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All the Reasons to Shop for Blue light glasses Today


There are a lot of things that people tend to be naïve about. Take, for example, the types of light rays that you expose your eyes to every day. You might not put much thought into this now.

But little do you know that these different light rays affect your eyes differently. And most of these effects are usually negative towards your health. Thus, the blue light glasses. Good blue light glasses help protect your eyes from most harmful light rays like sunlight which contains red, orange, green, yellow, and blue light rays. Combine these sunlight rays, and you have what we call ‘white light.’

Apart from natural sunlight, your eyes are also exposed to other forms of light rays like indoor lighting, computer, and phone light plus light from other digital devices.

Blue light glasses work to limit the amount of blue light that your eyes are exposed to. It is also essential to note that blue light also has its own benefits, not just dangers, towards your health. Here are some of the essential information that you should note about blue light. And the reasons why you need to buy Blue light glasses soon to protect your eyes.

Blue light is everywhere

Being outdoors during the day exposes you to all kinds of light rays. Where most of the light rays come from the sun which is the main source of blue light. Your eyes can, however, also get exposed to blue light through the many man-made items like flat-screen televisions, LED and fluorescent lighting.

If you do not already have a good pair of Blue light glasses, then you should get some soon to combat the amount of blue light that your eyes are exposed to.

The current age has it that people literally live in front of digital devices all day, every day. During the day, a good portion of your time may be on display screens of computers, smartphones, electronic notebooks, etc. All these digital devices emit a significant amount of blue light that can harm your overall health. Its many long-term health benefits on your eyes can be devastating.

The eye isn’t that good at blocking blue light

An adult person’s eye is a very effective tool when it comes to blocking UV rays and preventing them from reaching the eye’s sensitive retina. Studies have shown that less than 1% of all UV radiation that enters the eye reaches the retina. And this happens even if you aren’t wearing any glasses.

However, if you have good Blue light glasses that block 100% of UV light, you can protect even the other parts of your eye from being damaged. Many UV rays can lead to snow blindness, cataracts, pterygium, or even cancer.

Without proper Blue light glasses, visible blue light can pass through your cornea and even reach your retina which can be the beginning of eye problems.

Increased risk of macular degeneration

Laboratory studies have revealed that too much exposure of blue light to the retina of the eye can damage its light-sensitive cells. Over time, you realize that this can cause significant changes to the retina; those that resemble macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration can also lead to permanent vision loss if it gets too serious.

Currently, studies are still ongoing on the amount of blue light that is damaging to the eye. Scientists are still trying to figure out how much natural or man-made blue light is enough to damage your retina significantly.

Today, many eye care providers have concerns that the added blue light exposure that people get from computers, smartphones, and other digital devices can increase people’s risk of macular degeneration. This is why eye care providers urge their patients to buy and use Blue light glasses to protect their eyes from these dangerous rays.

Blue light can cause digital eye strain

Blue light tends to scatter more readily and easily than other visible light due to their short-wavelength. Blue light isn’t as easily focused as the other visible light. This is what causes a significant amount of digital eye strain.

Blue light glasses, on the other hand, have lenses that help block blue light. These glasses also help to increase contrast which significantly increases your comfort when viewing your digital devices for long periods.

Blue light filters and other protective eyewear

Blue light glasses are essential for people who constantly use their phones especially for texting, web-browsing, e-mailing. These glasses significantly reduce the exposure of blue light to your eyes.

Today, you find that most digital devices have blue light fillers that help protect your eyes from blue light. Some of the digital devices that have blue light include smartphones, tablets, computer screens. These blue light filters in these devices prevent the rays from reaching your eyes and dealing substantial damage to your retina specifically. Also, these blue light filters also help improve the visibility of your display even as you use your digital devices.

Some of the most common Blue light glasses and filters that digital devices have include iLLumiShield, Eyesafe (Health-E), Retina Armor (Tektite), Cyxux, Frabicon, etc.

You may also want to look into photochromic lenses when shopping for Blue light glasses to protect your eyes from natural sunlight or light from digital devices. Photochromic lenses help to provide your eyes with seamless protection from both indoor and outdoor blue light. Blue light glasses with photochromic lenses also darken whenever you step outdoor in response to UV rays to reduce glare and increase comfort.

Final thoughts

When looking to buy Blue light glasses, it is essential that you, first, check in with your eye doctor on the correct vision lenses and other features that will best suit your viewing needs. It is true that the age we live in today is all about technology. So, having good Blue light glasses to protect your eyes especially from the blue light from digital devices.

Remember, your eyes are some of the most important parts of your body. So, taking care of them should be a priority. Do not let your eyes get damaged by blue light if you can help it. Shop for good Blue light glasses today.


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