed, smaller in size yet powerful enough to deliver incredible functions. It has seven microphones placed at the top, anyone who experienced Echo Dot (2nd Gen) will say it’s voice recognition is amazing.

Available in different leather and fabric casing, Echo Dot (2nd Gen) can be placed anywhere in your room and it will match to the interior of your room.

alexa how is the weather

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