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The 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges You Could Buy With Insane Price Tags


In the argument of smart home appliances, no other item can lead better than a smart fridge. Which gives you more bigger features, bigger storage space, bigger comfort and obviously then a bigger price tag as well.

Today we will discuss top five smart fridges in the market with all their magnificence.

Usually, when we are out for shopping appliances and gadgets, we make our decision on the basis of the cost factor. But these are next generation smart refrigerators which can cost you more than your first car.

What does a smart fridge do?

Smart fridges come with two main features, which almost every smart fridge have. First is the presence of a touchscreen, which enables you to use its other features.

You can use to display notes and messages to your family. You can also send messages to your smart fridge, which will be shown for those returning home. Like those sticky notes on your traditional fridge.

Another functionality which you will find in every smart fridge, Is Its ability to help you keep track of your essential supplies.  You can check whether you have enough grocery and you can track your shopping lists.

It also enables you to set expiry schedule for items you have inside the fridge. It also allows you to peek into your fridge remotely. You can see what is inside your fridge from anywhere in the world. They have a built-in camera inside the fridge for it.

Although, you might not be interested in buying these fridges rolling with hulking price tags, but you would love some window shopping to peek into future of fridges. They are indeed ‘cool’. Let’s do it together.

Here is the List of Top 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges

1. Kenmore Smart 75049 24 

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The Kenmore Smart 75049 24 cu ft French Door Refrigerator is smart in many ways rather than one.

It is very stylish and comes with really perfect door arrangements providing you bigger storage space. The Kenmore Smart 75049 24 cu ft French Door Refrigerator is pretty brainy when it comes to fulfilling your needs.

Inside it, there are superfluous shelves to store all your items, water bottles, and jugs. It also has a bigger room to make ice while providing you with many options in it as well, like ice cubes, crushed ices, and iced water.

Kenmore’s has app connectivity through which you can control the temperature, can adjust it according to your need. You can also control the ice breaker part from within the app. It can also tell you about the condition of a water filter. This Kenmore’s fridge is also compatible with Alexa, so you tell it what you want instead of tapping on your screen.

Kenmore’s fridge has few other smart functions as well, like notifications and alarms. It can alarm you when the door is left open.

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Kenmore Elite Smart French Door Bottom‑Mount Refrigerator

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2. Samsung Black Stainless 24 Cu Ft 

The 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges You Could Buy With Insane Price Tags
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You might have seen this Samsung giant or might have heard of it because Samsung has thrown a lot of cash in it’s over the advertisement.

It comes with a large tablet installed on its door which has become a face of the product in the last few years. This tablet has a 21.5 inches screen which allows you to enjoy a lot of features of the fridge.

You can peek into fridge through 3 cameras placed inside it. It can help you to create your shopping list and can let you set expiry dates notification for items inside the fridge.

This fridge also allows you to share calendar dates with others, share photos and write memos. It also enables you to stream music through it from Spotify and Pandora.

It is pretty amazing with temperature control, ice maker and water dispenser as well. This Samsung giant also comes with adjustable shelves.

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Samsung 25 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator RF263BEAESG/AA - Overview

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3. LG LMXC23746D 36″

The 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges You Could Buy With Insane Price Tags
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LG Black Stainless Steel fridge is a wonderful companion and it is pretty smart too. LG used its  SmartThinQ technology in it which keeps you informed about everything you need to know through its smartphone app.

Through it you can crush some ice for your drink and get notified If the door is left open. It also incorporates Vacation Mode, you turn on this feature remotely from anywhere and save up some energy and bills.

Its Door-in-Door feature allows you to grab snacks easily and quickly. It also has a fold away tray which you can utilize as a staging area for filling a glass on. These little things collectively make LG refrigerator so desirable.

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4. GE Café™ Series ENERGY STAR

The 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges You Could Buy With Insane Price Tags

The GE Café™ Series ENERGY STAR® 22.2 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System is not eye-catching like others in this list but it still has a plethora of amazing features.

It not only works as a fridge for keeping your food and drinks cool, but it also comes with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System, allowing you to get a cup of hot coffee from a cooling appliance. Isn’t a smart and spotless touch?

The GE Café refrigerator has comes with enormous smart features which are available through its smartphone app. It allows you to put a schedule for heating water for you’re your morning coffee or tea. You can adjust the temperature remotely. It is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa which enables you to talk to your fridge.

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5. Samsung 21 cu ft. Capacity 3-Door French Door 

The 5 Most Amazing Smart Fridges You Could Buy With Insane Price Tags

If you don’t mind throwing money on the luxurious item?
Money no object? In need of style over many features? The Samsung 21 cu ft. Capacity 3-Door French Door Panel Ready 36″ Built-In Chef Collection Refrigerator is your thing.

Being a part of Samsung’s Chef Collection, It’s amazingly sleek and stylish for a refrigerator.

This hulky fridge comes with a 3 Door French panel and it gives you superfluously a lot of storage space for your foods.

If you have forgotten what is in your fridge or you are on you are a way to home and craving for something, its Wi-Fi enabled camera enables to look remotely inside your refrigerator.

You can tweak different temperatures for each of its compartment. It also has a built water dispenser for you. It might lack few features which Samsung Family Hub had, but it still worth the price because of it terrific style.

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Don’t give up on your old offline fridge because of these insanely expensive fridges. It is yet another debate on why to choose true offline fridge over smart online fridges or vice versa. Apart from buying one, Window shopping these really beautiful appliances is really an awesome experience.

These smart fridges are the indication of how connected and technology-driven our society will be, in the future.